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4.3 16
by Meg Collett, Elizabeth Phelps (Editor)

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Kyra Aberdeen is a YouTube sensation. Her bubbling personality and fresh beauty capture her audience each week, but they don't know the truth-she's just faking it. Beneath the surface of light-hearted smiles is a simmering darkness threatening to pull Kyra under.

When Kyra moves to Canaan Island and buys her deceased mother's childhood home, she hopes to confront


Kyra Aberdeen is a YouTube sensation. Her bubbling personality and fresh beauty capture her audience each week, but they don't know the truth-she's just faking it. Beneath the surface of light-hearted smiles is a simmering darkness threatening to pull Kyra under.

When Kyra moves to Canaan Island and buys her deceased mother's childhood home, she hopes to confront the lurking shadows haunting her every step. But when she meets her grumpy contractor, even her best-laid plans start to unravel.

Hale Cooper is as brutally honest as he is intriguing. He hates fakers, and isn't afraid to call Kyra on her false personality. Yet, she is drawn to him, and the unexpected attraction to a man who challenges her to be her true self lands her in unchartered waters.

But if she lowers her guard and allows herself to be honest with Hale, will the darkness creep in too?

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Meg Collett is from the hills of Tennessee where the cell phone service is a blessing and functioning internet is a myth of epic proportions. She and her husband live in a tiny house with three dogs and not enough couches. She's the author of the bestselling Fear University series, the End of Days trilogy, and the Canaan Island novels. Find out more at her website www.megcollett.com.

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Fakers 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Booklover619 More than 1 year ago
I received this arc for an honest review. I'm trying to gather my thoughts & emotions as I write this because it was an emotional read. Right off the bat I knew it was gonna get to me at the dedication. The author dedicated this book to "those who struggle with darkness". This book has some serious subject matter alcoholism, depression & cutting. This story is about Kyra trying to fake her way to happiness to battle the darkness within. She moves to the island of Canaan where her mother grew up in hopes to get some family insight & hopefully help her resolve her demons. Along the way she becomes really good friends with Stevie who is also battling demons of her own. They slowly confide in each other & one part I really liked was when Kyra told Stevie "We're not broken"...... And than she finished it off with "because we deserve the happiness we fake". I thought that was profound because I've often used the term fake it til you make it. This book really showed how people struggling with things in there lives cope, many cope with fake happiness or anger or fighting. No way is wrong but it is just a band aid. I felt like all the characters in this book were really strong & brave. I also felt that Meg really did a wonderful job hitting on these deep topics & making you connect with the characters. It also made me think about how I fake through some struggles in my life & how people I know also fake it. We all at some point paste a smile on our face when really that's the last thing we want to do. In a way this book was therapeutic & I'll definitely be recommending this book to friends.
bookieSH 11 months ago
WOW!! What can I say, Meg Collett hit another home run with this books. Kyra is a young lady who is dealing with depression and moves away from her aunt and uncle who raised her when she buys her old family home. The house needs a lot of work and we meet Hale, such a cheery fella, who is hired to fix up the house. We also meet the cast of characters in her neighborhood from Stevie who becomes a great friend (so hope she gets her own story) to the neighborhood busy bodies to her estranged family. The author weaves a story of a young lady dealing with an illness while trying not to show it to the world and find out about her mom from items found in the house. While doing this she makes wonderful friends and starts to fall in love. I laughed and cried while reading this and fell in love with her characters. You'll be missing a great story if you don't read it and be prepared not to be able to put it down once you start
SharonHolland 12 months ago
Kyra Aberdeen, has moved home. Well at least to the home her mother grew up in. An old victorian that needs a lot of work. She bought the house because, she needed closure. Her mother had become addicted to drugs, ended up in prision pregnant, and then killed herself when Kyra was just a baby. Her grandparents, disowned her mother, and when she was born, wanted nothing to do with her. So her uncle and aunt raised her. Another reason for needing the closure, is Krya suffers from depression, and when the drinking wasnt helping she began to cut herself. She hires local contractor brothers Cade and Hale Cooper to do the work on the house. Cade is the business part of the company and Hale is the worker. Where Cade is friendly and out-going, Hale is cranky. Her neighbor Stevie, is her age, and they get along great, except for Stevie having a drinking problem. And she also finds the rest of the neighbors to be nosy old ladies, who want to rule the street, tell her who she should be friends with, and also complain about the garden in the front of the house because its so overgrown. Kyra and Hale have a hate at first sight relationship. But the tension is mostly because they are drawn to each other. Kyra is living in 1 room of her house while things are being fixed, but when she goes looking in rooms she sits in a window seat in the front of the house, only to find it has a hidden compartment. In there are photo albums of her mother growing up. She has to try to work her way through the emotions that surface with this, running into her grandmother, and also her feelings for Hale. And living so close to the ocean, that is her only get away, her solace. But when her friend has a accident after drinking, her relationship with Hale and all the rest of the stress, shes in a very dark place that she has to try to survive. This is a first for Meg Collett, she didnt just hit it out of the park with this one, but out of the universe!!! It brings to the surface what one goes through when dealing with depression, and how even having one person to talk to makes the difference!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great book to read. You will enjoy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fairly fast read with characters that have depth to them. The book itself could have been written at a higher reading level, but this book is definitely about decent people who march to the tune of different drummers and have to survive life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story was ok but the writing wasn't very good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
Kyra Aberdeen is hoping that returning home to a place she's never been will bring her the peace she's never had. Although she appears to the world as cheerful and upbeat, delivering peppy Youtube videos and social media posts, it's all just an act. For as long as she can remember, Kyra has been fighting a darkness inside of herself, one that she can only find relief from in unhealthy ways. In an effort to stop her destructive behavior, she's decided that smiling big and putting on a happy front will be her way of dealing with things. Until she goes home to Canaan Island, GA, and meets Hale Cooper. Hale hates fakers, and has no problem pushing every one of Kyra's buttons until she's willing to get real. FAKERS was an interesting read for me. I think that Meg Collett did a good job of addressing the need for openness and discussion about hot button issues like depression and addiction. She managed to make her characters funny and engaging, even while they were less than perfect. Stevie is absolutely the best friend that anyone would want to have, and I found myself laughing out loud at her antics. I had a bit of a hard time getting a bead on Hale, but he stood by Kyra like a champ, and I really liked him a lot by the end of the book. Ultimately, I did enjoy FAKERS, and would recommend it, especially to fans of New Adult reads, and give it 3+ stars.
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
Given To Me For An Honest Review Meg Collett's book Fakers is an OMG why can't I give it more than 5 stars.  It is fantastic!!  I read it in one  sitting and I know you will too.  It is about Kyra and her life of living fake.  Also in the book is Stevie who  becomes her best friend.  She too is living fake.  Two other main characters are Hale and Cade, brothers.   Kyra grew up never knowing her mother and decides to buy the house that her mother grew up in.  Her  aunt and uncle (the ones who raised her) are worried about her.  She has been fighting depression and is  a self-mutilator. They keep reminding her to find a therapist she can go to for continued help.   When she  arrives at her new house she meets Cade and Hale who are going to refurbish the house.  Kyra and Hale  do not hit off.  She meets her next door neighbor, Stevie.  And the snooty women of the street.  Everyone  sees Kyra with a smile and always being happy go lucky.  All of it being fake.  Only Hale can see through  her.  Tension begins to mount between her and Hale, her and her grandmother, her and the snooty women, worry about Stevie, depression regarding her mother and much more ..... she decides to cut  herself.  Only this time it is too deep.  Will she lose her life?  Will Hale still want her?  What will happen?   You will need to read this fantastic book to find out.  I have never read such a great book.  I think this  book describes many people.  I gave this book 5 stars but it deserves at least 10+.  I highly recommend  this book to everyone.  I look forward to more from Meg Collett.
toni-michelle More than 1 year ago
Kyra was a depressed young woman and had become a self-mutilator. Always had been as far as she could remember, but she put on a fake smile for everyone and pretended like everything was good. She purchased her mother’s childhood home in an attempt to feel closer to the woman she never knew. That’s where she met Stevie, her alcoholic best friend, as well as Hale, an angry, uptight loner with a criminal history. Kyra and Hale are falling in love, but Kyra won’t open up to Hale, and Hale is always hot then cold. It’s one of those loves that will never make it.  Kyra goes too far cutting herself after she loses Hale. Will she be found in time that she will live? And if so, will she get the help she needs? Can Hale forgive her for what she has done? First I want to say, I am absolutely floored! Meg is a new author and I fell in love with her stories before she even had the first one published. The End of Days series is a paranormal series with Angels and Demons. So when she said she would be writing a romance, I knew I would give it a shot even though I just can never get into them. I didn’t have high hopes for enjoying Fakers because I prefer Fantasy and Paranormal. Boy did Meg blow me away! I fell in love with all of the characters in this story, where usually I only have a few beloved characters.  Meg is able to make you feel every human emotion as you read her work. You will laugh and cry. Your heart will soar and it will shatter. This is definitely a story I would recommend to anyone.  It is one of those stories that no matter your preferred genre, you are going to fall in love with it. 
Bakersville More than 1 year ago
So I read Meg Collett's End of Days series and fell in love with her beautiful writing. I was granted the pleasure of being one of the first to read her soon to be released novel, Fakers. In Faker's you will meet Kyra, a beautiful and bright young woman, seemingly on top of the world with a successful career and a new home owner. But we soon discover there's more to her than a pretty smile and a banging body. Kyra has a darkness in her and she has mastered the art of hiding or 'faking' it. But then comes in the incredibly sexy contractor Kyra hired to fix her new home, Hale, and we see all the walls coming down. Let's put aside the incredible chemistry between these two and mention the awesome secondary characters. Stevie will have you in stiches of laughter. All and all, this was an AMAZING novel that I would highly recommend to everyone!