Fallon's Revenge

Fallon's Revenge

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by Mackenzie McKade

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Vengeance is what she sought¿eternal love is what she found.

Young and inexperienced, Fallon McGregor is an immortal with one thing on her mind. Revenge. She'll do anything to destroy the demon that killed her daughter and made Fallon his flesh and blood slave. One step ahead of her tormentor, she knows her luck is running out. She needs to discover the

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Vengeance is what she sought¿eternal love is what she found.

Young and inexperienced, Fallon McGregor is an immortal with one thing on her mind. Revenge. She'll do anything to destroy the demon that killed her daughter and made Fallon his flesh and blood slave. One step ahead of her tormentor, she knows her luck is running out. She needs to discover the mysteries of the dark¿and fast. When she meets Adrian Trask she gets more than she bargains for in tight jeans and a Stetson.

Adrian will share his ancient blood and knowledge with Fallon, but he wants something in return...her heart and her promise to stay with him forever.

But Fallon doesn¿t have forever. Once her nemesis is destroyed she will seek her own death. Tormented, she must choose between a promise made and the love of one man.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence

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17 Years

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Fallon's Revenge

By Mackenzie McKade

Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Copyright © 2006 Mackenzie McKade
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59998-340-0

Chapter One

What he offered her was not a wise decision. His blood was powerful. He shared it sparingly and never without justifiable cause. The exchange-and there would be an exchange, he couldn't wait to taste her-would form a blood bond for all time. The link between them would be a tracking mechanism and open up a special mental path between them and through her, possibly, her Master.

Without warning his fangs burst past his gums, the taste of blood in his mouth. He tipped his head and let it flow to the back of his throat, awakening his beast with a roar. Dark and dangerous, it sought out the animal which lay within her.

The feminine reply was sexy as it wrapped around him. He sensed it moving just below her pale skin, teasing and taunting him.

Adrian thought he felt a drop of moisture on his hand. He glanced skyward. Heavy clouds had gathered threatening rain, as they moved into the shadows.

"Where are you taking me?" Her voice was low and throaty, a hint of arousal, but no fear apparent in her question.

And there should have been.

Even in the crowded bar he could have cast a spell to render them invisible or even planted suggestions in the minds of the humans to mask what they saw. For some unknown reason he wanted her to himself, alone. The need to mark her was becoming an obsession and all out crazy because she belonged to another.

He ignored her question and instead he asked, "What is your name, darlin'?"

She cocked her head with a haughty tilt. "Does it matter? You're just a fly-by-night snack for me before I'm on my way."

Rich laughter rolled from his lips. She was going to hold onto her hard-ass act to the bitter end. "A snack? Me?" She had some nerve.

With preternatural speed he pulled her into his arms and they vanished from the wooded area.

When the world stopped churning around him he held her close, his lips a breath away from hers as they stood in the middle of his bedroom. A fire burned in the flagstone fireplace, radiating warmth upon his back. "I plan to make a four-course meal out of you," he murmured, his mouth moving across hers as he spoke. And then he kissed her.

He sipped lightly from her mouth, gliding his tongue along the seams of her full lips. His arms tightened around her as he slanted his head and pressed harder, wanting and needing to get closer. She was soft and pliable beneath his assault. He nipped at her bottom lip and her mouth parted to allow him in.

As his tongue thrust between her lips, her incisors pushed through gum and bone releasing a swirl of blood. Raw hunger sounded, forcing a low timbre from his throat. She tasted of the sweetest honey as he stroked the roof of her mouth and caressed the length of her fangs.

There was nothing sexier than an aroused vampiress. Her taste was an aphrodisiac. Her sensuality could not be compared to that of a mere human. And this particular woman shimmered with sex appeal, an energy Adrian swore wrapped him tightly around her little finger.

But he would never show his hand-at least not yet.

The female whimper that echoed in his mouth stirred his lust like no one had ever done before. Their bodies parted. Both of them were breathing hard, lust burning bright as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Fallon." Her tongue skimmed across her swollen lips as if capturing the last of his kiss. "My name is Fallon McGregor."

Adrian studied her flushed face. She was beautiful.

"Adrian Trask," he shared before taking her mouth once again, because he couldn't stop himself.

Dammit. He couldn't get enough of her. He drank greedily. His fingers played with the knot of leather at her back holding her halter top in place. He needed to see her naked, feel her body beneath his.

She pulled away from him, breaking the kiss. "Whoa, cowboy."

But it was too late. The knot came free in Adrian's hand and the scrap of material floated down her sides, coming to rest between two plump and perky breasts.

Her eyes widened in surprise. Rosy nipples grew into hard pebbles, before his heated stare.

"Remove it," he demanded, unable to take his sight from her beauty.


He didn't wait for her denial. "I want you naked, beneath me as you take my blood into your veins and my cock into your body."


With a need to see her naked, he willed the material to disappear with a simple thought. The halter top dissolved before his eyes.

She was a tiny thing, but full of attitude.

With a toss of her head she sent her hair over her shoulders, baring her further. A small, tucked waist and curves made to be stroked enticed him. But it was her breasts, which would fit perfect in his palms, that called to him.

"I don't remember sex being in the deal, cowboy." Her voice was a soft rasp that stirred his blood. "Just a small bite, then I leave-remember?"

No way could she just walk out of his life. Where that thought came from he didn't know. All he knew was for the night, she was his.

"Darlin', I can't let you leave until I've had a taste of you. All of you." He waited a heartbeat for her refusal, a refusal that never came.

Instead, she purred, "Make it quick, lover-boy. I'm on a schedule."

Her futile attempt to appear unmoved by his touch failed miserably when he cupped her breast. She gasped, and he felt the tremor that assailed her. Her eyes darkened. With his heightened sense of smell he breathed in the flood of pheromones she released in response.

Featherlight, his thumb brushed across her taut nipple, back and forth, again and again. "Anything worth doing right should be done nice and ..." his other hand pushed beneath her hair and grasped the nape of her neck, "... slow." He drew her head back, baring her throat.

The vein beneath her skin bulged, begging to be taken. Gently, he drew her closer, dipped his head, and ran his tongue over the vessel carrying life to her heart. It pulsed beneath his pursuit, fast little beats which gave her arousal away.

She wanted him.

"Do it," she groaned, her hips brushed against his swollen groin. "Take me, now."


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