Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America: Dance, Sports, and Visual Arts

Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America: Dance, Sports, and Visual Arts

by Darlene Clark Hine, Inc. Facts on File

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Library Journal - Library Journal
This 11-volume set features biographical information on about 950 well-known and lesser-known African American women in a variety of fields and professions, as well as historical information about 100 institutions. Each subject volume is organized alphabetically by surname or organization and includes an introductory chapter, chronology (most covering through 1995), bibliography, index, black-and-white photographs, and content information about the entire set. The volume on law and government, for example, includes newsmakers such as Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisholm, Carol Mosley-Braun, and Anita Hill, while Science, Health, and Medicine features Rebecca Lee Crumpler, considered to be the first black female physician; former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders; and Henrietta Lacks, the young cancer patient after whom HeLa cells were named. Although the entries are well-written and -researched, information about contributing editors was not included, and direct quotations lack footnotes. Still, this richly personal and readable resource gives the lay audience at which it is clearly aimed a 400-year perspective on the achievement of black women in America, providing inspiration and insight to people of varying backgrounds and ages. Recommended for larger public libraries, secondary schools, and undergraduate collections.Elizabeth Connor, Univ. of Connecticut Health Ctr. Lib., Farmington
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 6 UpMost of the contents of this outstanding set are drawn from another of the editor's projects, Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia (Indiana Univ. Press, 1994). As a biographical resource for information on African-American women, the Facts On File Encyclopedia is unsurpassed. With more than 1000 entries profiling 950 women, it actually expands on the previous book, which contains approximately 800 articles and profiles 604 women. While the signed entries are not overtly simplified for younger audiences, the general quality of the writing is characterized by such clarity and liveliness that the work is readily accessible. This set does lack some of the scholarly apparatus that is included in the earlier work. This loss is outweighed by the far less intimidating format and larger print. The set is organized by topic, with individual volumes focusing on areas such as literature, business and professions, music, theater and the arts, social activism and politics, and education. Within each book, the individuals, groups, and organizations are arranged alphabetically. Black-and-white photos appear throughout. This set should be in all libraries that serve young people. Large high school libraries with particularly strong collections on American history and culture will want to consider purchasing Black Women in America as well.Steve Del Vecchio, The Family Academy, New York City

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