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by Jilly Gagnon

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Debut author Jilly Gagnon bursts onto the scene with a story equal parts bite and romance, perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Jennifer E. Smith, about falling for someone in front of everyone. 

In this modern day love story: Girl likes boy. Girl snaps photo and posts it online. Boy becomes insta-famous. And what starts out as


Debut author Jilly Gagnon bursts onto the scene with a story equal parts bite and romance, perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Jennifer E. Smith, about falling for someone in front of everyone. 

In this modern day love story: Girl likes boy. Girl snaps photo and posts it online. Boy becomes insta-famous. And what starts out as an innocent photo turns into a whirlwind adventure that forces them both to question whether fame—and love—are worth the price…and changes both of their lives forever.

Told from alternating points of view, #famous captures the sometimes-crazy thrill ride of social media and the equally messy but wonderful moments of liking someone in real life.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Inspired by the “Alex from Target” phenomenon, debut author Gagnon dives into the perils of social media and the allure of fame after a teen’s online post goes viral. High school junior Rachel, a geeky outsider who hopes to become a playwright, has a crush on senior lacrosse star Kyle. After Rachel snaps a photo of Kyle looking adorable in his Burger Barn uniform and posts it on the social network Flit, Kyle is suddenly a star with in-person groupies, hordes of online devotees, and media coverage. Rachel, however, is subjected to ugly comments about her looks and weight from girls near and far, until a producer suggests that Kyle pull Rachel into his orbit by asking her to homecoming on television. Through Kyle and Rachel’s alternating points of view, Gagnon explores online trolling, instant celebrity, and social media frenzies with sensitivity and humor. Although the story follows a fairly predictable trajectory, it has plenty to say about how the targets of Internet celebrity are treated, and how those experiences can differ depending on one’s gender. Ages 13–up. Agent: Heather Alexander, Pippin Properties. (Feb.)
Tommy Wallach
“Eleanor & Park meets The Social Network in this hilarious yet touching love story about how technology can both divide and connect us.”
Jesse Andrews
“A bracing, big-hearted story about #life, #love, and #horrifyingembarrassmentinfrontofmillionsofpeople.”
“A charming, upbeat, well-paced romp, with plenty of humor that’s tempered with realistic emotions.”
School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—Artistic Rachel doesn't anticipate what will happen when, as a joke, she posts a picture of dreamy, popular Kyle in his Burger Barn uniform on her friend Mo's Flit (think—Twitter) feed. She figures no one will see it, since neither she nor Mo has many followers. However, the picture, and accompanying hashtag #idlikefrieswithTHAT, work its way quickly through their school's social circles to the outside world. Almost instantly, Kyle gains hundreds of thousands of followers. Rachel, however, is ridiculed and called pathetic, ugly, and fat. As an Internet celebrity, Kyle is invited on a television talk show, where he asks Rachel to the homecoming dance. With all this attention, could a genuine relationship really work? While some of the details are a little far-fetched, this enjoyable romance is laced with cringe-inducing realism. Readers will likely overlook any unbelievable elements and root for the couple, right up to the fairy-tale ending. Both Rachel and Kyle are fully developed characters, though most everyone around them seems more like a caricature, particularly Kyle's ex. VERDICT Those whose patrons can't get enough romance based in the here and now will find this a fun addition.—Kelly Jo Lasher, Middle Township High School, Cape May Court House, NJ
Kirkus Reviews
A viral photo throws two teenagers' lives into chaos.When nerdy white girl Rachel takes a covert picture of dreamy white boy Kyle as he works at his fast-food job, she thinks nothing of posting the pic on Flit with a catchy hashtag: #idlikefrieswithTHAT. The picture quickly goes viral, with Kyle's follower count climbing into the tens of thousands. After a daytime talk show gets its hands on Kyle and Rachel, the two classmates find themselves in increasingly close quarters. Romance blossoms while an ex-girlfriend and ex-friend throw wrenches in the works, the narration flipping between Rachel and Kyle. Kyle is nothing but a schmuck with a haircut, haplessly speaking without thinking and bemoaning his inability to understand subtext. It gets old fast. Rachel's narrative starts out promisingly: her online experience is filled with scorn and ridicule. Gagnon brushes up against the gender gaps in the social media age but quickly abandons it for the "nerd girl dates popular guy" trope. Given Kyle's lack of substance, this betrays Rachel's credibility as a strong female protagonist. She also fails to follow through on the social media issues she tees up. Once the pic is posted, a TV show quickly becomes the focus of the couple's storyline, and the story treads familiar "we're different people when the cameras aren't rolling" territory. A missed opportunity. (Fiction. 12-16)

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HarperCollins Publishers
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5.90(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.30(d)
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13 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Jilly Gagnon is currently based in Chicago, but is originally from Minnesota, a fact she’ll likely inform you of within minutes of meeting you. When she’s not writing, she’s probably either deep in a video-game rabbit hole, talking to her cats like they understand her, or practicing her violin, which for some inexplicable reason (masochism) she took up recently. Jilly’s short humor, personal essays, and op-eds have appeared in all kinds of places that it’s too tedious to list. She also writes the adult comedy book series Choose Your Own Misery, coauthored with Mike MacDonald. Visit Jilly at www.jillygagnon.com.

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#famous 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Sarah_UK1 7 days ago
(I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.) “@Mo_than_you_know I’m digging what they’re serving up at Burger Barn today. #idlikefrieswithTHAT” This was a YA contemporary romance story, about a girl who accidentally made a boy famous on social media. Rachel and Kyle were both okay characters, and I felt really sorry for Rachel when people were so mean to her after the photograph she took became popular. The online bullying was just awful, and it seemed wrong that she got bullied whilst Kyle became adored. The storyline in this was about Rachel taking a picture of Kyle while he was at work, and sending it to her best friend over social media. The post then got reposted by loads of other people, and suddenly Kyle became famous, and even ended up on a talk show – which may well have been a little unrealistic given that it was one photo from a girl with less than 100 followers. The story was quite light and enjoyable though, even if it was quite predictable. The ending to this was a happily ever after, and I was pleased that things worked out okay in the end. 6 out of 10