Fabulas de una abuela extraterrestre

Fabulas de una abuela extraterrestre

by Daina Chaviano

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Originally published in Chaviano's native Cuba in 1988, this novel topped that country's best seller list and has since become a classic in Latin American science fiction. Upon its recent republication in Mexico, Chaviano received the Goliardos International Prize in recognition of her accomplishments as a fantasy writer. This is the first wide distribution of the novel in the United States. Chaviano has published many well-received collections of short stories and novels, including El hombre, la hembra y el hambre (The Man, the Woman, and Hunger, Planeta, 1998), winner of Planeta's Premio Azorin, and has been deservedly compared to Ursula K. LeGuin for her psychological insight and universal themes. Here, she expertly guides readers through three parallel and interconnected stories set in different planes of space and time. Ana, a modern-day adolescent, writes the stories of Arlena, the victim of an intergalactic shipwreck who must interpret and defend herself against the magic of her new home, and Ijje, an angelic creature with telepathic powers who has been chosen to reopen a perilous border between universes. Through her writing, Ana taps into a supernatural subconscious, getting inside her stories and the plot in a way that makes readers question which story represents reality. Chaviano effortlessly blends magic, myth, science, and religion in prophetic, lyrical prose, yielding a greater understanding of the human condition. Strongly recommended for all libraries and bookstores.
—Salwa Jabado, New York City Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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