Falling Uphill

Falling Uphill

4.8 68
by Lillix

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lillix   Primary Artist
Glen Ballard   Guitar,Keyboards
Matt Chamberlain   Drums
Ronnie Ciago   Drums
John Fields   Bass
Victor Indrizzo   Drums
David Raven   Drums
Phil Solem   Guitar
Philip Steir   Drum Loop
Michael Urbano   Drums
Patrick Warren   Keyboards
Joe Marchiano   Drums
Michael Hart Thompson   Guitar
Dawn Richardson   Drums
Dorian Crozier   Drums
Eric Alexander   Drums
Corky James   Guitar
Chris Lyon   Guitar
Josh Auer   Bass
Louise Burn   Bass
Jimmy Johnson   Bass

Technical Credits

Lauren Christy   Composer
Glen Ballard   Arranger,Producer
Scott Campbell   Engineer
Marc DeSisto   Engineer
John Fields   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Jimmy Marinos   Composer
Linda Perry   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Mike Skill   Composer
Philip Steir   Producer,Engineer
Graham Edwards   Composer
Krish Sharma   Engineer
Lars Fox   Engineer
John Shanks   Producer
Dorian Crozier   Engineer
Brian Barnes   Pro-Tools
Jamie Harding   Pro-Tools
Mark Valentine   Engineer
EMI Ferguson   Engineer
David Guerrero   Engineer
Scott Spock   Composer
Louise Burns   Composer

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Falling Uphill 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 68 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i heard quicksand...and you know, it's kinda michelle-branchy...kinda nice! they have a pretty original sound.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lillix is a great group and their song, It's about Time, has alot of meaning to me. There voices are harmonically correct and they are a good example for us girls out there. ROCK ON LILLIX!LOL!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love this cd! the best songs are 'what i like about you' and 'its about time'! its a mix of The Donnas and Michelle Branch! buy this cd!!~
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love all the songs but "it's about time" ROCKS!!!! The lyrics are powerful and the beat is fun I can totally relate to it . Lillix desirves everything they have coming for them they are insperational and really original.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lillix's album is wonderful, I especially love "It's About Time"! I could listen to this again and again!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The girls of Lillix prove their vocal and instrumental talent with their debut CD Falling Uphill. This is the best girl band I've heard in a long time. They are strong and their voices are in perfect harmony with each other. Singers Tasha-Ray, Lacey-Lee and Louise all bring different elements of sound to the table, and drummer Kim brings their music all together. I am so happy with this CD. My favorite song is "Sick". It has a fast beat and is a perfect example of how the girls' voices harmonize with each other. I can relate to all of the lyrics. The song "24/7" describes a girl waiting for her guy, and how it feels like she is waiting forever. Who hasn't been there, right? "Quicksand" is empowering and uplifting, with lyrics like "I can reach the sky without being dragged down". I can't forget "It's About Time", the girls' single debut that everyone loves - it's been on MTV's show TRL for over a month now! I recommend this CD to everyone! The girls rock out with their guitars and drums, and their voices are incredible! LILLIX ROCKS!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the better groups to come out this year. Wonderful CD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is with out a doubt one great new cd.these young ladie from the great white north really score big with the debut cd.all of the songs are really great and the melodies are fantastic.i look forward to seeing more from them for many years to come.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lillix is such an amazing new girl group and they totally rock! They are a *true* band. Every song on "Falling Uphill" is wonderful and unique. I love their remake of "What I Like About You" and I think my favorite song on the CD is "Fork in the Road". All of their songs will get you intensely hooked on their sound and their refreshingly new appearance and sound. I have no doubt that Lillix is going to be big and we'll be seeing a lot more from them in the future. Girl bands rock on!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lillix has been rockin the TRL countdown on MTV with their hit single "It's About Time" for weeks now. This talented group is made up of guitarist Tasha-Ray Evin(17), older sister and keyboardist Lacey-Lee Evin(19), bassist Louise Burns(17) and the drummer Kim Urhahn(23). This entire cd rocks. It's honestly hard to pick a favorite because each song has something that i love in it. You may recognize their song "What I Like About You" from the hit tv show on the WB of the same title. This cd has been produced by many but the ones that stick out for me are The Matrix and Linda Perry. I feel that they really added to this cd. It's AWESOME! Everyone should buy this cd because these girls are going to rock your socks. haha :) "I hate you, I love you, I just can't remember to forget you..." ~ Lillix (It's About Time)
Guest More than 1 year ago
OK, first off, after listening to "Falling Uphill" about 10 times now, they are my favourite new girlband. Sure, they take many famiiliar elements and production styles, but add something truly new + unique into the mix. What is that magic ingredient?? Tag-team vocals!!! They switch singers on different verses, call + response choruses, etc, really ingenious arrangements. At first, it's hard to tell apart the voices of Tasha-Ray, Lacey-Lee, and Louise, though. Over time, you can, but they are similar singers, and together, they have killer harmonies. PLUS they rock pretty hard as a powerpop band as well, they have some darkness and depth to their approach + lyrical sensibility. I would compare Lillix to the Bangles or The Tuesdays or RubyBlue, but there is more than meets the eye and ear with these Canadian girls from Cranbrook, BC. These girls have gotten some lucky breaks, as they work with the biggest producers of today, and they are signed to Madonna's Maverick label. Here's the thing, they are NOT a manufactured group, and even the songs produced by The Matrix, Linda Perry, and Glen Ballard don't have these people dominating the tracks, where the girls are rendered anonymous, uh-uh!! Sure, the first single, "It's About Time", co-written by the band with The Matrix + produced by The Matrix, sounds a lot like Avril Lavigne's "Complicated", BUT in a much improved song. "24/7", produced by Glen Ballard, and written by Tasha-Ray ONLY, is really awesome. Another fave is track 10, "Fork In The Road", a great slice of girl powerpop, sorta like Josie + The Pussycats, would make a killer single!! Top it all off, with a swell cover of the Romantics' 1980 powerpop standard "What I Like About You", which they add a really cool new arrangement while still keeping the punch of the original. All in all, the girls in Lillix are the real deal, and put forth an excellent, fun debut CD. Let's just hope they evolve at a natural pace, and not get ruined by the hands of the industry and label people at Maverick, Madonna included...Lillix are too good to get ruined and be influenced by the wrong people. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alright yay there is another girl group right? , Wrong. Lillix is so much more. These Girls are smart , savy,write their own lyrics , and pack one Hell of a musical punch . Lillix is raising the bar , they write their own songs , they all sing , they have a unique sound that doesn't fit the clique' chick rock mold , Falling Uphill is a truly phenomenal cd . You'd being doing yourself and the band a disservice if you do not purchase this debut album by lillix. 1. Tommorow - 5 Stars , Great song , possible single 2. Quicksand - 5+ Absolutely ingenious song , should be next single 3. Its about time - 5 . Good song , you've all heard and love it. 4. Dirty Sunshine - 4 , Very good song , uptempo , feels like a Donnas track. 5. Sick - 5+ Awesome , catchy , smart... 6. Invisible , 5 , slower but still excellent. 7. 24/7 - 5 , didn't like this track at first but it's grown on me. 8.Because - 4+ , Solid track 9. Promises - 5 , another single in the future , Catchy has me singing along at least 10. Fork in the Road , 5, sure to get the chorus stuck in your head, great track 11. Lost and Confused , 5+ , another track written by Louise Burns ( Quicksand ) one of my favs. 12. What I like about you - 5 , another cover of this song? , I like this cover the best , maybe even better than the original. absolute must purchase for anyone! I like this cd better than anything else that has come out in 2003 so far... I am amazed at who well written , well produced , and well executed Falling Uphill truly is. You would think that this was their 5th album and not their first.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Don't let the first single "It's About Time" fool you. The rest of the album is not full of pop songs with catchy, can't get out of your head choruses. These girls know how to rock. With a rock style that cannot be put into a category, this album is filled with a fresh sound that proves great rock bands don't have to be fronted by men. Every track at least co-written by the band, all except for their cover of "What I Like About You", shows that these girls not only can play their instruments and harmonize, they are excellent songwriters. This album is definitly worth a spot in your CD collection, go pick up the album today!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lillix is the hot new girl group from Canada. They are currently burning up the charts over at TRL with their single, “It’s About Time.” Here’s a break down of their songs: 1. Tomorrow – Great way to start off the CD. This song is mid-tempo and is about being alone after a break up. Really empowering and energetic. It kinda tells you that you’re not alone. 5/5 2.Quicksand – A really rock oriented song. Fast and up beat. Really impressive as one of the girls, Louise Burns, wrote this song. 5/5 3. It’s About Time – The current single. I think it is a really great song for the summer. It always reminds me of going on a road trip with my girls, having the windows rolled down with this song blasting, and singing along to it. Even if you can’t go on vacation yet, try rolling down the windows and blasting the song. It’s infectious, guaranteed! 5/5 4. Dirty Sunshine – Very upbeat and rock. Again, the girls contributed in writing this song. 5/5 5. Sick – On this fast song, the girls sing about how they’re sick of someone bringing them down and how they won’t let them do it to them anymore. Another empowering song. Cool beats that keeps you intrigued for the whole of the song. 5/5 6. Invisible – This song is mid-tempo. It starts out slow but soon gets faster. It’s about being your own self and not someone else. 4/5 7. 24/7 – Awesome song!!! I love the lyrics “I wait for you 24/7” You would think a song that uses slang such as 24/7 would be lame but the girls really make it work. It rocks! One of the best tracks. 5/5 8. Because – Another awesome song! Blare this one with the windows rolled down as well! 5/5 9. Promises – A really sweet song with a rock edge to it. 5/5 10. Fork In The Road – Fast rock song. 4/5 11. Lost and Confused – Mid-tempo song that’s again one of my favorite tracks. Really would be great to come out as a single around Christmas time. I think it really relates to a lot of people in their 20s. 5/5 12. What I Like About You – Yes, it’s a cover and it’s also the theme song for the WB show starring Amanda Bynes of the same title. The girls pull it off really well and you’ll be singing along in no time. 5/5 All in all, this is a pretty impressive debut. These girls play their own instruments and write their own songs. Also, this CD is enhanced with a bunch of cool bonuses like the awesome video for “It’s About Time” and buddy icons, etc. If you like The Donnas, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, or just good pop rock music, you will love this album. It is guaranteed to stay in your CD player and is the essential beach CD. Get it now, you won’t be disappointed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I Love Lillix's cd! It totally rocks and Iam glad I bought it! One of the best cd out there that is worth the money! I love the songs! My favorites are "It's About Time" and "What I Like About You"! But all the songs are so great! :) Two Thumbs up for Lillix's CD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am always trying to find good new bands to listen to when I'm out shopping. The band has to have soemthing that drawns me in for more, makes me want to listen to the WHOLE CD not just there popular single. When I heard Lillix's first single 'It' About Time' I knew these girls wouldn't be the next one-hit wonder. Tasha-Ray, Lacey-Lee, Louise, and Kim are 4 killer performers and songwriters. Their CD has all kinds of songs on it. The kind you listen to when your down, songs about school life, boys, and anything someone would want to hear a song about. There isn't one song on the CD I dislike. I have been singing its praises since I bought it! The songs all have killer lyrics and a good melody! As a songwriter myself, I don't normally give praises to my future competition, but when I heard Lillix there was no way I could not give them credit for there music! It's killer and always keeps me in a great mood! This CD will definately have a permanent place in my CD changer until the band puts out another album!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lillix has been rockin the TRL countdown on MTV with their hit single "It's About Time" for weeks now. This talented group is made up of guitarist Tasha-Ray Evin(17), older sister and keyboardist Lacey-Lee Evin(19), bassist Louise Burns(17) and the drummer Kim Urhahn(23). This entire cd rocks. It's honestly hard to pick a favorite because each song has something that i love in it. You may recognize their song "What I Like About You" from the hit tv show on the WB of the same title. This cd has been produced by many but the ones that stick out for me are The Matrix and Linda Perry. I feel that they really added to this cd. It's AWESOME! The girls are soo sweet and their lyrics/musical talent amaze me! Everyone should buy this cd because these girls are going to rock your socks. haha :) "I hate you, I love you, I just can't remember to forget you..." ~ Lillix (It's About Time)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bet you've already heard Lillix's hit single "It's About Time." It's been playing on radio stations for months! This new band has catchy tunes and an awesome CD. With other songs including "What I Like About You," "Tomorrow," and many more, this CD is guaranteed to get to number one on the billboard charts. So go to the store and buy this great CD. It's definitely worth the money, especially if you like the kind of music that you can sit in your car with the top down and sing all of the words to. It's guaranteed to put you in a great mood!
Guest More than 1 year ago
One day I got this e-mail about this new band from Canada called Lillix and at first I didn't pay any attention. Finally one day I listened to "It's About Time" and I thought it was a catchy, upbeat song. It was enough to get me hooked. I bought the album the day it came out and it hasn't left my CD player yet. Falling Uphill is probably the best debut album from any band or artist in a long time. Tasha-Ray Evans is only 17 years old but she plays the guitar like a pro. I believe she is well on her way to being one of the best female guitar players out there. Lacey-Lee Evans is Tasha's older sister (Lacey is 19) and she plays the keyboards. Louise Burns is the 17 year old bass player and she is one of the best bass players I have heard in a while. Kim Urhahn is the 23 year old drummer and she is absolutely awesome behind the skins. A lot of people like to compare Lillix to Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch but I don't think that's a fair comparison. They do have certain similairities to these and other artists but these girls are unique. The lead vocals are shared between Lacey-Lee, Tasha-Ray, and Louise and this shared vocal arrangement works amazingly well. There isn't that many albums out there that I can say I love every song on the album but Falling Uphill is one of those albums that doesn't have a bad song on the album. Every song is absolutely awesome. The girls also write almost every song on the album by themselves. They had help from The Matrix and Linda Perry on a couple songs and they did an incredible cover of "What I Like About You" that rivals the original version by The Romantics. These girls rock, they are extremely talented, and I believe they have a very bright long future in music. I highly recommend everyone buy this album and show support for this talented band that is bringing rock n roll back into the main stream!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I definitly rate this Cd a 5!! These girls sure worked hard on this album, and it shows! Iam so addicted to Lillix after hearing all there tunes. If you support bands who write there own music, and play there own instruments than be sure to pick up this CD! Theres some high energy rockin tunes and a couple slower ones.. but there all amazing and definitly worth listening to.. over and over again =)
Guest More than 1 year ago
this cd is great for fans of avril lavigne.lillix is great and there girls that can rock.BUY IT!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I heard the song, "It's about time", I just had to find out who the group was. It is an great song full of girl power. They have such a clean sound that just catches your attention. I literally listen to the cd all day at work. It just energizes me up. This is the year of the girl bands and Lillix is in the lead. I dare you listeners out there, listen to the cd and fall in love with it. Lillix has style, rhythm and most of all the voices and talent.
Guest More than 1 year ago
IT'S ABOUT TIME....That there was a decent girl rock band...and LILLIX came through. When I first bought the c.d. I figured "Hey what the hell. I love their song "IT'S ABOUT TIME" So if anything i can just play that song over and over! Well to my surprise the c.d. turned out to be one of the best c.d's i have heard in a long time! With songs about getting over a relationship to a song saying it threw! What more could you ask for! AND I MUST SAY I LOVE THE COVER TO "WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU" That had to be the best oldies song...now that the chicas from LILLIX remade it, It's even better! SO ALL AND ALL LILLIX IS ONE OF THE BEST NEW GIRL GROUPS OUT THERE!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Canada has done it again. But this time it's not Avril thats stealing the spotlight, it's the all girl rock group "Lillix". The band consists of guitarist Tasha-Ray Evin (17), keyboardist Lacey-Lee Evin (19), bassist Louise Burns (17), and the newest edition to the band drummer Kim Urhahn (23). With all 4 girls playing their own instruments Lillix brings a new style to the music world. Their first single and current hit "It's about time" has claimed a permanent spot on MTV's TRL. One might judge Lillix as a complete copy of Avril Lavigne, but this band is far from it. In fact, "It's about time" is a poor representation of what the rest of the record sounds like. Tracks such as "Dirty Sunshine" and "Sick" clearly show the bands talent for writing powerful lyrics and music. "Quicksand" and "24/7" will have listeners relating to the lyrics, and rockin out to the tune. Overall "Falling Uphill" will inspire you to pick up a guitar (or a pair of drumsticks) and start your own band! This is a great record with a great band backing it up.
Guest More than 1 year ago
well i really think this CD is really good!!! i really like the voices of these girls and the sound of the music is really catching. I totally love their first single "its about time". well .. its about time people actually look and listen to canadian artist because they are actually very talented. Its really exciting to hear canadian musicians making it big in the States. I would actually tell all my friends to go get it and i really love their first track!!!! I actually got the chance to meet these girls and they are really nice.