Far From Heaven [Original Cast Recording]

Far From Heaven [Original Cast Recording]


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P.S. Classics

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  1. Act 1. Prologue
  2. Act 1. Autumn in Connecticut
  3. Act 1. Once Upon a Time
  4. Act 1. If It Hadn't Been
  5. Act 1. Table Talk
  6. Act 1. Mrs. Magnatech
  7. Act 1. Mrs. Magnatech (Reprise)
  8. Act 1. Office Talk
  9. Act 1. Evening Stroll
  10. Act 1. Marital Bliss
  11. Act 1. Sun and Shade
  12. Act 1. Table Talk II
  13. Act 1. Autumn in Connecticut (Reprise)
  14. Act 1. Secrets
  15. Act 1. If It Hadn't Been (Reprise)
  16. Act 1. Interesting
  17. Act 1. Miró
  18. Act 1. Once a Year
  19. Act 1. Secrets (Reprise)
  20. Act 1. Cathy, I'm Your Friend
  21. Act 1. The Only One
  22. Act 2. Phone Talk
  23. Act 2. If It Hadn't Been (Reprise)
  24. Act 2. Table Talk III
  25. Act 2. Wandering Eyes
  26. Act 2. Secrets (Reprise)
  27. Act 2. I Never Knew
  28. Act 2. Cathy, I'm Your Friend (Reprise)
  29. Act 2. Tuesdays, Thursdays
  30. Act 2. Table Talk IV
  31. Act 2. A Picture in Your Mind
  32. Act 2. Heaven Knows / Act 2 Finale

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mary Stout   Vocals
Lawrence Yurman   Conductor
Nancy Anderson   Vocals
J.B. Adams   Vocals
Kelli O'Hara   Vocals
Alma Cuervo   Vocals
Victor Wallace   Vocals
Isaiah Johnson   Vocals
James Moye   Vocals
Tess Soltau   Vocals
Steven Pasquale   Vocals
Sarah Jane Shanks   Vocals
Quincy Tyler Bernstine   Vocals
Julianna Rigoglioso   Vocals
Jake Lucas   Vocals
Far From Heaven Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Far From Heaven Cast Ensemble   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Bruce Coughlin   Orchestration
Tommy Krasker   Executive Producer
Todd Whitelock   Engineer,Mastering
Lawrence Yurman   Music Direction
Joan Marcus   Cover Photo
Scott Frankel   Composer
Michael Greif   Stage Direction
Derek Bishop   Art Direction
Michael Korie   Lyricist
Steven Epstein   Producer,Mastering
Jesse Green   Liner Notes
Richard Greenberg   Book
Bradford Louryk   Production Art

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