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Eyewitness Workbooks Human Body

Eyewitness Workbooks Human Body

by DK Publishing
Come explore the HUMAN BODY from the inside out! This visual dictionary looks at the inner workings of human anatomy including cells, organs, the skeleton, the brain, and much more.


Come explore the HUMAN BODY from the inside out! This visual dictionary looks at the inner workings of human anatomy including cells, organs, the skeleton, the brain, and much more.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Susie Wilde
DK offers a series of "action packs" that will stimulate children's natural curiosity. Each kit comes with a guidebook and lots of subject related activities. The Human Body includes a press-out 3-D skeletal model and a growth chart. Since many kids learn through hands-on activities, this may be the perfect choice for home or a classroom project. Other titles in the series are Rome, Light & Illusion, Pyramid, Dinosaur, Night Sky, Flight, Castle, Puzzle, and Tutankhamun & Ancient Egypt.
Children's Literature - Children's Literature
Another in the wonderful "Eyewitness Books" series, this one by using 3-D models shows the various systems of our bodies. The typical DK page layout attracts the eye to the variety of infobits offered on each topic. Drawings and photographs enrich the subject discussed on each two-page spread--the skeleton, muscles, heart, lungs, blood, digestive system, reproductive system, brain, and senses. Some topics are given a closer inspection than others, and history is included in an appealing way using photographs scattered throughout with complete captions. The illustration from Dracula which is featured on the spread discussing blood may be particularly attractive to children. This is a well-designed overview of the body, suitable for general reports, and useful in a school or public library. A complete index concludes the book. 1999 (orig. 1993), DK Publishing Inc., Ages 9 to 12, $15.95 and $5.95. Reviewer: Candace Deisley
Children's Literature - Wendy Ricci
This special interactive kit includes everything a curious child needs to learn about the major body systems. Included is a model skeleton with assembly instructions, tab cards that show movement of various bones and muscles, a poster, activity cards, and a guidebook with introductory information about each body system. All materials are neatly organized in a box that can be reused for storage.
Children's Literature - Beverly Kobrin
Stunning displays of annotated photographs and diagrams make visible almost every segment of human anatomy, from a microscopic single-cell to the largest bones and organs. Many photographs are of startlingly life-like models, some life-size, others thousands of times larger than life.
School Library Journal
Gr 5-9Two series entries that feature full-color photographs of three-dimensional models. Taylor introduces the functions of plants and their parts. Some of the topics include: reproduction in flowering and non-flowering plants, growth, defense, animal traps, parasitic plants, and cacti and succulents. Each subject is covered in a double-page spread with a brief introductory paragraph. Generally, there is one predominate photograph surrounded by smaller ones scattered across the page; detailed captions provide more facts. Following the same format, Williams covers the skeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, excretory, and reproductive systems, as well as the sense organs. Captions for the photographs are unusually clear and concise. The three-dimensional models are limited by their static appearance, but they are, nonetheless, informative. The books do not treat their topics in great detail, but they are compelling for browsing or gaining an overview.Sylvia V. Meisner, Allen Middle School, Greensboro, NC

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DK Publishing, Inc.
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Eyewitness Workbooks Series
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8 - 17 Years

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