Faith, Family & Finances

Faith, Family & Finances

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by Henry Fernandez

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Author Henry Fernandez believes that American has abandoned its godly standards and that God is calling on Christians to rebuild the foundations of their faith, families, and finances.


Author Henry Fernandez believes that American has abandoned its godly standards and that God is calling on Christians to rebuild the foundations of their faith, families, and finances.

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Henry Fernandez, inspirational speaker, author, and entrepreneur, is known for his practical, dynamic Bible teaching. He is senior pastor of the Faith Center Ministries—a thriving, multiracial congregation of over eight thousand people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is also seen weekly on the Daystar Network and the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He is also the founder of the University of Fort Lauderdale, a non-denominational Christian institute fully approved by the Commission for Independent Education. His wife, Carol, serves as his copastor of the Faith Center Ministries, and often ministers alongside him at conferences as well as in their home church. They are the parents of two sons, Seion-Zane and Elijah-Zane.

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Faith, Family & Finances 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
StepAllison More than 1 year ago
This is a really great book based on the Word of God. It gives sound Biblical advice for dealing with the three areas of our life that are of most importance to us. It is not just teaching theology but teaches one how to practically apply what the Bible says about these areas of our lives. It is a Spirit -inspired book that builds a practical world view of how we as Christians should view our faith walk, family life, and finances. It emphasizes our separateness from the world in these areas. It left me inspired to search the Bible more intentionally to find out more of the answers it provides for these areas as well as other areas of my life. It brought encouragement that we a living faith that has answers from a Living God to meet the present crisis that is facing many Christians and the world at large. Thanks for writing this book Bishop Fernandez.
LemeiciaR More than 1 year ago
One thing that stood out for me reading Faith, Family and Finance as a new believer is that there are no two faith sizes that are the same nor on the same level. It’s simple now looking back on it. It takes trials and to be delivered from those trials where our growth comes from. Where each of us elevate, activate more faith to the 10th power differently. I pray to have non wavering faith! I want to someday not only hear, listen but digest what my father has told me and shake the rest! Each day I feel I’m making progress and it cannot be rushed but in his time and season. It’s the shaping, molding and training us up that feels so great and loved. I love my God and the relationship we have! What an awesome God he is/we serve! So many principals to take away and apply to your everyday life in this book I must read it over just in case I missed something.
LaurindaAndujar More than 1 year ago
This is indeed The Year of Great Opportunities! While many people are facing unemployment and are concerned about their financial well being. God has shown me that I do not have to bare that cross. He has indeed begun to open doors that I have never imagined. I have received two job offers that I did not even apply for. He has shown me that man does not supply my needs, but that He will position me in a way that His Favor can take me where my abilities cannot. A door that God opens, no man can shut. God I thank you in advance for giving me wisdom to make the right decision and to use your new resources to advance the kingdom! Faith, Family and Finance has taught me principles that are changing my life! Thank you! Hallelujah!