Far-Out Guide to the Icy Dwarf Planets

Far-Out Guide to the Icy Dwarf Planets

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by Mary Kay Carson

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Pluto-It Used to be our Ninth Planet. But scientists have reclassified Pluto as a "dwarf planet." So what exactly is a dwarf planet? How do scientists study and classify them?

Learn about the amazing missions, the dedicated scientists who plan them, and many far-out facts about the dwarf planets Pluto, Eris, Makemake, Ceres, and Haumea. All the facts you need,

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Pluto-It Used to be our Ninth Planet. But scientists have reclassified Pluto as a "dwarf planet." So what exactly is a dwarf planet? How do scientists study and classify them?

Learn about the amazing missions, the dedicated scientists who plan them, and many far-out facts about the dwarf planets Pluto, Eris, Makemake, Ceres, and Haumea. All the facts you need, and lots more, are included in this up-to-date book.

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School Library Journal
Gr 4�6—Lively writing with specific facts systematically presented and plenty of dramatic space art and photography add up to a winning formula for these introductions to our planet and its solar neighborhood. Highlighting the satellites and space probes that have played such central roles in our exploration of the solar system, Carson offers a thrillingly alarmist view in Asteroids and Comets of the (relatively) small rocks and comets that hurtle through local space to, on occasion, collide spectacularly with Earth or other planets. In the second title, she explains how the Landsats and other satellites have led us to a better understanding of the inner and outer characteristics of Earth. The author then surveys our rapidly expanding knowledge of Jupiter and its teeming system of moons and describes our tentative first steps toward closer looks at the enigmatic Pluto and three other Pluto-like icy dwarfs beyond. Aside from misleadingly dense representations of the asteroid belt and of near-Earth objects in Asteroids, the illustrations are above average—a cogent and well-placed mix of astro-photos, processed images, speculative paintings, and portraits of space gear and scientists at work. Numerous sidebars, spreads of summary "Fast Facts" in each volume, and select lists of multimedia resources expand and support presentations that will appeal equally to casual readers and researchers.—John Peters, formerly at New York Public Library
Children's Literature - Barbara L. Talcroft
The "Far-Out Guide to the Solar System" series offers a multitude of facts to report-writers, focusing on what astronomers know and the many perplexing questions still to be answered. In this fascinating volume, young researchers will learn that the discovery of Pluto in 1930 changed the way planets are classified and led to a new category of space objects named dwarf planets. Astronomers had long hunted for a planet beyond Neptune, so Pluto was at first called the ninth planet. By 2006, scientists decided that Pluto was different from other planets (smaller, icy, unusual orbit) and that there were thousands of small objects similar to Pluto in the Kuiper Belt orbiting beyond Neptune. In one of the boxed "Far-Out Facts" scattered through the text, readers discover that in 1978 observers noticed Pluto's moon Charon, almost a twin to Pluto. Three pages of "Fast Facts about Icy Dwarf Planets" add more information; for example, in 2003 another Kuiper Belt Object (KBO), bigger and farther out than Pluto, was located and named Eris (goddess of discord). Was Eris a tenth planet? Astronomers decided not—another new class of space objects called plutoids (including Pluto and Eris) was born! What's next for Pluto-like objects? So far, all information has come from telescopes; no spacecraft has visited Pluto or the icy Kuiper Belt. A new, extremely fast spacecraft is already on its way, expected to arrive at Pluto in 2015. New Horizons will study Pluto's atmosphere and surface and fly by Charon, Pluto's other moons, and several KBOs. Illustrations are photos (color when possible) and computer-generated paintings. Included are a helpful glossary, a bibliography, and a list of websites about Pluto exploration, the solar system, and Pluto and Eris movies. Reviewer: Barbara L. Talcroft

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Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
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Far-Out Guide to the Solar System Series
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7.20(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.10(d)
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8 - 10 Years

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