by Heather Dakota, Tammi Salzano

Look out for this awesome animal guide with a cool holographic cover!

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Look out for this awesome animal guide with a cool holographic cover!

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Children's Literature - Sarah Knight
"Fangs!" is an educational book for young readers. Its topic specifically focuses on fangs, the teeth that animals use to inflict poison or to chew food. Broken down into segments of reptiles, mammals and bugs, this book is filled with vivid and detailed pictures as well as interesting facts concerning the various animals. As for the reptile portion of this book, many pages are dedicated to the various species of snakes. The reader learns that snake fangs are hollow, and the fangs produce venom to enable the snake to kill its prey. Many of the photos are strikingly detailed; various pictures of snakes highlight the smallest details, including the various colors and sizes of scales, eyes and tongues. As for the mammal segment of this book, it details how mammals utilize fangs for the chewing of food. A wide range of mammals are discussed, from panda bears to dogs to bats. Each animal discussed includes a photo of the animal; thereby making visualization of the animal easy for the young reader. The final segment of the book addresses bugs, which combines together insects and spiders. Some spiders have fangs that inflict venom, but others do not. An interesting fact about spiders is that the black widow spider uses venom that is stronger than a rattle snake's venom. Although the text covers insects, only one insect has fangs, and that insect is the centipede. A suggestion to help in the readability of this book would be a table of contents. A table of contents would make this text easier to use; easier for young readers to navigate and reference this book. Additionally, having the chapters more defined would help with its readability. But overall this text lends itself as an asset to classroom instruction. Reviewer: Sarah Knight

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7 - 10 Years

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