Farmyard Security: A Readers' Theater Script and Guide

Farmyard Security: A Readers' Theater Script and Guide

by Nancy K. Wallace

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Children's Literature - Vicki Foote
The script of a play and information about options for performing it are provided in this text of the “Readers’ Theater: How to Put on a Production” series. Wallace includes explanations about the cast and crew, sets and props, makeup and costumes, and stage directions. An illustration shows the official places on the stage with the titles, such as upstage center, right wing, and upstage left. The script, with stage directions in parenthesis, is an updated version of the fairy tale about Henrietta Hen who is sleeping when an apple falls on her head. She thinks the sky is falling and runs to tell her friends, who run to tell their other friends. They all decide to go to the woods to protect themselves, but they meet Wiley Wolf who tries to entice them into his cave. He tells them that his wife is an extreme couponer so their cave is stacked with food and supplies. Before they get to his cave, Farmer Jones comes along, and he helps them figure out that it was an apple that fell from the tree. There’s a fun ending when the narrator says that Wiley Wolf and his wife had to eat veggie burgers for dinner instead of roast chicken. Another helpful page tells how to adapt the theater script by doing the play as a puppet show or by just sitting on chairs and reading the lines. The large print makes it easy to read and the illustrations of some of the costumes and scenes should help children visualize the enactment of the play. This text should be an excellent addition for schools and libraries. Reviewer: Vicki Foote; Ages 7 to 9.

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ABDO Publishing Company
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Readers' Theater: How to Put on a Production Series
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7.60(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.30(d)
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8 - 12 Years

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