Fantastically Fast Cars

Fantastically Fast Cars

by Jim Pipe

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Children's Literature - Hazel Buys
The earliest car races date back to the first decade of the twentieth century. They range from marathon races around the world to the 1,300-foot distance for drag racing. Pipe's book describes all types of racecars, some designed for distance racing, such as the cars that run the Paris-Dakar Rally, and some designed for track racing, such as Formula 1 cars. Each two-page, fact-filled spread depicts a car designed for racing, describes the races they race and the people who drive the cars. Sidebars and dramatic color photographs describe the car and racing conditions, or provide interesting and related information about the depicted car or race. At the end of the book, a section titled "Have You Got What It Takes?" asks a series of questions about racing and is presented as a possible lead-in to student book reports. This book, one of the "On the Edge" series and offering to help the reader "discover a world of amazing facts and real-life adventure," lives up to its promotional material, which includes the promise that it will engage reluctant readers. Pipe's book concludes with a glossary, a list of resources titled "Web Sites and Further Reading" and an index. As an introduction to fast cars and automobile racing, this book would be a good addition to an upper elementary school classroom or library as resource material on career development and vocational interests. Reviewer: Hazel Buys

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Black Rabbit Books
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On the Edge Series
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7.00(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.30(d)
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8 - 11 Years

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