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Farewell Performances

Farewell Performances

by Jerry Gray
This CD is the missing link in the history of Glenn Miller's band and music. With Jerry Gray conducting, the Army Air Force Overseas Orchestra had to continue performing in the wake of Miller's death, and they followed his maxim of making every performance count. The 23 tracks here were


This CD is the missing link in the history of Glenn Miller's band and music. With Jerry Gray conducting, the Army Air Force Overseas Orchestra had to continue performing in the wake of Miller's death, and they followed his maxim of making every performance count. The 23 tracks here were drawn from airchecks of radio broadcasts during October and November of 1945, nearly a year after Miller's death, and they show a band that is as tight and hot as ever, stretching out a bit more perhaps in peacetime, than they did in wartime. These were effectively the military band's farewell performances -- although some of the men here would spend the next several decades playing this same repertory -- and they're swinging. Gray's "Sun Valley Jump" in particular is a delight, with superb solos and ensemble playing. All of the major hits are here as well, along with incidental pieces like the under-three-minute precis of "Rhapsody in Blue." Interestingly, "In the Mood" gets a faster, tighter treatment than the one we're accustomed to in more-standard Miller band performances, with a killer solo. Sgt. Johnny Desmond and the singing group the Crew Chiefs are also featured on four delightful novelty numbers ("Have You Got Any Gum, Chum?" etc.), and Desmond gets brilliant solo spots on "Homesick, That's All" and "Autumn Serenade." The other players featured include pianist Mel Powell, bassist Trigger Alpert, and trumpeter Bernie Privin, among numerous others. The between-song announcer added to the CD is obtrusive but at least the information he provides is useful. The sound is crytal clear, and beautifully textured.

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Hindsight Records

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jerry Gray   Primary Artist,Conductor,Ensemble,Track Performer
Johnny Desmond   Vocals,Ensemble
Mel Powell   Ensemble
Trigger Alpert   Ensemble
Peanuts Hucko   Vocals,Ensemble
Ray McKinley   Ensemble
Arnold Ross   Ensemble
Tony Martin   Ensemble
Maurice Bialkin   Ensemble
Hank Freeman   Ensemble
Chuck Gentry   Ensemble
John Haliburton   Ensemble
Harry Katzman   Ensemble
Norman Leyden   Ensemble
Carmen Mastren   Ensemble
Glenn Miller   Ensemble
George Ockner   Ensemble
Nat Peck   Ensemble
Jimmy Priddy   Ensemble
Bernie Privin   Trumpet,Ensemble
David Sackson   Ensemble
Joe Shulman   Ensemble
Whitey Thomas   Ensemble
Stanley Harris   Ensemble
Addison Collins   Ensemble
Frank Ippolito   Ensemble
Jack Russin   Ensemble
Zeke Zarchy   Ensemble
Dave Schwartz   Ensemble
Steve Steck   Ensemble
Earl Cornwell   Ensemble
Crew Chiefs   Vocals
Bobby Nichols   Ensemble
Jack Steele   Ensemble
Artie Malvin   Ensemble
Bill Conway   Ensemble
Mannie Thaler   Ensemble
Jack Ferrier   Ensemble
Larry Hall   Ensemble
Gene Steck   Ensemble
CPL. Gene Bergen   Ensemble
Paul Dubov   Ensemble
Milton Edelson   Ensemble
Freddy Guera   Ensemble
Ernest Kardos   Ensemble
Richard Lotvlinski   Ensemble
Freddy Ostrowski   Ensemble
Vito Pascucci   Ensemble
Bob Ripley   Ensemble
George Voutsas   Ensemble
Manny Wishnow   Ensemble
Julius Zifferblatt   Ensemble
Phil Cogliano   Ensemble
Dave Herman   Ensemble
Murray Kane   Ensemble
Carl Swanson   Ensemble
Vern Wilson   Ensemble
Lynn Allison   Ensemble
Jack Sanderson   Ensemble
Henry Bryan   Ensemble
Jimmy Jackson   Ensemble
Vince Carbone   Ensemble

Technical Credits

Mel Powell   Contributor
Trigger Alpert   Contributor
Ray McKinley   Contributor
Arnold Ross   Contributor
Tony Martin   Contributor
Fred E. Ahlert   Composer
Maurice Bialkin   Contributor
Hank Freeman   Contributor
Chuck Gentry   Contributor
Nathan Kaproff   Contributor
Harry Katzman   Contributor
Pete Kline   Producer
Norman Leyden   Contributor
Glenn Miller   Contributor
George Ockner   Contributor
Nat Peck   Contributor
Jimmy Priddy   Contributor
Bernie Privin   Contributor
David Sackson   Contributor
David Schwartz   Contributor
Joe Shulman   Contributor
Stillman   Composer
Whitey Thomas   Contributor
Stanley Harris   Contributor
Addison Collins   Contributor
Johnny Halliburton   Contributor
Frank Ippolito   Contributor
Jack Russin   Contributor
Eliot Tiegel   Liner Notes
Zeke Zarchy   Contributor
Steve Steck   Contributor
Earl Cornwell   Contributor
Tom Gramuglia   Executive Producer
Bobby Nichols   Contributor
Jack Steele   Contributor
Artie Malvin   Contributor
Bill Conway   Contributor
Mannie Thaler   Contributor
Jack Ferrier   Contributor
John Jungklaus   Contributor
Larry Hall   Contributor
Gene Steck   Contributor
CPL. Gene Bergen   Contributor
Paul Dubov   Contributor
Milton Edelson   Contributor
Freddy Guera   Contributor
John Jungklous   Remixing
Ernest Kardos   Contributor
Richard Lotvlinski   Contributor
Dick Matolinks   Contributor
Freddy Ostrowski   Contributor
Vito Pascucci   Contributor
Bob Ripley   Contributor
George Voutsas   Contributor
Manny Wishnow   Contributor
Julius Zifferblatt   Contributor
Phil Cogliano   Contributor
Dave Herman   Contributor
Murray Kane   Contributor
Carl Swanson   Contributor
Vern Wilson   Contributor
Lynn Allison   Contributor
Jack Sanderson   Contributor
Donald Haynes   Contributor
Traditional   Composer
Henry Bryan   Contributor
Frank W. Meacham   Composer
Annie Fortescue Harrison   Composer
Jimmy Jackson   Contributor
Meta Orred   Composer
Vince Carbone   Contributor

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