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Fantasies Unleashed

Fantasies Unleashed

by C. W. Mane

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Everyone has a dark, erotic side, whether or not they want to admit it. You are invited to explore your most sensual, sexual fantasies through a series of steamy short stories and erotic vignettes designed to arouse your curiosity … and more. Come along for the ride; it’s perfectly safe. How you choose to respond is up to you. You might be bound, gagged,


Everyone has a dark, erotic side, whether or not they want to admit it. You are invited to explore your most sensual, sexual fantasies through a series of steamy short stories and erotic vignettes designed to arouse your curiosity … and more. Come along for the ride; it’s perfectly safe. How you choose to respond is up to you. You might be bound, gagged, spanked, and inspired—as well as loved, and loved well. Do you dare enter this world? Perhaps this collection will become your hidden secret, or perhaps you will be so inspired that you can’t wait to share it with a lover—or a prospective lover. However you choose to enter the fantasy, it is yours to enjoy. These stories may arouse, intrigue, shock, or frighten you. Some might even rub you the wrong way (and you might discover that you like it that way). Do you dare to enter the world of your most intimate, dangerous desires? Celebrate your sensual curiosity and fuel your sexual imagination with this collection of erotic musings. Unleash your fantasies!

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Fantasies Unleashed

By C. W. Mane

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 C. W. Mane
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-6430-3

Chapter One

Who Are You

Are you the man who will lie me down gently on a bed of rose petals? OR Are you the man who will roughly throw me down on the bed not caring of how I land?

Are you the man who will gently lift my arms over my head and take in my scent and whisper sweet things in my ear, telling me all the things you would like for me to feel? OR Are you the man who will roughly pull my arms up, tying them together, and crudely tell me the vile things you will do to your slut?

Are you the man who will stroke my face gently so that you will know the feel of my skin and I yours, for me to feel the gentleness of your touch so that I will welcome you? OR Are you the man who will slap my face in a show of strength to make me fear you?

Are you the man who will kiss me gently, taking my mouth possessively, exploring, sucking on my tongue, licking my lips so that you will know my mouth as you know your own? OR Are you the man who will kiss my mouth roughly, showing me that you possess all I am, biting my lips bruising my mouth so all who see me will know I am owned?

Are you the man who will stroke my sides, caressing my breasts, leaving a trial of kisses down my stomach, will you lick and suck my nipples to get their attention? Will you want to hear my noises of pleasure? OR Are you the man who will squeeze my breasts leaving hand bruises, sucking and biting over and again to leave your mark, not caring for my discomfort?

Are you the man who will gently spread my pussy lips apart to feel and taste me, enjoying how wet and ready I am for you? OR Are you the man who will roughly open me up to shove fingers inside of me telling me you don't care if I'm ready for you or not?

Are you the man who will gently turn me over teasing my back with a feather down to my toes, then taking an ice cube rubbing it down to the center of my back until the water pools at my lower back, only to push it down between my ass cheeks. Will you watch it drip down? Will you allow the water to drip to my pussy only to have you lick me dry? Will you ask to hear my moans of pleasure or will you come to me and silence me with kisses? OR Are you the man who will roughly pull me up to bend me over the bed to finger fuck my pussy while fucking my ass with a toy, not caring about my pleasure, only yours at my expense?

Are you the man who will ask for the pleasure of my mouth around your cock? OR Are you the man who will grab me by the hair shoving your cock into my mouth with such force it brings tears to my eyes?

Are you the man who will allow me to suck and lick as I choose to? OR Are you the man who will control the pace and force with which you will take my mouth?

Are you the man who will ask if I want to take it all? OR Are you the man who will hold my mouth up to your balls, forcing me to take it all and telling me not to waste a drop?

Are you the man who will clean my lips with your tongue? OR Are you the man who will slap my face for a drop not taken?

Are you the man who will cuddle next to me, loving me, holding me, and telling me that you want so much more of what I have to give you and you me. Will you allow me to come back to reality before we start all over again, with more intensity than can be imagined, to bring me to places I can only dream of? OR Are you the man who will leave me lying there shaking while telling me you have only begun to take what is yours?

To feel such pleasure from such a loving man and yet to feel such excitement from such a rough man, forgive me but I want both, no guilt for either.

Are you the man in my life that I want a bit of each from? Are you either man, or neither man? Maybe you are both, you tell me.

Thoughts of You

I went to sleep with sweet thoughts of you in my mind. You were there in spirit. I could almost feel you hovering over me in my sleep, whispering to me to not be afraid of you, that you were going to make all of my needs and wants happen. You brushed your lips against mine; you stroked my body and brought it to life. You made my back arch in anticipation of your touch, to try to get closer. You touched me mentally, physically in ways that can only be imagined. I know that I've tossed and turned in bed as I've gotten myself into such a state of need that it's insane. When one sleeps and can feel someone who isn't even there, feel the physical and mental closeness pulling at you it makes you wonder why. But in a good way! I hear songs on the radio, which bring you to mind. I find myself wondering what you look like when you sleep, is it peaceful, is it restless, do you look like an innocent child or a man ravaged by invisible demons? Do you toss and turn looking for someone to curl around or do you sleep on the edge of the bed because you feel so alone? Do you hug a pillow rather than a person? Do you reach out for warmth and comfort? Do you ache and get hard when you think of me alone in my bed, wanting to be there with me? Do you want to know what it feels like to kiss a mouth to knowing that it would be willingly kissing you back with all of the emotion coming from her heart? Would you wonder why I get up and leave you alone in the bed? Do you watch as I walk to the window to gaze out to see the night sky? Would you come up behind me, wrapping your arms around me, holding me close and look at the same sky? Or would you be annoyed that I'd disturbed your sleep and let the beast within you come out? Would you roughly grab me by my arms leaving marks, pulling me to you taking my mouth brutally, than drag me back to bed to take me in some brutal way? Would you regret the roughness once you've satisfied your lust knowing in your heart that I didn't deliberately leave your side that sometimes I need the solace of the sky to soothe my soul? Would you gently say you are sorry, hold me close, and tell me that all the solace I will ever need is within you? Would I fall back to sleep in your arms knowing that you are right in what you say, that all I will ever need and want is right there in front of me, that I will always be loved and cared for? Would I know that when I need to be controlled sexually and emotionally you will bring me back to where I belong because I might have let my priorities get lost?

This I Will Be

I know that it is you I desire, deep within my soul and body. My yearning and lust for one who will control me and take me where I need to go. One that I will do "anything" for and please in every way. One that I will obey his every command no matter what it is I am asked to do. One who with only his voice can control my thoughts and body. One who controls my emotions. One who I would crawl on my belly for, just to suck his cock, even as he has tortured me with whips, paddles, or whatever pleased him. All the while calling me his fucking whore, as well as taking me up in his arms, holding me, protecting me from harm, kissing me, comforting me, calling me his "little one."

This I ache for This I long for This I need This I will do This I will have This I will be

Make Love to Me

I have asked so often for him to make love to me to no avail that I had totally put it out of my mind. I know that he enjoys the relationship just as it is, as do I. But I've never had someone actually make love to me, to tease my senses, to give me the feeling of being cared for in a way different than what we have. So when he told me that he was coming by and expecting a different type of evening I was a bit confused. He told me to go soak in a hot bubble bath, to light all of my candles, put soft music on, and to just relax and wait for his arrival. Of course, being his little submissive girl I did as I was told. Once I got myself into my tub I just relaxed, actually to the point of dozing off. We go back and forth, sometimes he liked a lot of makeup and sometimes he just liked me with nothing at all. I was awakened up by him teasing my lips with his finger. I slowly came to a sitting position and he stood there with a towel ready for me. He helped me out of the tub, wrapping me up in the towel, hugged me, and led me to my room. He dried me off so gently and slowly that I actually felt fragile. He told me to lie on the bed and to just close my eyes that I was going to experience what I'd wanted for so long from you. I did as I was told and he gently pulled my arms over my head and told me to leave them there and not to move. He stepped away and slowly removed his clothes from his body. It was torture for me to watch and not touch but I obeyed his words. He was truly a sight to behold and was already hard for me. When I went to move he just shook his head saying that I'd have to wait. Coming over to me, he touched my face with his hands, and finally holding my head between them and kissed me so tenderly as if he was afraid to hurt me. Taking my hands in his he pinned me down and shushed me, telling me to please allow him the privilege of making love to me. All I could do was look up at him with tears in my eyes. He looked at me and just said to relax and enjoy, this was all about me. I didn't move as he kissed me on the sides of my face, my cheeks, my mouth. He lavished attention to my lips. He licked, sucked, and bit them until he couldn't wait any longer. He pressed his lips to mine, pushing my mouth open with his tongue. It became a battle of control. He kissed, I kissed back, and it was as if our mouths and tongues were doing battle. It left me breathless, to be kissed with such passion and love. He moved from my mouth going to my neck, giving me feathery kisses, little nips with his teeth, until he got to the hollow of my throat. He put his tongue in that little space and licked. I felt every muscle in my body tighten with need. Telling me to not move, to leave my arms where they were I did just that. He took his hands and made a trail down both arms to just under my arm pit, he slowly ran them down my sides, gently stroking, and teasing. He'd get close to my breasts then pull away. I tried to arch my body to get closer to him but he would stop every time I moved. I finally got the message. He took both breasts in his hands slowly massaging them, cupping them, and teasing the nipples with his thumbs. He finally dipped his head down to take possession of each one. He alternated between the two, suckling like a child until my nipples became hard pebbles. He changed to little bites, keeping the nipple between his front teeth, tugging just a bit. He lifted them with his hands smothering his face in them. There was never any pain, only sheer pleasure. I was enraptured by this new man. The man whom I needed to know loved me. When he finally had enough of my breasts he worked his way down to my belly, keeping his hands on my sides at my hips. He whispered everything and nothing while savoring my body. He tongued my belly button and slowly moved his way down to the triangle of hair between my legs. He nuzzled there, smelling me, kissing me until I felt I couldn't take it anymore. He told me to roll over leaving me wanting more. He sat on my butt, using his strong hands on my shoulders and back. He rubbed, massaged all of the tenseness away, leaving me pliant and relaxed once again for him. He strolled slowly down my spine with his fingers and mouth until he came to my butt. Cupping the cheeks of my butt he kissed them slowly, tenderly. I am so used to him spanking them until they are red and marked that this was in a way embarrassing. I am not used to gentle treatment on that particular part of my body. I try to get away from this new assault. He put his hands on my lower back telling me to stop moving. He sensed my unease and left that part of me alone for a bit. He scooted down and took one leg at a time bending it at the knee, and paid homage to my calf and foot. He kissed the soles of my foot, playing with my toes with his tongue and lips, and then moved to the other. Once he felt me relax, he told me to roll over to my back again. He told me to not move and that he wanted to take me with his mouth and that I was to just enjoy. I did as I was told, and lay there very tense as this was something he very rarely did for me. He pushed my legs open and positioned himself so that he was at the junction of my thighs. With his hands on my thighs and slowly, so very slowly he tentatively touched me with his mouth as if waiting for me to jump. As he expected this to happen he held me in position. Telling me not to move, he used his fingers to separate the lips of my pussy. The tenderness and gentleness that he exhibited left me amazed. He slowly took his fingers and slid them up one side and down the other completely avoiding touching my clit. Every time he got close he changed tactics. He paid homage to that special part of me that he so needed. Just as I was starting to want and needed more, he attacked my clit. He sucked on it bringing all the blood to the surface causing it to swell and tingle. Just as quickly as he brought me to the brink he stopped, and suddenly slipped fingers up to that sweet spot causing me to jump. I needed release so bad but again he shushed me telling me to wait, to hold on there is more to come. My body, my heart, and my soul are alive. I could feel the moisture from his mouth and my own juice sliding down to my backside and I know there will be a wet spot beneath me. He abruptly flipped me back over, not giving me a chance to think. He was still between my legs but put his hands under me to pull me up onto my hands and knees. He told me not to move and pulled the cheeks of my butt apart. He started at the top of the crack and worked his way down. I tried to pull away and I got a little smack on my butt and was told not to move. I did as I was told as even with the lovemaking I was still submissive to him. He teased and tantalized me with his tongue and just as I was calmed down he did the unthinkable. He pushed his tongue into my tight little hole and made love to it. He was literally fucking me with his tongue. I felt as if I was coming apart and couldn't take much more. There was no pain at all just sheer unadulterated pleasure. I needed to cum now and he knew this. Flipping me back over, he pulled me to the edge of the bed allowing my legs to hang off of the bed, he leaned over me kissing me as if his life depended on it. With that he told me to hold on and give him all I had. He pushed his fingers up inside of me, starting slowly until he hit that spot and worked it with a vengeance. Hard and fast, and I felt myself building. He slowed down and picked up speed again until I felt as if I was going to explode into a million pieces. In the voice that I have come to know and love he said, "give it to me now." I cum as never before and keep cumming until finally there is nothing left and I am as close to passing out as I've ever been. He slowly pulled his dripping fingers from me. He flipped me over and up on my knees, and pushed his hard cock into my pussy, gently slowly fucking me. I could feel his cock hitting my clit and felt the need to cum that way as well. He wrapped his arms around my body and through clenched teeth told me to cum, that he couldn't hold on any longer. The pace picked up and in seconds, we both cum with him collapsing on top of me. Once we caught our breath, he rolled off of me, turning me onto my back, and pulled me close to him. I looked up at his face and he said to me that he hoped his making love to me showed me how much he cares. I saw the look of fear on his face and it touched me to my soul. I took my hands, cupped his face, and said to him that I never doubted his love for me; I just needed to have him love me in that way. I needed tenderness, and caring, and gentleness. I needed to see the softer side of him. With that he just pulled me closer and whispered in my ear something that I'd longed to hear for a very long time.


Excerpted from Fantasies Unleashed by C. W. Mane Copyright © 2012 by C. W. Mane. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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