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by Jessica Burkhart

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The new exchange student means serious competition for Lauren and her friends—because at Canterwood Crest, only one rider can be at the top.

Rankings on Canterwood’s intermediate team are falling into place—in Lauren’s favor. Then blond, beautiful foreign exchange student Carina arrives. The new girl puts on a million-watt smile, but


The new exchange student means serious competition for Lauren and her friends—because at Canterwood Crest, only one rider can be at the top.

Rankings on Canterwood’s intermediate team are falling into place—in Lauren’s favor. Then blond, beautiful foreign exchange student Carina arrives. The new girl puts on a million-watt smile, but it doesn’t dazzle LT. Carina is out to show Canterwood students just how riders from her home country of Sweden take the arena. And with a local show on the horizon, Carina’s especially ready to impress—which means Lauren and her friends better be especially ready to represent, because Carina’s in place to steal the spotlight.

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Children's Literature - Jennifer Greene
Lauren attends Canterwood Crest Academy, a boarding school with a focus on horse riding. Brielle, her best friend from her old school, has transferred to the Academy, but how will she fit in with Lauren's new group of friends? Furthermore, how will the arrival of the prize-winning exchange student Carina from Sweden affect the advanced team placements? The story begins slowly, with passages of text message exchanges; however, the pace gains momentum as the Lauren's emotions strengthen. From a class horse competition to a heart-breaking revelation that threatens some of her longest and most important friendships to a first date and heart-thumping kiss with her boyfriend Drew, Lauren will win readers' hearts with her honesty and cups of tea. Peppered with teen colloquialisms and brand names, Burkhart's text is likely to appeal to young readers. However, this book is part of a series that is intended to be read in sequence. The text often refers to past scenes and even climatic moments often refer to action from a prior volume. For example, Lauren is nervous about jumping Whisper because of a past accident that is never fully explained or explored. The climatic fight that Lauren has with Brielle and her ex-boyfriend Taylor is jumpstarted by a scene of the two interacting together before this volume begins. Likewise, the book ends awkwardly right before the big end-of-semester competition, a clear set-up for a sequel. Furthermore, a good portion of the book is Lauren planning to bring her Academy friends home to work a charity event as elves—a plan which readers never see to fruition in this volume, but which will likely be the contents of the next holiday special book. For these reasons, the book is suitable only for readers and library collections intending to purchase the entire series. Tween fans of the "Canterwood Crest" series will not be disappointed. Reviewer: Jennifer Greene

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Canterwood Crest Series , #18
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5.12(w) x 7.62(h) x 0.00(d)
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9 - 13 Years

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EVERYONE—MOM, DAD, BECCA, AND Brielle—grinned at me. They all stared, waiting for my reaction to Brielle’s sudden proclamation. But I stood frozen in the Canterwood Crest parking lot. Brielle’s words from seconds earlier rang through my head: Now your bestie from home is here!

Brielle didn’t live in Union anymore.

She wasn’t a student at Yates.

She didn’t take riding lessons at Briar Creek.

As of today, Brielle Monaco was an official Canterwood Crest Academy student.

Blond Brielle, who’d just released me from a hug, put both hands on my upper arms and gently shook me.

“Laaaureeen? Hello?! Omigod, are you speechless or what?!” Brielle asked.

I nodded, furiously trying to form words. “I—oh my God—Bri—” I stopped and took a deep breath. Everything was finally starting to sink in. “Brielle Monaco, you go here now! This is the biggest surprise ever!”

Brielle laughed. “I can’t believe I pulled it off. There’s no way I would have without your parents and Becca.”

“So many things make sense now,” I said. “I couldn’t figure out how you’d really gotten on campus for a family-only day. Or why you seemed so off at times. I can’t believe two of my Union friends are here now.”

Brielle frowned a little at my last sentence. I remembered her earlier fight with Taylor, my ex-boyfriend who was also from Union, and felt bad for bringing him up.

“We’ve got a lot to talk about,” I said, slinging my arm over Bri’s shoulder. I wiggled my fingers into my fleece jacket—the late November air was cold, and I wondered if we’d see snow at the Connecticut boarding school soon.

“We’re going to leave you girls to catch up,” Mom said from the passenger seat in our SUV.

“Have fun, you two!” Becca, my older sister, called from the backseat.

Dad waved, backed up the SUV, and guided the vehicle out of the parking lot and down Canterwood’s driveway.

I hugged Bri, laughing. I tugged on her coat and pulled her in the direction of the dorms.

“Let’s go inside before we freeze, and you are going to tell me everything,” I said.

“Lead the way,” Bri said.

Giggling, we made our way through the mass of students and parents who were headed for the parking lot and walked back to Hawthorne—my dorm hall.

“Take it all in,” I said, breathing deeply. “Looking at this campus never gets any less exciting.”

Bri’s eyes were wide as she nodded. “I had a feeling that was true. Even though I was here all day, I don’t really think I saw the campus for what it is.”

We went up a winding sidewalk away from the stable. As we walked, we passed a pasture with turned-out horses. Two horses, blanketed, lay down next to each other.

“Aw, nap time,” I said, smiling.

Bri asked me to point out buildings to her—even ones I’d told her about this morning when I’d given her the tour with my family.

“Of course,” I said. “It would be insane to think you’d remember where everything is after an afternoon. It took me days of getting turned around to finally be able to stop sending SOS texts to Khloe that I was lost.”

We passed the media center, administration, tennis courts, and finally reached Hawthorne Hall.

The three-story building was home to dozens of seventh-grade girls. Bri’s eyes were wide as she stared up at the building. I could tell the realization was hitting her that this was her home now.

“As if this dorm isn’t awesome enough, it also happens to be adjacent to Orchard Hall,” I said. Goose bumps ran up and down my arms, but they weren’t from the cold.

“What’s the big deal about Orchard?” Bri asked.

“Sasha Silver lives there.”

Bri’s mouth formed an O.

Inside my dorm hall, I shook off shivers and stopped when we reached Christina’s door.

“This is Christina’s office,” I explained. “She’s our dorm monitor. Looks like she’s gone right now, but I know you’ll like Christina once you get to meet her.”

“She sent me a few welcome e-mails,” Brielle said. “It’s so weird to be living without my parents. That part hasn’t hit me yet.”

“Oh, it will,” I said as we made our way down Hawthorne’s hall. “You’ll miss them a lot, but being on your own is pretty cool. Except the stuff like laundry!”

Brielle and I walked into the common room, kicked off our shoes, and plunked down on the couch, facing each other.

“I almost texted all my friends, but I want some alone time with you first,” I said. “Then we’ll tell Khloe, and Clare, and everyone.”

Brielle’s brown eyes were wide. “Hopefully, they’ll be as happy as you are that I’m staying.”

“Of course they will be,” I said. “They barely had five seconds with you, but I could tell they loved you.”

Today had been the definition of insanity. Parents who had decided to go out on their own had wandered around with lost looks on their faces. Some had reminded me of what my mom and dad had taught me to do when I was little. The parents had sat on a bench, not moving, just waiting for their kid to find them. It was like I’d been taught—stay where you are and Mom and Dad will find you.

I’d barely seen any of my friends today, and we’d all had a lot less time together than we’d planned. It seemed like parents took over as priority, and everyone had a different way of handling their family.

I stood, unzipped my coat, and tossed it onto a nearby recliner. I was happy that the common room was empty. Brielle and I could openly talk in private.

“Before we start talking,” I said, “want a cup of tea?”

“There’s my LT!” Brielle said. “I’d love a cup of whatever you’re having.”

With a smile, I made us both one of my fall favorites—apple spice.

“Okay,” I said. I pulled an orange throw blanket over my legs and raised my mug to my lips. “Start at the beginning and tell me everything.”

Meet the Author

Jessica Burkhart (aka Jessica Ashley) is the author of the Unicorn Magic and Canterwood Crest series, which you can learn more about at CanterwoodCrest.com. She is a former equestrian who writes from her apartment in Brooklyn, New York. (It’s not the size of Crystal Castle, but Jess tries to decorate like a princess!) Jess’s aura would be hot pink and she loves glittery things. If she had a unicorn, it would be named Sparkle. Visit Jess at JessicaBurkhart.com.

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Famous 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pure amazing. *applause* Great job again Jessica Burkhart! This book is a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a must read book. You should totally buy it like NOW!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the book so far!!! Its so good im so sad tho that home for christmas is the last one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series soooo much!!!! I swear I read this book in a day and when it stopped before the competition I was like ARGH!!!! Now I have to wait till Home for Christmas comes out. I am crazy excited for it to come out though
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a very good book with even balance between drama and horses. But, I must state one thing that has bothered me once I finished the book. If you go back to Iniation, you will notice Lauren states that she has two helmets: one white Troxel helmet for schooling and a Charles Owen microsuede helmet for shows. Then in Comeback, when Lauren and Lexa go for a ride, they strapped on their Lexington helmets. I don't remember her saying she had a Lexington. Yet again, in this book, right before the show Lauren puts on her VELVET Troxel helmet. Did anyone else notice Jessica just dropping brands whenever she could? Mr.Conner clearly states that the last show must be in impeccable turnout. You'd think that maybe Lauren would wear a fancier helmet (hint, hint, Charles Owen) than a Troxel? I wouldn't be surprised if in the Chrismas special she cracks out a GPA First Lady. Sadly, I am far too sick of the horrible age placement that I am dropping the series unless Jessica stops dropping brand names. The ride was fun. With Sasha, that is. Lauren is more like a robot than a person. Jessica, as hard as this is to say, has made Lauren too perfect.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Omg i loved this book. I love how sasha was brought back. I engoied this entire series sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I would recomedned it to anyone. If you hink it sounds babyish it i not. I am a teenager and lllllllllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvve these books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book wasnt the best out of a of them but it was really good. I loved the part when drew said that he had never had chinese food. That was really funny. I cant wait for the next one to come out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love these series!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to thank my best friend Holly Shultz for recomending them to me, I love them. I can't believe it ended before the competion. I was so mad that it did that to me, now I have to wait until Home for Christmas comes out and that is a lone time away. Thank you Jessica Burchart(sorry I can't spell your last name) for writing the books. I wish you would keep writing the books after Home For Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biggest Canterwood Fan, Kourtney Cox
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've been with the whole series since the very beginning. Sasha was a bit relatable, but she had a very shallow background and it seemed that she had more boy problems than it could seem possible. Towards the end the plot got better. Onto Lauren. She's a bit more developed character but she's the most perfect person I've ever met. As pointed out in other reviews, everyone is almost too mature for the age group. I was very mature at 12 but Burkhart takes this one step further. She's in 7th GRADE. She has all these boys that are so nice and mature, and every guy in my junior class is still immature idiots. In short, all these perfect boys are a tad unrealistic. Some girls do get into makeup very early but some things aren't very realistic such as the brands worn, the CHANEL purses, Khloe's huge masquerade party she throws(how on earth would she be able to pay for that?), and the hugest point: the equine part. Whisper is first told as a TB and DW mix and 6 years old. Later in initiation she's described as a Hano and TB, double registered-considering she never had any papers-and 5. That isn't the main problem. The problem is that she never has an off day and seems to be too well trained for her age. She's written as a 9-10 year horse. Whisper never seems to be in heat, never EVER dirty considering shes a light gray, and none of the horses ever seemed to be injured. While its a bit dubious for a 13 year old to have a 5 year old horse, Lauren has been written where she's been riding a long time and is experienced. Still a bit of a long shot for this scenario. Also, as pointed out in other reviews, an 11 year old dressage champ? REALLY? Overall, Jessica burkhart is living her fantasy of where everyone is perfect, has perfect boyfriends, perfect horses, doesn't worry about money, periods, but plenty of silly drama. An secret indulgence read if you want to call it that.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I lved this book and number 17 is jelousy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
macbarbie07 More than 1 year ago
They're so many things wrong with this book, it's awful. From the previous book, it leaves off with Brielle telling Lauren that she got accepted into Canterwood. That is very unlikely because she transferred in the middle of the year and Brielle is not very smart. Lauren was barely accepted in the first book and to me; Lauren’s not boy crazy and unintelligent like Brielle. Also Lauren’s ex-boyfriend Taylor transferred at the end of October. That is very unrealistic because elite boarding schools don’t accept many transfer students, sometimes none at all.  SPOILER ALERT: Brielle had a relationship with Taylor after Lauren breaks up with him. So Taylor transferred to Canterwood in October, which proves that he still has feelings for Lauren at the end of her party and kisses her. Brielle makes it clear that she has no lingering feelings for Taylor yet she still comes to Canterwood for a fresh start, or so she says, and has a big fight with Lauren. END SPOILERS I feel sorry for Ana who was practically abandoned at Yates. Especially since her boyfriend Jeremy will most likely break up with her and Ana will be without her besties to comfort her. That’s just an example, but Lauren and especially Brielle were pretty selfish to leave her all alone. Enter Carina Johansson who turns out to be a great friend to Lauren right from the start, which bears no resemblance like the book description on the back: “The intermediate team rankings are falling into place – in Lauren’s favor. Then a blonde and beautiful foreign exchange student, Carina, arrives and dazzles everyone. Except LT. Carina’s in go to mode because of an upcoming show, and everyone’s nerves are frayed. Lauren had better be ready to fight - Carina’s in position to steal the spotlight.” And the cover shows Carina and (I think) Clare, and Lauren is glaring at them from afar, sort of stalker-like. From reading this Carina and Lauren are instant best friends and Lauren never has to “fight.” Overall, a huge disappointment. I read all the other books in this series and this one was definitely one of the worst.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Go to the uktimate sstrippers guide and request a girl named angela. I am a blond, blue eyed, twelve year old whowants to talk to nice people like u ;0
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book filled with drama horses and more all packed in one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What number book is this? I luv these books though. Im looking for #17. Can sombody please help?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago