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Family Therapy: Concepts, Process and Practice / Edition 3

Family Therapy: Concepts, Process and Practice / Edition 3

by Alan Carr

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ISBN-10: 1119954657

ISBN-13: 9781119954651

Pub. Date: 10/12/2012

Publisher: Wiley

Now in its third edition, this highly regarded and well-established textbook includes up-to-date coverage of recent advances in family therapy practice and reviews of latest research, whilst retaining the popular structure and chapter features of previous editions.

  • Presents a unique, integrative approach to the theory and practice of family therapy


Now in its third edition, this highly regarded and well-established textbook includes up-to-date coverage of recent advances in family therapy practice and reviews of latest research, whilst retaining the popular structure and chapter features of previous editions.

  • Presents a unique, integrative approach to the theory and practice of family therapy
  • Distinctive style addresses family behaviour patterns, family belief systems and narratives, and broader contextual factors in problem formation and resolution
  • Shows how the model can be applied to address issues of childhood and adolescence (e.g. conduct problems, drug abuse) and of adulthood (e.g. marital distress, anxiety, depression)
  • Student-friendly features: chapters begin with a chapter plan and conclude with a summary of key points; theoretical chapters include a glossary of new terms; case studies and further reading suggestions are included throughout

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Publication date:
Wiley Series in Clinical Psychology Series
Product dimensions:
5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

About the Author     xi
Foreword   Alan S. Gurman     xiii
Preface     xv
Acknowledgements     xxi
Endorsements of the first edition     xxiii
Central Concepts in Family Therapy
Goals of Family Therapy Across the Lifecycle     3
The family lifecycle     5
Lifecycle stages associated with separation and divorce     29
The individual lifecycle     35
Sex-role development     41
Gay and lesbian lifecycles     43
Class, creed and colour     45
Summary     45
Further reading     47
Origins of Family Therapy     48
Movements: Child guidance, marriage counselling and sex therapy     49
Disciplines: Social work, psychiatry and clinical psychology     50
Group therapy: Group analysis, encounter groups, psychodrama and Gestalt therapy     52
Research traditions: Work groups, role theory and schizophrenia     53
Gregory Bateson     56
Three organising themes: Behaviour patterns, beliefs and contexts     68
Summary     70
Glossary     71
Further reading     73
Theories that Focus on Behaviour Patterns     76
MRI brief therapy     76
Strategic family therapy     85
Structural family therapy     90
Cognitive-behavioural marital and family therapy     93
Functional family therapy     96
Closing comments     99
Glossary     100
Further reading     106
Theories that Focus on Belief Systems     110
Epistemology: Positivism, constructivism, social constructionism, modernism and postmodernism     110
A constructivist approach to family therapy     119
Milan systemic family therapy     124
Social constructionist developments     128
Solution-focused therapy     132
Narrative therapy     135
Closing comments     138
Glossary     140
Further reading     148
Theories that Focus on Contexts     154
Transgenerational family therapy     154
Psychoanalytic family therapy     164
Attachment-based therapies     167
Experiential family therapy     173
Multisystemic family therapy     180
Psychoeducational family therapy     182
Closing comments     183
Glossary      185
Further reading     193
Integrative Models     199
Metaframeworks     199
Integrative problem-centred therapy     202
Brief integrative marital therapy     205
Pluralistic couples therapy     207
Integrative applications within specific professions     209
Closing comments     210
Glossary     211
Further reading     211
Processes in FAMILY Therapy
The Stages of Family Therapy     215
Planning     215
Assessment     219
Treatment     235
Disengaging or recontracting     242
Summary     247
Further reading     248
Formulating Problems and Exceptions     249
The three-column problem formulation model     253
The three-column exception formulation model     260
Questions to ask when constructing three-column formulations     264
Recursive reformulation     270
Summary     272
Further reading     272
Interventions for Behaviour, Beliefs and Contexts     273
Criteria for selecting interventions     273
Behaviour-focused interventions      276
Interventions focusing on belief systems     291
Interventions that focus on historical, contextual and constitutional factors     299
Summary     312
Further reading     313
Family Therapy Practice with Child- and Adolescent-Focused Problems
Physical Child Abuse     317
Systemic model of physical child abuse     317
Family therapy for physical child abuse     326
Summary     337
Further reading     338
Sexual Abuse     339
Systemic model of child sexual abuse     339
Family therapy for child sexual abuse     347
Summary     360
Further reading     360
Conduct Problems     361
Systemic model of conduct problems     363
Family therapy for conduct problems     371
Summary     383
Further reading     384
Further reading for parents     384
Drug Abuse in Adolescence     386
Systemic model of drug abuse in adolescence     386
Family therapy for drug abuse in adolescence     394
Summary     401
Further reading     402
Family Therapy Practice with Adult-Focused Problems
Distressed Couples      405
Systemic model of distressing intimate relationships     409
Couples therapy     413
Summary     429
Further reading     429
Further reading for clients     430
Depression and Anxiety     431
Depression     431
Anxiety     432
Systemic model of anxiety and depression     435
Couples therapy for anxiety and depression     440
Summary     454
Further reading     455
Alcohol Problems in Adulthood     456
Systemic model of alcohol problems in adulthood     456
Couples therapy for alcohol problems in adulthood     465
Summary     475
Further reading     476
Schizophrenia     478
Systemic model of schizophrenia     479
Couples and family therapy for schizophrenia     484
Summary     495
Further reading     496
Research and Resources
Evidence-based Practice in Marital and Family Therapy     499
Child-focused problems     500
Adult-focused problems     518
Common factors     532
Closing comments     533
Glossary      535
Further reading     536
Professional Resources     537
Family therapy associations     537
Training and supervision     538
Ethics     538
Assessment instruments     539
Training videotapes     543
Web resources     544
Journals     545
Institutes, associations and websites for specific types of family therapy and systemic interventions     546
Written communication in therapy     549
Training exercises     555
Conclusion     580
References     581
Index     617

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