Fashion Expo Round, Round 1: Tru Hip Hop

Fashion Expo Round, Round 1: Tru Hip Hop

by Sackcloth Fashion

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Disc 1

  1. Unique
  2. Angels  -  Tru
  3. For the Money  -  Coleon
  4. Dues for Cashews  -  Playdough
  5. No Gray Lines  - Corey Red
  6. Runnin'  -  Peace 586
  7. Matthew
  8. Under Man  - Diz Organ
  9. Christian Emcee, What?
  10. Traveling
  11. Sub-Mission  - Future Shock
  12. Soft Spoken  -  Ominpoetics of Deviance
  13. Who Am I  - Joe Bereal
  14. Water World  -  RedCloud
  15. Youdontknowthehalf.Com  -  Lojique
  16. An-Eu-Rysm  - Project America
  17. Game Over  -  Fros't
  18. Rising Sons  -  Tru

Disc 2

  1. Quality Junk  -  Tru
  2. Mic Abruption  -  Prophetics
  3. Perceptions  -  Braille
  4. Journey Through My Mind
  5. The Wind  -  Ajax Of Future Shock
  6. How We Do  -  KJ-52
  7. Lolly Pops  -  Tru
  8. To the Extreme  -  RedCloud
  9. Clay
  10. Tight With Lasso  -  Tru
  11. Reality Check  -  RedFlagUnit
  12. Understand  - Sup the Chemist
  13. Jurny  -  Jurny
  14. The Road I Once Lived  -  Man of War
  15. The Day My Dog Died  - Greg Words
  16. The New Song  - D.O.P.E. Statikk
  17. The Outlet  -  SolSeekers
  18. Connect

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sackcloth Fashion   Primary Artist
Broadcast   Choir, Chorus
DJ DNA   Turntables
Kira   Choir, Chorus
Tru   Track Performer
Fros't   Track Performer
Ajax   Track Performer
Joe Bereal   Track Performer
D.O.P.E. Statikk   Track Performer
Diz Organ   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Ominpoetics of Deviance   Track Performer
Project America   Track Performer
Prophetics   Track Performer
RedFlagUnit   Track Performer
Trey-Qel   Track Performer
Greg Words   Track Performer
Jurny   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)   Composer
Maurice White   Composer
Illustrated Man   Composer
Larry Dunn   Composer
Kira Roessler   Composer
Kurt Neumann   Composer
Claude-Michel Schönberg   Composer
Absolute U.S.   Composer
Othello   Composer
E-Roc   Composer
Broadcast   Composer
Sackcloth Fashion   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Sev   Contributor
Ill Harmonics   Composer
Marcos   Composer
Luni Coleone   Composer
Playdough   Composer,Contributor
Blake Knight   Contributor
Bonafide   Contributor
Man of War   Contributor
RedCloud   Composer
Tru   Composer
Joe Bereal   Composer
Greg Words   Composer
Eddie Del Barrio   Composer
Sam Llanas   Composer

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