Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

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by Laura Taylor

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Romantic Times award-winner Laura Taylor lights a fuse of perilous attraction between attorney Thomas Coltrane and Geneve Talmadge, a former governmetn operative who's haunted by a dark past.


Romantic Times award-winner Laura Taylor lights a fuse of perilous attraction between attorney Thomas Coltrane and Geneve Talmadge, a former governmetn operative who's haunted by a dark past.

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M. Helfer
ROMANTIC TIMES: “In FALLEN ANGEL, a lovely explosives expert retires to life as a specialty shop owner in Northern Nevada and falls in love with a high-powered lawyer. But can he accept who and what she has been? Laura Taylor touches our hearts with her sensitive perception of two wary lovers who find renewal in each other’s arms.”

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Random House Publishing Group
Publication date:
Loveswept Series
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4.33(w) x 7.09(h) x (d)

Meet the Author

Laura Taylor is an award-winning writer and a highly regarded editorial consultant with more than a million books in print.

Published in both mainstream and romance fiction, Laura Taylor is already the recipient of numerous writing awards. They include:

* Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award as Best New Contemporary Mainstream Fiction Author
* Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Certificate of Excellence for Series Romance
* Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Bantam Loveswept Novel
* Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Best Series Romantic Adventure Novel
* Romantic Times Career Achievement Certificate of Excellence as Series Storyteller of the Year
* Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Certificate of Excellence for Best Series Romantic Suspense
*RWA Golden Heart Series Romance Finalist Award
* RWA Rita Mainstream Fiction Finalist Award
* two Maggie Awards for Mainstream Fiction (hardcover and paperback editions) from GRW/RWA
* Golden Rose Award from the Gold Coast Chapter of RWA as an acknowledgement of her efforts as a co-founder of the chapter.

Her acclaimed Vietnam-era novel, HONORBOUND, received multiple national book awards, as well as endorsements from authors Pat Conroy, Stephen King, and W.E.B. Griffin. Both the Literary Guild Book Club and the Doubleday Book Club chose HONORBOUND as alternate selections.

Laura also leads private Advanced Novel Group workshops in Southern California, and she is a permanent faculty member of the Southern California Writers Conference and the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. An active member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) and The Authors Guild, she is also an original Founding Member and served on the Board of Directors of Novelists, Inc.

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Fallen Angel 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SallieRide2750 More than 1 year ago
Secrets, safety and near seclusion are the mortar with which Geneva Talmadge has fabricated a life. Having lived and worked all over the world in areas where the commodities are war, perfidy and poverty, Geneva is an exceptional and unusual protagonist. Brought into a life of danger, bomb making and terrorists as a young girl, after the death of her mother, Geneva doesn't just trail behind her father and his associates. Geneva excels; she's a natural at munitions and bomb building. In fact, she surpasses her father in the ability to create bombs of piercing precision and beautiful artistry of design. A life full of so much danger and secrecy could have hardened Geneva Talmadge but she isn't the jaded war damaged individual that she could have been. However she is not unscathed. Geneva has built an emotional fortress around herself fully equipped with snares designed to protect herself from the greatest danger, a heart fragmented by rejection and love lost. Then Thomas Coltrane comes into her life, storming the ramparts of her defenses. There is no gentle seduction, no slow attraction, and no long entrance ramp. Thomas and Geneva's first meeting is metaphor for the battle Thomas will wage to circumvent her protective countermeasures. Thomas is marred from an extremely successful career as a litigator. His blade sharp skills have led to his notoriety in the courtroom and his love life fodder for the tabloids but he has grown weary and lonely of an emotionally unfulfilling life. Decision made, he returns to his childhood home for a simpler way of life when he literally collides into Geneva. Thomas goes after Geneva with the same exactness that he unleashed on his courtroom adversaries. But years of hiding have left Geneva guarded and reticent. She is a paradox. Her life experiences and skills could have, should have led her to be one tough cookie. But she isn't. Though baptized into a world of mayhem and calloused mercenaries, Geneva managed to retain a fragile innocence, a delicate vulnerability, that Thomas must traverse to win her heart and trust. Fallen Angel is a passion laced story that is both captivating and frustrating in a good way. Laura Taylor drives the story, first gear, second gear; the story is paced perfectly to engage the reader to turn the page. For Laura Taylor fans and those new to this series, you will not be disappointed. Geneva and Thomas' story is a soft susurration that compels the reader to root for them when old scars and reflexive defenses threaten to detonate, ending their relationship before it's truly born. You won't be dissatisfied. Laura Taylor's, Fallen Angel, has it all, love, steam and more. Reviewed by: Sallie Lundy-Frommer Author of Yesterday's Daughter
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book soo much!! I will taking reaad book by her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago