Farther in and Deeper Down

Farther in and Deeper Down

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by E. K. Bailey

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Grab a front-row seat to God's heart. This is a powerful story that highlights the journey of one of America's leading pastors as he courageously battles cancer three times. Watch him as he puts on his "spiritual boxing gloves." Lovingly co-written with his wife and daughter.


Grab a front-row seat to God's heart. This is a powerful story that highlights the journey of one of America's leading pastors as he courageously battles cancer three times. Watch him as he puts on his "spiritual boxing gloves." Lovingly co-written with his wife and daughter.

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From the Publisher

This book is not a "how to" faith manual for coping with cancer, but it is a "speak to" word of faith for facing any foundation shaking crisis of life -- worthy reading before and/or during any of life's deeply trying experiences.
-Reverend William J. Shaw, Pastor, White Road Baptist Church and President, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

You will find yourself wanting to read this book through in one sitting and then you will want to return to it again and again during your own battles.  E.K. Bailey and his family show us how to die and how to comfort others who are preparing for the same.
-Mark L. Bailey, President, Dallas Theological Seminary

Become educated and encouraged as you read this inspiring book of God's grace through cancer.
-Thelma Wells, Speaker, Author, Teacher

E.K. Bailey, living in these pages, speaks with the compelling authority of Christian experience to the deepest issues of human crisis with the light of God on them.
-Dr. Gardner Taylor, Pastor Emeritus, Concord Baptist Church of Christ

An exciting adventure of faith that brings new hope, even in a life of suffering.  If ever a man was "more than a conqueror," it was E.K. Bailey.
-Warren W. Wiersbe, Author and Bible Teacher

Those who read Farther In and Deeper Down will be profoundly challenged and invigorated.  E.K. knows the context of the Scriptures and makes present-tense application for those who walk with the Father and have personal fellowship with the Son.
-Melvin V. Wade, Sr., Pastor, Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, President, National Missionary, Baptist Convention of America

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Farther In and Deeper Down will provide guidance and hope for times of struggle and challenge.  This book provides a window into how the heart of God colors our world with love and direction when we feel like life is crashing in on us.  A valuable resource for you personally and for ministry to those you love.
-Larry A. Mercer, President, Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary

The life, the ministry, and the preaching of Dr. E.K Bailey took people farther in and deeper down.  If you want truth for tough times, this book will be an incredible blessing.  This book blends the Bible and E.K. Bailey himself as truth and experience are fused together.  Such incarnational instruction leads to redemptive and transforming results.
-David L. Olford, President, Olford Ministries International

E.K. Bailey is at his best in this awe-inspiring book. This pastor/scholar pairs the biblical texts with the complexities and uncertainties of life in a manner commensurate to his years of wisdom and maturity.  Every page is filled with hope for all who come asking, "Watchman, what of the night?  Is there a word from the Lord?"
-Cleophus J. LaRue, Patton Associate Professor of Homiletics, Princeton Theological Seminary

As a pastor and a counselor for forty years, I have observed that the majority of Christians do not suffer well.  This book teaches how to know how to suffer well.  Dr. E.K. Bailey models for us how to keep God in the center of our existence as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
-Willie Richardson, Pastor, Christian Stronghold Baptist Church

Mrs. Bailey and Cokiesha have done an extraordinary labor of love in putting together Dr. Bailey's words and thoughts.  This book is a must-read for anyone who is suffering, or who loves someone who is suffering.
-Denise George, Author, teacher, speaker

It's not the crossing of that final river that intrigues me, for the mists too much obscure the real and distant other side.  It's the certainty with which all discussions end and our last words are "I'll be seeing you," and we release a friend to sail alone across the bright waters of faith.  This is the final tale of joy -- the account of a family on the banks of foreverness, kissing illusion good-bye, so reality can take its eternal turn at life.
-Calvin Miller, Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School

Every pastor needs a pastor -- Dr. E.K. Bailey was mine.  He preached for me, prayed for me, and was the presence of Jesus to me.  He walked through the deepest valleys and darkest shadows of life, and brought us all closer to his Father.  As you share his journey, you'll find his joy.
-Jim Denison, Senior Pastor, Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

Farther In and Deeper Down is a profound testimonial of God's sovereign capacity to transform our lives even through such deadly situations as cancer.
-Bryan Carter, Senior Pastor, Concord Baptist Church

Pastor E.K. Bailey, along with his wife, Sheila, and daughter Cokiesha, have written a book that every patient with cancer should read.  This book is about deepening one's relationship with Christ through the experiences of adversity involved with cancer.  If cancer is your "thorn in the flesh," you must read this book so that God may take you Farther In and Deeper Down.
-Wm. Lee Cowden, M.D.

Meet the Author

E.K. BAILEY (1945-2003) was senior pastor of Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, which he founded in 1975. He established E.K. Bailey Ministries, Inc. which facilitates conferences, such as the Institute on Church Growth, with the goal of enabling change for the disenfranchised. He was the author of Testimony of a Tax Collector, Further In and Deeper Down, The Preacher and the Prostitute, and Confessions of an Ex-Crossmaker, and co-authored Preaching in Black and White with Warren Wiersbe. He served on the Advisory Boards of Christianity Today and Leadership magazines, and worked with the National Baptist Convention of America and Holmes Street Foundation for Boys. Dr. Bailey's wife, Sheila, lives in Dallas, Texas, and is preserving his legacy.

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Farther in and Deeper Down 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has changed my life. I have learned so much about living and about dieing. Thank you Bailey family for inviting us into your sacred place and revealing to us what God can and will do when you simply trust Him. I have never been impacted by cancer so I was hesitatant about buying the book but I am so glad I did.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is one that anyone dealing with a serious illness will find great comfort with supportive Biblical Scriptures to deepen ones faith. It has good advise for the caregiver also.