Fancy Pantry

Fancy Pantry

by Helen Witty, Pierre Le Tan

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A pantry, in Witty's view, expands a cook's horizons by allowing for storage of homemade fare that is relatively free of additives and preservatives and made at far below the cost of specialty foods at gourmet groceries. That many modern homes have no pantry, or the space to build one, should be no deterrent; the author (Mrs. Witty's Monster Cookies, etc.) suggests conversion of any cool closet, a few spare shelves, a niche in a stairwell, or a kitchen corner where a lazy-susan arrangement could be installed. Once the pantry is at hand, cooks can turn their attention to the ``putting up'' of Witty's own delicacies (over 250 recipes are offered here). Gradually, ``pantrying'' can result in shelves stocked with potted meats, pates, pickles, catsups, mustards, relishes, sauces and such kickshaws as chestnuts in Cointreau syrup; almond, orange and ginger rusks; peanut noodles, sugared and spiced nuts, and fruited cordials. Illustrations not seen by PW. 57,000 first printing; first serial to Family Circle; BOMC/Cooking & Crafts Club main selection; author tour. (June 7)

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