False Love and Other Romantic Illusions: Why Love Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right

False Love and Other Romantic Illusions: Why Love Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right

by Stan J. Katz, Aimee E. Liu

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Katz, a clinical/forensic psychologist in Los Angeles, and Lui, a freelance writer, describe their own romantic mistakes and present case histories exemplifying the consequences of falling in love with love's counterfeit. On the premise that everyone wants lasting partnerships that elude many people today, the authors warn against obvious traps: succumbing to ``love at first sight''; clinging to fairy-tale notions of happily-ever-after, etc. The guide covers an almost overwhelming variety of incompatible relationships that serve as cautionary tales to readers looking for Ms. or Mr. Right. But the advice on pursuing ``the quest for true love that speaks sic to us all'' is abecedarian, much the same as in other books on the subject. The final sections itemize a 10-point plan on identifying potential mates and a 10-point plan for making love work after a sincere commitment. $50,000 ad/promo; first serial to Glamour, Cosmopolitan and New Woman; author tour. (September)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Using realistic vignettes to support their premise that ``living happily ever after requires a lot more hard work than magic,'' the authors help readers discriminate between false and true love and give practical advice on avoiding the former. The book opens with a description of the many causes and faces of false love and why these false ideas enjoy such wide currency. It then shows how to break the false love syndrome and build a good marriagesomething for which both partners are responsible. This pro-marriage, pro-monogamy text, full of common sense and insight that bridges generations, is required reading for everyone who wants more out of their relationships. John M. Haynes, Haynes Mediation Associates, New York

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