Faith Undone: the Emerging Church a New Reformation Or An Endtime Deception

Faith Undone: the Emerging Church a New Reformation Or An Endtime Deception

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by Roger Oakland

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1/A New Kind of Church

Leaders of the emerging church say drastic changes must take

place because the church can no longer be effective with old ways

and an old church. We need a new kind of Christianity if we are

going to make a difference in people's lives and the world around

us. But just what is this new kind of Christianity?

2/The Birth of the


1/A New Kind of Church

Leaders of the emerging church say drastic changes must take

place because the church can no longer be effective with old ways

and an old church. We need a new kind of Christianity if we are

going to make a difference in people's lives and the world around

us. But just what is this new kind of Christianity?

2/The Birth of the Emerging Church

Contrary to what many believe, the current emerging church

movement was not initiated by a group of disillusioned young

people. In reality, the movement was largely the inspiration of a

successful business guru whose ideas on an emerging church were

catapulted into existence by other successful businessmen, and

thus it became the influential religious force it is today. Backed by

multi-million dollar corporations and entities, its very core has

been influenced dramatically by those with mystical affinities.

3/A “New” Faith for the 21st Century

The Word of God is under attack. According to emerging

church leaders, the Bible is not so much for truth and doctrine

as it is for hopes, ideas, and participation. In other words, don't

use the Bible as a means of theology or absolute truth and

standards by which to live; rather than the Bible molding the

Christian's life, let the Christian's life mold the Bible.

4/Riding the Emerging Church Wave

How far is this new kind of church willing to go to reach its objective?

Emerging church proponents say there is a new wave taking place

and we have to hop on. The wave is a Vintage Christianity, which in

reality is an experience-based religion. Experiences must be

implemented in order to attract both Christians and non-Christians

alike; we must appeal to this postmodern generation with its hunger

for experience, rituals, and mysticism.5/Rituals from the Past

The emerging church embraces multi-sensory worship. While

many are bewildered why their churches are darkening their

sanctuaries, setting up prayer stations with candles, incense,

and icons, the promoters of the emerging church movement say

they know exactly what they are doing by practicing mysticism

through music, rituals, and worship and offering stimulating

images for a spiritual experience.

6/Ancient-Future Path to Rome

Leaders of the emerging church say the ideas and beliefs of the

early church fathers (100 AD to 600AD) are important and

these teachings from the past will bring spiritual transformation

and success to churches in the 21st century.

7/When West Meets East

Contemplative spirituality (i.e., mysticism) is to the emerging

church what the wind is to a sail boat. Without it, there is no

momentum, and it is woven into the very fabric of the emerging

church's ambience. In order to understand why this is so

important, we must first understand the dynamics of

contemplative spirituality.

8/Monks, Mystics, and the Ancient Wisdom

The emerging church is embracing contemplative spirituality

and what is called the ancient wisdom. While appearing to be

Christian because of the altered terminology, in actuality, it is

occult based and New Age.

9/The Evangelization of Eucharistic Adoration

The Roman Catholic Church has a plan to establish the

Kingdom of God here on Earth and win the world to the

Roman Catholic Jesus—the Eucharistic Christ. It is believed

the “triumph of the Eucharist” will be accomplished when the

world (including the separated brethren) come under the rule

and reign of Rome and the Eucharistic Jesus. The presence of

“Christ” in the Eucharist is the second coming, Roman Catholic

style. The emerging church is a bridge to Rome.

10/The Kingdom of God on Earth

The Bible says that Jesus Christ will establish His kingdom

when He returns to Earth. But today a theology called Kingdom

Now or Dominionism is permeating the walls of Christianity,

and the emerging church movement is taking this heretical

belief full speed into the next generation. With the idea that

the church can establish the Kingdom of God before Christ

returns and essentially turn our world into a Christian world,

this belief system has literally changed the way countless

Christians view the world and go about their Christian living.

What most of them don't realize is this Kingdom of God on

Earth mindset is an all out effort by Satan to merge together

the religions of the world and thus negate the gospel message.

11/The Undoing of Faith

The fruit of the emerging church includes: changes in views on

sexuality (homosexuality acceptance and tantra, a mixture of

mysticism and sex), the desire by emerging leaders to stop

identifying with Christianity, eradicating the gap between good

and evil (the very goal of Satan's religion, the New Age), and

developing a new missiology which says keep your own religion,

just add Jesus. This truly is the undoing of Christian faith.

12/A Slaughterhouse Religion?

If someone said that emerging church leaders don't like the

Cross, many would cry out, “Yes, they do. I've heard them talk

about Jesus and the Cross.” But while this may be true, there is

an underlying theme building momentum in the emerging church

that says, “Jesus going to the Cross was an example of sacrifice

and service that we should follow. But the idea that God would

send His Son to a violent death for the sins of mankind—well

that is not who God is. He would never do that!” This mindset

negates the very atonement on which biblical Christianity rests.

13/A New Reformation?

Faith Undone shows that the nature of the emerging church's new

reformation is anything but new, and when it comes to pass could

bear violence and persecution on those who defend the Bible as

the true and literal Word of God. This is a heavy chapter that

will zero in on what this new emerging reformation will look like.

14/Or An End-Time Deception

The Bible says that in the last days Satan will deceive the whole

world with doctrines of demons and seducing spirits. The

question must be asked, is the emerging church spirituality part

of this great falling away? And just what are the earmarks of

a church that has become part of this end-time deception?

Epilogue: Is There Hope for the Church?

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Roger Oakland is an author, lecturer, and the founder of Understand the Times International. His easy to understand teaching style communicates to people of all ages and backgrounds. Over the past twenty years he has spoken at numerous churches, conferences, universities and educational facilities in over 35 countries.
Roger's books, audiotapes, videos, and other publications have been translated into several different languages worldwide.
Visit his website at He has a heart for the lost and a passion to help equip the church and warn against spiritual deceptio.

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Faith Undone: the Emerging Church a New Reformation Or An Endtime Deception 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Books_And_Chocolate More than 1 year ago
Faith Undone asks Christian readers to consider some tough questions such as, is the "new reformation" proposed by emerging church leaders actually the way God has instructed us to go in the Bible? Does postmodern Christianity need a different approach that makes Jesus a role model but not necessarily the only way to salvation? Is this new Christianity which is grounded in a centuries-old mystical approach to spirituality actually foreign to what the bible teaches? And, is "rigid" Chrisitanity the cause of the world's problems as the emergent church implies, or is it because of man's sinful condition? These are just a few of the issues addressed in this book. I felt Oakland did a good job showing how the teachings of the emerging church is not just a passing fad or just a contemporary way to "do" church, but is actually a powerful yet deceptive movement being endorsed by mainstream theologians. He takes the teachings of these leaders and sheds light on the deception using scripture. I've heard a lot about various things being taught within the emerging church that gave me pause but I wasn't sure why. Reading Faith Undone has answered a lot of questions for me as to why the teachings of things such as contemplative prayer, spiritual formation, the Eucharist, lectio divina, and so much more are, in fact, unbiblical as taught by these teachers. As Oakland says, "Rather than pointing the lost to the Word of God and out of an apostate church, many are being led into dogma, traditions, and extra-biblical experiences." He makes the case that this new form of Chrisitanity is "replacing biblical faith with a faith that says man can find his own path to God and create a perfect kingdom of God here on earth." Those who embrace this new spiritual formation without question will likely not be swayed by this book but I personally believe every Christian who understands the responsibility every believer has to test such teaching against the truth of God's word needs to read Faith Undone.
TKJ37 More than 1 year ago
We need to seek the true and correct messages for our lives from the heart of God and not from the sweet and captivating voices of Satan and his dark angels.