Fame on 42nd Street [Original Cast Recording]

Fame on 42nd Street [Original Cast Recording]

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by Original New York Cast
Fame, the 1980 movie about students at a special performing arts high school in New York, was successful not only in theaters but also in record stores, where the soundtrack album, featuring the Top Ten title song, was a million seller. Film producer David De Silva not surprisingly had the idea of adapting the movie into a stage musical, which got on its feet


Fame, the 1980 movie about students at a special performing arts high school in New York, was successful not only in theaters but also in record stores, where the soundtrack album, featuring the Top Ten title song, was a million seller. Film producer David De Silva not surprisingly had the idea of adapting the movie into a stage musical, which got on its feet in the late '90s. The creative team that wrote the screenplay and the movie score, however, was absent, replaced by librettist José Femandez and songwriters Steve Margoshes and Jacques Levy. (The title song was the sole holdover.) Femandez's story was sort of a sequel to the movie, following the class of 1984, with sardonic references to the film in the script. But in practice, many of the plot lines were exactly the same, even if all the character names were different. Margoshes' music did not follow in the style of film composer Michael Gore's synthesizer-heavy '80s pop
ock, but was instead earnest contemporary show music, with lots of soaring ballads. The show was first produced as a road tour and generated a cast album in 1999. It finally got to New York at an off-Broadway theater, billed as Fame on 42nd Street, on November 11, 2003. This is the cast album of that production, and even though the cast is entirely different from the 1999 version, the music is essentially the same. The singers are a bit less accomplished, but not bad, doing their best to sell the serviceable songs that seem even further removed from the '80s than they did five years ago. The disc runs out to the limits of a CD, 75 minutes, by including bits of dialogue and adding a seven-and-a-half-minute orchestral suite of the music as a so-called "bonus track." The result is a modest success, as long as the listener wasn't expecting more of the Michael Gore music.

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  1. Act 1. Pray I make P.A.
  2. Act 1. Hard Work
  3. Act 1. I Want to Make Magic
  4. Act 1. Can't Keep it Down
  5. Act 1. Tyrone's Rap
  6. Act 1. There She Goes! / Fame
  7. Act 1. Let's Play a Love Scene
  8. Act 1. Bring on Tomorrow
  9. Act 1. The Teachers' Argument
  10. Act 2. The Junior Festival
  11. Act 2. Think of Meryl Streep
  12. Act 2. Mabel's Prayer
  13. Act 2. Dancin' on the Sidewalk
  14. Act 2. These Are My Children
  15. Act 2. Reconnecting With Iris (Pas de Deux (from the ballet "This is Fo
  16. Act 2. In L.A.
  17. Act 2. Let's Play a Love Scene
  18. Act 2. Bring on Tomorrow
  19. Act 2. Fame Finale
  20. Romantic Suite

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Original New York Cast   Primary Artist
Vincent Fay   Electric Bass
Nancy Hess   Vocals,cast
Dave Schiller   Percussion
Matthew Taylor   Reeds
Peter Reardon   Vocals,cast
Lynn Crigler   Keyboards
Q. Smith   Vocals,cast
David Finch   cast
Eric Barnes   Conductor,Keyboards,Musical Direction
David Tancredi   Drums
Cheryl Freeman   Vocals,cast
Edward Hamilton   Guitar
Budapest Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
László Kovács   Conductor
David "Aisho" Rivilla García   cast
Sarah Schmidt   cast
Angela Brydon   Vocals,cast
Alexis Carra   cast
Ryan Christopher Chotto   cast
Jenna Coker   Vocals,cast
Emily Corney   Vocals,cast
Nicole Leach   Vocals,cast
Gannon McHale   Vocals,cast
Dennis Moench   Vocals,cast
Jesse Nager   cast
Jennifer Parsinen   cast
Dawn Noel Pignuola   cast
Eduardo Rioseco   cast
Danita Salamida   cast
Shakiem Evans   Vocals,cast
Christopher J. Hanke   Vocals,cast
Michael Kary   Vocals,cast
Matthew Taylor   Reeds
Fame on 42nd Street Cast Ensemble   cast
Joseph Giorgianni   Trumpet
José Restrepo   Vocals
Bryan Johnson   Trombone
Sara Schmidt   Vocals
Dov Schiller   Percussion
Joe Giorgianni   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Christopher Bond   Sound Design,Production Stage Manager
Hugh Fordin   Producer
Jacques Levy   Composer
Steve Margoshes   Composer,Orchestration
Dean Pitchford   Composer
Harold Wheeler   Orchestration
Cynthia Daniels   Engineer
Carol Rosegg   Production Photography
Eric Barnes   Musical Director
Eric Witzer   Art Direction
David DeSilva   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Lars Bethke   Choreographer
Bryan Brown   Contributor
Danita Salamida   Choreographer
José Femandez   Author
Drew Scott Harris   Director
Stuart Howard   Casting
Norbert U. Kolb   Scenic Design
Paul Tazewell   Costume Design
David De Silva   Executive Producer
Drew Scott Harris   Director
Dan O'Leary   Liner Notes
Christopher K. Bond   Sound Design

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Fame on 42nd Street [Original Cast Recording] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
when i saw fame i was in shock of just how wonderful it was. it is the best show in the world! even though the cd isn't as good as the show is live it is still amazing! carmen, serena, nick, schlmo, and joe are all amazing actors/singers and they are all great people in real life! the ensemble is also spectacular! go see fame and you will be amazed at how amazing it is!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have already seen Fame on 42nd Street twice. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Fame ON 42nd Street. I was awed from the first few bars of Pray I Make P.A. until the curatin call. I couldn't believe my ears or my eyes. The cast was amazing. They were all triple threats. Everyone has clear defined voices that wowed me. Sara Schmidt plays Serena Katz, and is amazing. Christopher J. Hanke does not neeed to sing abouit making magic because he does with his amazing voice. These are just a few of the fantastic actors in this amazing musical. The music is amazing, there is a little bit of everything, I can not imagine anyone hating Steve Margoshe's creative tunes. The lyrics are amazing, they are extremely creative and brilliant. Everyone should order this cd. The music is amazing, the lyrics are amazing. Sara Schmidt has the best voice I have ever heard.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have heard quite a few different cast albums of Fame and I have to say the Fame on 42nd Street is by far the BEST! The entire cast is fabulous. Cheryl Freeman is wonderful as "Miss Sherman" and her version of "These Are My Children" will most likely leave you in tears. She sings the song with such passion! You aren't likely to forget Jose Restrepo's song "Can't Keep It Down" either. He knows how to keep you laughing. If you've seen the show live, you will know what I mean. There is so much talent in this cast. You've just got to hear it for yourself!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD is really amazing! When I saw it, I was astounded! Everyone on the CD has a beautiful voice, and the songs are excellent. Nicole Leach, Sara Schmidt, Dennis Moench, and Cristopher J. Hanke are especially wonderful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have always loved the movie...but the new show on 42nd street is something else! I highly recommend the show to everyone, but if not the show...GET THE CD! It captures the energy, emotion, and pure fun you feel sitting in the theatre. EVerything about it is amazing! You will dance around for hours to it! BUY A COPY TODAY!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Fame cd is the best cd!!!! The show was great and the cd was a huge memory!! I would recomend this cd to anyone who enjoys showtunes! I can't wait to see the show again!