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ezPDF Reader

3.9 327
by Unidocs Inc.

This application is recommended for ages 4+.

ezPDF Reader is the Best Selling and the Best Rated Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator, and form filler

For the bug reports and suggestions, please send us your email to android at unidocs.com

Download a brief user guide: goo.gl/wP9UC

DUAL PAGE VIEW supported! Read just like a real book.
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This application is recommended for ages 4+.

ezPDF Reader is the Best Selling and the Best Rated Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator, and form filler

For the bug reports and suggestions, please send us your email to android at unidocs.com

Download a brief user guide: goo.gl/wP9UC

DUAL PAGE VIEW supported! Read just like a real book.
PDF Form Filler
Good for application forms, school tests, contracts and tax form
Fill out the form, sign at the bottom, and send via email from the file manager (My docs).

Multimedia PDF Viewer - Audio and Video
It also plays multimedia files embedded into PDF. Perfect solution for PDF based audio/video-enabled Ebooks, such as children's books and instructional books.

Annotation Features on PDF
Useful tool to add text in text box and sticky notes; highlight, underline, or cross-out texts; draw rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings. Add memo & image, change color / thickness, resize and move them around as you like. All these comments are compatible with Adobe® Acrobat®. (PC or Mac version)

More Features

- Crop or rotate page
- Snapshot a page
- Able to change the size and the background color of Toolbar and Context Menu
- Bookshelf display option added
- Text View with reflow function. Option for Night / Day Mode, Able to change font size and color (text and background)
- Thumbnail image view
- Support for landscape view
- Search (Options for case sensitive, whole word or part, exact word, and/or operator) and highlighted result
- Auto Fit Zoom for multi-column article or removing white margin
- Scroll lock / unlock
- Able to select text in PDF, save to clipboard, web search, share with other apps
- Support hyperlinks (Go to page within the PDF, URL links to webpage)
- Open Standard Password-protected PDF (Important! If the file is protected with the DRM applied to PDF file, this would not open the file.)
- Intuitive bookmarking & viewing bookmarks with its description and ribbon & thumbnail image
- Auto Page Turn (in secs) or Auto Scroll (up a screen full)
- Table of Contents
- Page navigation with thumbnail scroll images
- Jump to a specific page by its Page Number
- Change reading direction - For Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Hebrew documents
- Undo & Redo button
- Page Turning Effect (Flip)
- 5-point-tap: Annotation Tool ON/OFF
- 4-point-tap: Notification Bar ON/OFF
- 3-point-tap: PDF or Text Reflow view
- 2-point-tap: Reduces the page to fit the width when enlarged
- 1-point-tap : Toggles Menu ON/OFF


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Product Details

Unidocs Inc.
Publication date:
NOOKapps Series
Version name:
File size:
11 MB
This product may take a few minutes to download.
Sales rank:
Age Range:
4 Years
Please contact the developer directly if you would like to report a problem:

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ezPDF Reader 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 327 reviews.
KhalidAK More than 1 year ago
Nook does a terrible job of reading PDF documents. This application super charges Nook to become that best platform for reading PDF documents. If you need to read PDF documents this is an absolute essential. I think this application is so useful that Nook should not ship without it. Buy This!!
B F More than 1 year ago
Great investment of my 99?. Very pleased with the app. Reading an O'Rielly SQl pdf. Page turns are fast. Love the table of contents that when tapped will take me the chapter or subsection. Another reviewer recommended viewing the youtube ezpdf 'howto' video. I second that recommendation. Not because the app is difficult to use; rather, because the video walks through everything the app has to offer. Once I viewed the video, I decided to purchase. My thanks to the app developer, the person who posted the video to youtube and the reviewer who recommended it. One misconception I've read is that an SD card is required. I am running the app without one.
Nikkita Mitchell More than 1 year ago
I am a college student. Several of my assignments and reading materials are normally in PDF format. I hate having to print several pages of paper just for a particular course, knowing that I might not use the same information ever again. I wanted to use my computer, but found it troublesome. After getting my Nook, and downloading this application, everything became simple. The program is very easy to use. I can change the magnification and highlight my notes for class.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I realize it specifies this is not supported, but until you are faced with a pdf you cannot open, you dont necessarily realize what this means. I am a grad student at UoP and CANNOT open my protected textbooks. This app is great otherwsie..... please add support for this - i can input my username and password, just not submit them to open the doc.... PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Wiegel More than 1 year ago
I read a lot of pdf files of journal articles as a scientist, and this app is well worth the $0.99 purchase price. The ability to take notes, draw and circle text, and otherwise annotate articles is very helpful. There are also a number of other features that are fun to play with such as text to speech. Larger pdfs full of color diagrams and pictures can take some time to load, and the page turning animation can run very slowly. This may just be a limitation of the hardware rather than a software issue, though. The issue with the SD card seems to be resolved as of 6/4/2011 - I loaded my pdfs off the system memory. All in all a nice, fun, full-featured pdf reader that's well worth the investment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This app is wonderful! I'm a graduate student in the humanities, and this app, combined with Dropbox, is making my life so much easier. I can read PDFs (even ones that are just images--no digitized text), mark them up, highlight them, save them to Dropbox, and instantaneously access them on my computer, with all my notes and highlights. VERY convenient! The pdf viewer that comes with the Nook Tablet does not allow me to mark on images. Also, the navigation tools on this app are incredible. I have a scanned image of a book with two book pages per document page, and when I get to the bottom of the first book page, the app sends me to the top of the second book page, even though in the file, the two are technically on the same page. I am extremely happy with this app. I highly recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Some features include: 1. Even for a scanned article, so a raster image of text, you can highlight, underline, cross out, etc. Add imported images into the pdf, add bookmarks, postit notes within the body of a text... 2. Copy and paste from a PDF (even if the pdf us a raster image scan) to another document... I use thus in conjunction with Word documents in Quick Offuce Pro.... 3. Search a PDF for text strings... amazing, scan in an entire volume of a manual or text and you can search it... 4. Animated controllable page turns in portrait view similar to the nook magazine reader 5. A ton of other features yet to be explored... if you go to settings it is clear this is a very advanced app, far superior to the pdf reader that comes stock on the nook tablet, or the odf reader in quick office pro... Buy this! It makes reading a pdf an interactuve exoeruence, great for note taking or studying a scanned article or document! Added a great deal to my Nook Tablet!
BrenCocoaFL More than 1 year ago
I've got a lot of programming books with graphics and side captions, and the epub format just doesn't work for them. Using the pdf version with ezPDF Reader is really the best way to go. You can reflow the text if you want, but being able to see the page as it was printed is great. The animation on page flips is cute, wish the nook reader did that! The thumbnails for quick flipping is essential when you're going thru a 600+ page book. Search works well, haven't found any downsides to this program yet, and I've been using it for over a year.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This PDF reader is so much nicer than simply reading the imported PDF files directly on the nook. There are documents for my college classes that are in PDF format. This app lets you search pages, zoom in/out, and has a great layout. Definitely worth the money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Now I have spent time with this app I love it. Works better than built in pdf reader. Love the page turn animation. With recent update it picks up pdfs off the nook itself.
Gerald Pierre-Louis More than 1 year ago
You can download a free ebook converter such as 'hamstersoft' and change all your pdf's to EPub which allowes you to view them in a completely new and amazing way. I still use this viewer only when necessary.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have ezpfd reader on the Samsung note 10 and it works great so I was expecting the same results on the nook hd but the app simply does not work. When scrolling the screen stalls or zooms eratically in the pdf view. Using the text reflow option solved this issue but then the app will crash and shut off after a few page turns. The positive reviews here are from 2011 so it appears that the app worked well for previous versions of the nook but not for the nook hd. Very disappointed. So much for B&amp;N supposedly testing these apps for compatibility before making them available. Has anyone gotten good results using repligo pdf reader on the nook hd?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this app, I'm a graduate student and do a lot of reading articles. Perfect to take notes on and mark up your PDFs. This app is also great for coping with my learning disorder and vision problems because, it has a voice reading option. So it's great to have that feature when I'm struggling to complete my reading or my eyes are giving me more trouble than usual! The only addition I would use is tabs for when you have multiple PDFs open and need to switch between them. Wish my eBooks had these advanced features on my Nook!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have a ton of PDF files that I began to convert to ePub format after I purchased my Nook Tablet. The resulting files did not diplay satisfactorily and lacked some basic features, such as zooming. The bundled free PDF readers also left much to be desired. This app has provided the kind of interface that I desired, plus some. All indexing and hyperlinks work perfectly. When you select a hyperlink, you receive a prompt that you must first click on before it takes you to the link. This is a good feature in my opinion, because it prevents you from being whisked away by mistake when you may have been attempting another action, such as highlighting. Page turns are animated to appear as if they are real pages. There are lots of other cool features, some of which I have not fully explored. The bottom line is: if you are looking to use PDF docs extesively on your Nook, ePDF Reader will render them in a way that is adapable to Nook readers.
netrunnr More than 1 year ago
pros: bookmarks picks up where you left off last cons: when using large pdfs long load time when moving file to my files from the sd card - loses outlines sometimes stalls on larger files and nook needs to be rebooted (larger being 35mg - 400mg files) overall a great program. the slow/reboot issue is probably a processor power issue on the nook.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this because the first few versions of the Nook OS was greatly lacking with its PDF functionalities. This App worked great for making a PDF an easy format to read. However, in early December 2011 there was an updated Nook OS and it definitely addressed all of weak PDF support that had become a drag. Now PDFs are wonderful to read on the Nook OS without the need for any apps. Get this if you would like, I think there may be a few things this can do that the Nook still can't. I'm happy reading PDFs off of the new Nook OS. This app will probably be deleted very soon.
NYCsubwayreader More than 1 year ago
Software comes w/ no guide or instructions and FIVE emails to developer resulted in one reply (to second request) saying he'd create/send a 'cheat sheet', with three additional follow-ups resulting in nada! I use the program daily to read on the subway, and accidental touches result in random reformatting/functions being engaged. Program has no ability to set defaults or lock features, so random touches result in zooms, orientation changes, other features being engaged/disengaged requiring multi-step process to get back where you were. Love the product, but not guide makes understanding/setting features excessively frustrating.
TraMartin More than 1 year ago
Being able to search for key words in the text made this worth 99 cents to me. Just took an online test, what normally takes hours of searching took no time! Also found the layout easier to navigate through and I can highlight plus bookmark. For me, well worth the money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a pretty good PDF app, it allows to annotate, highlight, and fill in editable areas BUT, it needs to have automatic font/screen size adjustment for reading pdf's ... when opening a pdf file with a small font, the width of the lines stays the same so one gas to scroll sideways as well as up & down to read the pdf!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well worth the money. Makes reading and anotating pdf files simple. The interface is much better than the one that comes with the nook. Current version finds files in the main memory as well as on the sdcard.
Steve_L More than 1 year ago
I love this app. It's almost completely intuitive, remembers where I left off every pdf I'm reading, keeps track of recently read documents, allows me to delete pdf's from the nook, automatically changes the size of the book when I switch from 'portrait' to 'landscape (in either direction), and overall, simply functins well. One the I would change would be to include a small pdf explaining the icons, their funtions, and basic navigation through the app.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had to delete this from my nook because it stopped working, and now I am trying to reinstall it but it will not installing. It says it is installing but it is hung up and will not work. Now I have an app I paid for but cannot use.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was working fine until I upgraded this app this weekend. Now it loses folders and recent pdfs when exiting. Pdfs are still stored on memory card but since upgrade I have to take extra steps to open saved pdfs. Please fix then will give 5 stars!
RJC7 More than 1 year ago
Works flawlessly every time. Never have a problem opening a pdf, whether text or graphic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn't like that I had to buy this twice, once on nook and again for my android devices but it really is an awesome pdf reader with nice easy to use markup tools that I use all the time for reading and marking up Tech books.