Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina

Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina

Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina is the third tribute album the visionary artist behind Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Company has received in the year since his passing. Each is a benefit offering; net proceeds are distributed to


Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina is the third tribute album the visionary artist behind Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Company has received in the year since his passing. Each is a benefit offering; net proceeds are distributed to Molina's surviving family and MusicCares. Molina was deeply respected by other musicians and loved by a small but fiercely dedicated cadre of fans. His work is more than that of the nakedly confessional songwriter he was often portrayed as. He was a poet and bluesman at heart, but too humble to call himself either. His songs are not bound by time or genre. They inhabit an opaque terrain between blues, Americana, rock, folk, and more mercurial root sounds. Though simply constrcuted, they are mysterious, pointing simultaneously inward and somewhere beyond the confines of the physical world. This double-disc contains performances by the Memorial Electric Company -- Molina's bandmates from Songs: Ohia and MEC. The first is the homage, "Arm in Arm," a melancholy rocker written by guitarist Peter Schreiner. The other is Molina's "Trouble in Mind (Fade to Blue)," a concert favorite that was never recorded. My Morning Jacket's long, completely revisioned reading of the title track is a set highlight, as is "Almost Was Good Enough," a reverent collaboration between MMJ singer Jim James and Bro. Stephen. The Squares challenge tradition by relating a raucous, near-cacophonous "Get Out Get Out Get Out" that extends its original's reach. Sarah Jaffe's "Alone with the Owl" features an elliptical synth, piano, and acoustic guitar that provide a long intro to her ghostly vocal. Matt Bauer and Mount Moriah's Heather McEntire deliver a lean and moving duet on "I Can Not Have Seen the Light." "34 Blues" is a gorgeous, modal, droning, folk-blues illustrated by an ethereal sense of drama by Will Johnson and Britton Beisenherz. Freakwater's Catherine Irwin offers a doomy banjo, fiddle, and guitar version of "Steve Albini's Blues" that underscores Molina's deep love for not only the 12-bar form, but early 20th century Appalachian music. The tender reading of "Lioness" is beautifully articulated by Viking Moses, while "The Big Game Is Every Night" is wrought with scorching intensity by Bottomless Pit. Communist Daughter's skeletal waltz on "Hold on Magnolia" underscores the romantic tenderness that Molina was often displayed; its lyric construction links to an earlier American songwriter: Stephen Foster. Jonny James & the Hall of Fames offer "John Henry Split My Heart" with Lynyrd Skynyrd-esque Southern rock; it lightens up a bit in the middle before a scorching slide guitar, cracking drums, and a humming bassline paint Jacy Pelstring's soaring vocal bridges past to present. It's true--and expected-- that with over 27 tracks -- like any other tribute record -- there are uneven selections here. This set is more ambitious than its two predecessors, and reveals Molina's ever-widening influence among not only peers but a new generation. He may yet get his due.

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Disc 1

  1. Get Out Get Out Get Out
  2. Arm In Arm
  3. Farewell Transmission
  4. Lioness
  5. 7th Street Wonderland
  6. Alone With the Owl
  7. Old Black Hen
  8. Leave This City
  9. Two Blue Lights
  10. Almost Was Good Enough
  11. Didn’t It Rain
  12. Memphis Moon
  13. The Dark Don’t Hide It
  14. I’ve Been Riding with the Ghost

Disc 2

  1. Trouble In Mind (Fade To Blue)
  2. I Can Not Have Seen te Light
  3. 34 Blues
  4. Hammer Down
  5. Just Be Simple
  6. Steve Albini’s Blues
  7. White Sulfur
  8. Don’t This Look Like the Dark
  9. Hear My Heart Final
  10. Lioness
  11. The Big Game is Every Night
  12. Hold On Magnolia
  13. John Henry Split My Heart

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marvin Etzioni   Mandolin
Andrew Bryant   Drums,Vocals,Wurlitzer
Don Heffington   Drums
Jonathan Wood   Banjo,Vocals
Mark Rice   Drums
Andy Dee   Dobro
Rick Steff   Keyboards
David Steele   Electric Guitar
Catherine Irwin   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Manfrin   Drums
Jennie Benford   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Krewson   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Luther Dickinson   Guitar
Roy Berry   Drums
Jim James   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Scott Danbom   Synthesizer,Piano
Keith Hanlon   Drums
Carl Broemel   Pedal Steel Guitar
Cory Branan   Vocals
Sarah Balliet   Cello
Nathan Salsburg   Guitar
Joe Gamble   Guitar
Jason Groth   Guitar,Vocals
Justin Collins   Piano
Chris Saligoe   Bass,Guitar
Bo Koster   Keyboards
Patrick Hallahan   Percussion
Jerry DeCicca   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Michael Kapinus   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Matt Bauer   Guitar,Piano,Drums,Vocals,Bells,Wurlitzer
Brendon Massei   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Adam Turla   Guitar,Vocals
Luke Redfield   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Michael Ferrier   Guitar,Vocals
Canaan Faulkner   Bass,Vocals
John Stubblefield   Bass
James Jackson Toth   Guitar,Vocals
Heather McEntire   Vocals
Will Gramling   Hammond B3
Sarah Jaffe   Vocals
Lowe Sutherland   Electric Guitar
Andrew Cohen   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Schreiner   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Gabe Noel   Bass
Ben Lubeck   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Mike Bolger   Horn
Shon Troth   Lap Steel Guitar
Arthur Vint   Cymbals,Toms
Tom Blankenship   Bass
Ashleigh Still   Piano,Vocals
Sven Kahns   Vocals,Lap Steel Guitar
Bro. Stephen   Vocals
Justin Kinkel-Schuster   Guitar,Vocals
Shane Akers   Dobro,Lap Steel Guitar
Joan Shelley   Vocals
Jonah Tolchin   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Tim Anderson   Keyboards
Gary Calhoun James   Vocals
Gabriel Douglas   Bass,Vocals
G.R. Robinson   Organ,Bass Guitar
Joe Call   Drums
Drew Preiner   Synthesizer,Guitar
David Leduc   Bass
Casey Call   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals
Brian Vanhout   Bass
Brian Orchard   Bass Guitar
Bethany Kurbis   Vocals
Anna Krippenstapel   Violin,Vocals
Adam Rucinski   Guitar,Drums
Tim Midyett   Guitar (Baritone)
Pat Linnan   Piano
Luke Friedrich   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Kevin Bowe   Producer,Engineer
Neil Weir   Engineer
Sheldon Gomberg   Producer,Engineer
Kevin Houston   Engineer
Matt Pence   Producer
Jim James   Producer,Engineer
Britton Beisenherz   Engineer
Keith Hanlon   Engineer
Jacob Belser   Engineer
Matthew Barnhart   Engineer
Mike Bridavsky   Engineer
Brendon Massei   Producer,Engineer
Bruce Watson   Engineer
Warren Gray   Engineer
Michael Ferrier   Producer
Daniel Martin Moore   Engineer
Peter Schreiner   Composer
Ben Lubeck   Producer
Ken Abdo   Legal Advisor
Adam Gislason   Legal Advisor
Bronson Tew   Engineer
Gary Calhoun James   Engineer,Instrumentation
Dwayne Sueño   Engineer
Drew Preiner   Engineer,Soundscape
Chris Mateer   Producer,Liner Notes
Casey Call   Producer,Engineer,Artwork,Concept
Betsy Butwin   Legal Advisor
April Wolfe   Producer,Liner Notes
Scott Herold   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Lindsey Siebnaeler   Media Consultant,Promotions Coordinator
Julia Corliss   Media Consultant,Promotions Coordinator

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