Fascinating Rhythm 1922-1935

Fascinating Rhythm 1922-1935

by Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards

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Disc 1

  1. Virginia Blues  -  Ladd's Black Aces
  2. Old Fashioned Love
  3. Lovey Came Back
  4. You're So Cute (Mama O' Mine)
  5. He's the Hottest Man In Town
  6. Fascinating Rhythm
  7. That's All There is (There Ain't No More)
  8. If I Never See You As Long As I Live (That'll Even Be Too Soon)
  9. I'm a Hard To Get Papa Looking For a Hard To Get Girl
  10. Paddlin' Madelin' Home
  11. Oh! Lovey Be Mine
  12. Say, Who is That Baby Doll?
  13. Someone's Stolen My Sweet, Sweet Baby
  14. How Can You Look So Good
  15. Dinah
  16. Keep On Croonin' a Tune
  17. Sweet Child
  18. I Want Somebody To Cheer Me Up
  19. Sunday
  20. I Don't Mind Being All Alone
  21. Meadow Lark
  22. I Never Knew What the Moonlight Could Do
  23. I'm Tellin' the Birds, Tellin' the Bees
  24. Lonely Eyes

Disc 2

  1. Since I Found You
  2. I Know That You Know
  3. Oh Baby! Don't We Get Along
  4. Anything You Say
  5. That's My Weakness Now
  6. Halfway To Heaven
  7. Good Little, Bad Little You
  8. Stack O' Lee
  9. Singin' In the Rain
  10. Sophomore Prom
  11. Hang On To Me
  12. Sing (A Happy Little Thing)
  13. Bless You Sister
  14. Dream Sweetheart
  15. A Great Big Bunch of You
  16. All of a Sudden
  17. Crazy People
  18. Come Up and See Me Sometime
  19. Night Owl
  20. Hugh My Mouth (If I Ain't Goin' South)
  21. It's Only a Paper Moon
  22. I Want To Call You "Sweet Mama"
  23. It's an Old Southern Custom
  24. I Got Shoes, You Got Shoesies

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards   Primary Artist,Ukulele
Eddie Lang   Guitar
Joe Venuti   Violin
Red Nichols   Trumpet,Cornet
Phil Napoleon   Trumpet
Miff Mole   Trombone
Artie Bernstein   String Bass
John Cali   Banjo,Guitar
Jimmy Dorsey   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Larry Gomar   Drums
Jimmy Lytell   Clarinet
Jack Roth   Drums
Arthur Schutt   Piano
Frank Signorelli   Piano
Dick McDonough   Banjo,Guitar
Californians   Accompaniment
Chester Hazlett   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Fred Morrow   Tenor Saxophone
Willard Robison   Piano
Cliff Edwards   Ukulele,Vocals
Andy Sannella   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bill Haid   Piano
Duffy   Violin
Doc Behrendson   Clarinet
Four Blackbirds   Accompaniment
Moe Gappell   Trombone
Vic Burton   Drums
Ed Lang   Banjo
Bobby Darvis   Alto Saxophone

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
James P. Johnson   Composer
Irving Mills   Composer
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Vincent Youmans   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards   Composer
Nacio Herb Brown   Composer
Lew Brown   Composer
Anne Caldwell   Composer
Buddy DeSylva   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Dubin   Composer
Chris Ellis   Producer,Sleeve Notes,Material
Sammy Fain   Composer
Arthur Freed   Composer
Cliff Friend   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Bud Green   Composer
Jesse Greer   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Ray Henderson   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Lewis   Composer
Herbert Magidson   Composer
Sam H. Stept   Composer
Jule Styne   Composer
Roy Turk   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Jack Yellen   Composer
Joseph Meyer   Composer
Sonny Miller   Composer
Willard Robison   Arranger
Joe Young   Composer
J. Russel Robinson   Composer
Sam Coslow   Composer
Maceo Pinkard   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Hoffman   Composer
Harry Akst   Composer
Mort Dixon   Composer
Harry Woods   Composer
Seymour Simons   Composer
Sidney Clare   Composer
Edgar Leslie   Composer
Louis Alter   Composer
Clarence Gaskill   Composer
Lou Handman   Composer
James V. Monaco   Composer
Cecil Mack   Composer
Arthur Swanstrom   Composer
Chester Conn   Composer
Chick Endor   Composer
Turk   Composer
George W. Meyer   Composer
Fred Meinken   Composer
Billy Rose   Composer
Howard Johnson   Composer
Jolien Plat   Sleeve Design
Herman Hupfeld   Composer
Sam Lewis   Composer
Maurice Siegler   Composer
Ted Fiorito   Composer
Hal Keidel   Composer
Chuck Endor   Composer
Benny Kreuger   Composer
Ray Klages   Composer
Moe Baer   Composer
Michael H. Cleary   Composer
Larry Epier   Composer
Sidney Claire   Composer

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