Farther on Up the Road

Farther on Up the Road

by Bobby "Blue" Bland

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Snapper Uk


  1. Farther Up the Road  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  2. Time Out  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  3. Bobby's Blues  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  4. You've Got Bad Intentions  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  5. Don't Want No Woman  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  6. It's My Life, Baby  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  7. Woke Up Screaming  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  8. Teach Me (How to Love You)  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  9. I Learned My Lesson  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  10. I Can't Put You Down Baby  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  11. I Smell Trouble  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  12. I Don't Believe  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  13. No Blow, No Show  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  14. Army Blues  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  15. Lovin' Blues  - Bobby "Blue" Bland
  16. I.O.U. Blues  - Bobby "Blue" Bland

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