Factory Air

Factory Air

by Bob & Tom

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  1. Back Seat Bop  -  Dean & Jerry
  2. Double DSS
  3. My Wife, the Cop  - Roger Naylor
  4. Shat's Beer
  5. A Poem  - Rob Haney
  6. Nasty Stuff
  7. Upms
  8. Dead Guys  - Heywood Banks
  9. Pregnancy, Pills, etc.
  10. The Unabomer
  11. Those Little Things  - Rodney Carrington
  12. At&T&A
  13. You Got Kids?
  14. Nell Meets Forrest Gump
  15. A Love Song
  16. Gonorrhea
  17. Shirtless Girl
  18. First Baptist Bar & Grill  -  Bob & Tom
  19. Bro-Gain
  20. Heathen  -  Electric Amish
  21. Apollo 13 1/2
  22. I Hope You Die
  23. I Was Dumped  - Matt Winehold
  24. Hillary's Whitewater & Vinegar
  25. Hookers & L.A. Women  - Jimmy Dore
  26. The Film University of Covington, Kentucky
  27. Super Birth Control Glue
  28. Star Search, Ect.  - Geechy Guy
  29. Factory Air  -  Power Trio
  30. Calling Warren

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bob & Tom   Primary Artist
Dave Morgan   Vocals,Vibes
Duke Tumatoe   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Clark   Guitar
Bill McKinley   Vocals
Steve Allee   Trombone,Keyboards
Tim Ayers   Vocals
Dane Clark   Snare Drums
Jim Farrelly   Woodwind
Randy Melson   Electric Bass
Michael Read   Keyboards,Vocals
Mark Christopher Rohrman   Bass,Vocals
Charles Smith   Guitar
Tim Wilson   Vocals
Larry Wiseman   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Rick Bole   Snare Drums
Roman Broadus   Vocals
Dos Amigos   Track Performer
Doug Benge   Vocals
Frank Glover   Clarinet
Jay Young   Horn
Rodney Carrington   Vocals
Tom Griswold   Vocals
Cozette Myers   Vocals
Jon Wood   Electric Bass
P.J. Yinger   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Horn
Chris Pyle   Snare Drums
John Wing   Vocals
Becky Martin   Vocals
Matt Roush   Vocals
Drew Carey   Vocals
Power Trio   Track Performer
Rob Haney   Vocals
Loy Hetrick   Trombone
Matt Winehold   Vocals
Jennie Devoe   Vocals
Ken Gotchall   Bass
Scott Fenstermaker   Vocals
Barclay Grayson   Bass,Vocals
Chick McGee   Vocals
Dean Metcalf   Guitar,Vocals
Stuart Mitchell   Guitar,Vocals
Chooch Kennedy   Vocals
Bob Kevoian   Vocals
Dean & Jerry   Track Performer
Pam Ferrin   Vocals
Craig Fred   Vocals
Sandy Williams   Guitar
Jimmy Dore   Vocals

Technical Credits

Duke Tumatoe   Producer,Writer
Steve Allee   Director,Producer,Writer,Contributor
Tim Wilson   Composer,Writer
Alan Johnson   Producer,Engineer,Writer,Mastering
Rodney Carrington   Writer
Danny Simpson   Composer
Tom Griswold   Producer,Writer,Executive Producer
P.J. Yinger   Art Direction
Chris Pyle   Illustrations,Cover Art
John Wing   Writer
Drew Carey   Producer,Production Editing
Rob Haney   Writer
Dan Mettler   Engineer
Matt Winehold   Writer
Steve Salge   Writer
Marty Bender   Director,Writer
Scott Fenstermaker   Engineer
Whit Grayson   Writer
Chick McGee   Producer,Writer
Dean Metcalf   Producer,Writer
Bob Kevoian   Producer,Writer
Jay Baker   Writer
Jimmy Dore   Writer

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