Family Medicine / Edition 1

Family Medicine / Edition 1

by Walter W. Rosser, M. Sharon Shafir

ISBN-10: 1550090534

ISBN-13: 9781550090536

Pub. Date: 01/28/1998

Publisher: B. C. Decker Incorporated

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B. C. Decker Incorporated
Publication date:
Evidence-Based Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
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7.18(w) x 10.26(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

Pt. ITeaching and Learning Critical Thinking in Family and General Practice
1Finding Published Evidence Relevant to Clinical Practice3
2Using Two-by-Two Tables to Assess Diagnostic Tests11
3How Prevalence of Disease in a Practice Influences the Value of Tests19
4Advising Patients about Prognosis31
5How To Be Confident About a Cause-and-Effect Relationship37
6Will a Medical Intervention Meaningfully Benefit a Patient?45
7How to Determine if a Therapy is Cost Effective53
8Will this Review Article Help Me to Better Understand My Patients' Problems?59
9Choosing Guidelines with Confidence65
10Evaluating the Quality of a Meta-Analysis69
11Assessing a Study on Quality of Care75
12Teaching and Learning about Evidence-Based Medicine79
13Teaching and Learning with Patients: The Physician-Patient Partnership Papers (PPPP)81
Pt. IIApplying Critical Thinking in Family and General Practice
14Physician-Patient Partnership Papers for Pregnancy and Childbirth
14.1Prenatal Ultrasoundä87
14.2Sugar Tests in Pregnancy90
14.3Screening for Bacteria in the Urine During Pregnancy93
14.4Home Uterine Activity Monitoring to Prevent Preterm Birth96
14.5Continuous Electronic Monitoring of the Baby During Labor98
15Physician-Patient Partnership Papers for Newborns and Young Children
15.1The Well-Baby Examination in the First Two Years101
15.2Breast Feeding105
15.3Colds and Sore Throats in Children108
15.4Ear Infections in Children111
15.5Immunizing Children114
16Physician-Patient Partnership Papers for Cardiovascular Disease
16.1Controlling High Blood Pressure in People Under 65117
16.2Controlling Blood Pressure in People over 65121
16.3Using ASA to Prevent Heart Attack123
16.4Managing Chest Pain126
16.5Cholesterol Testing131
17Physician-Patient Partnership Papers for Cancer Detection
17.1Breast Cancer135
17.2Cervical Cancer139
17.3Prostate Cancer142
17.4Colon Cancer145
18Physician-Patient Partnership Papers for Other Common Problems
18.1Screening for Diabetes in Adults149
18.2Low Back Pain152
18.3Early Detection of Depression155
18.4Smoking Cessation158
18.7Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women167

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