by Len Deighton

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Bernard Samson returns to Berlin in the first novel in the classic spy trilogy, FAITH, HOPE and CHARITYSee more details below


Bernard Samson returns to Berlin in the first novel in the classic spy trilogy, FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY

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Emily Melton
Deighton, author of a string of supremely successful espionage stories, has written another dazzling thriller starring consummate spy Bernard Samson. Featured in a recent PBS series based on Deighton's work, Samson was left in a wretched state at the conclusion of "Spy Sinker" (1990), his wife, Fiona, defecting to the East, his children in the custody of their grandparents, and Bernard's own career in tatters. Deighton has finally delivered the eagerly awaited sequel to "Spy Sinker" and--after four years of suspense--has revealed at last what happened to Bernard, Fiona, Gloria, Dicky, Werner, Bert, and the rest of the London Central cast. "Faith" takes place in 1987 and chronicles Bernard's next mission, a rendezvous in the East to bring back VERDI, the source who can tell London nearly everything they want to know about the state of post-cold war espionage. While Bernard is busy trying to lure the elusive VERDI across Checkpoint Charlie, the usual political games are going on in London; Bernard's nemesis, Dicky Cruyer, is determined to become director-general, and Fiona, back from the East, may be tapped for the deputy spot, to Bernard's chagrin. As usual, Deighton offers clandestine shenanigans, secret missions, cryptic messages, and mile-a-minute action in a book with best-seller written all over it.
From the Publisher
‘A string of brilliantly mounted set-pieces… superbly laconic wisecracks’ The Times‘Like lying back in a hot bath with a large malt whisky – absolute bliss… superbly combines violent action with a strong emotional undertow. The plotting in Faith is masterly, the atmospheric descriptions superb…’ Sunday Telegraph

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