Fast Lane

Fast Lane

by J.E. E. Bright

Fasten Your Seat Belt...

Welcome to the NASCAR Unlimited Division, where the competition is intense and the racing is extreme. Unlimited racecars are the ultimate in high tech, built to reach unheard-of speeds, perform incredible stunts, an take on impossible off-road courses! Are you ready for action? Because we're only getting started...


Fasten Your Seat Belt...

Welcome to the NASCAR Unlimited Division, where the competition is intense and the racing is extreme. Unlimited racecars are the ultimate in high tech, built to reach unheard-of speeds, perform incredible stunts, an take on impossible off-road courses! Are you ready for action? Because we're only getting started...

Meet Team Fastex: Mark McCutchen, Steve Sharp, Carlos Rey, and Megan Fassler, four fearless NASCAR racers with the guts to call themselves Unlimited Division drivers. They've signed up for the toughest year of heart-stopping action imaginable, and all, of them are eager to prove themselves on the track.

But does Team Fastex have what it takes to go head-to-head with evil Team Rexcor, a band of dirty drivers who'll stop at nothing to win? It'll take a season of supercharged racing in the ultimate of extreme environments to find out!

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HarperCollins Publishers
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NASCAR Racers Series, #1
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5.17(w) x 7.65(h) x 0.47(d)

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The heart-stopping roar of four finely tuned engines shook the ground. These engines weren't in any old, familiar racers. The four cars whipping down the brand-new track of Big River Raceway in New Motor City were the ultimate in high-tech ... and high-speed. These cars-specially designed for NASCAR's new Unlimited Division-were capable of velocity and action nobody had ever seen before.

Car 204 was in the lead-tearing down the track at over 250 miles per hour. Mark McCutchen, better known as Charger, grimaced behind the wheel as he zoomed into a curve that tilted straight up, like he was driving on a wall. Totally sideways!

Lyle Owens in Car 606 and Carlos "Stunts" Rey in Car 404 were hot on Charger's bumper. Steve "'Flyer" Sharp trailed slightly behind the other three in Car 808-but he was still shooting along so fast his vehicle was just a blur. Flyer shifted gears and started easing his racer past Lyle in Car 606.

Lyle wasn't about to let that happen. He swerved sharply, cutting Flyer off. But Lyle's swerve was too hard-he smacked into Car 404!

Inside Car 404, Stunts shook from the jolt. "Hey!" he cried. "You're messing up my hair!"

The four cars rushed onto a long straightaway, heading directly for the massive Motorsphere. The giant metal-and-glass globe loomed before them. Inside the huge sphere was the most amazing-and challenging-raceway ever built, and the four drivers couldn't wait to hit it.

Flyer was frustrated at having been cut off. He was losing ground to the others! "Time to show what this car can do," he decided.

"Wild blue yonder time," Flyer called as he threw the jump lever on hisgearshift. Immediately, sleek metal wings slid out from the sides of his car. With an explosive blast, the jet booster fired from the back like a rocket. Car 808 launched into the air!

Flyer soared over the other cars, but he was headed straight toward the side of the Motorsphere.

He had to land-fast! Flyer flipped the jump lever off, and his wings retracted as he cruised back down toward the track.

Whammm! Inside Car 204, Charger flinched as his racer shuddered from a loud crash above him.

Flyer had bumped the top of Charger's car while he was landing!

Neither car was damaged,, though. Flyer reached the track safely-and in the lead. He'd made it to the ground just in time to shoot into the Motorsphere entrance tunnel in front of the other cars.

The cars roared down the long passage that led into the spectacular sphere. They quickly shot out into the huge empty space inside the dome. Above the drivers was an impossibly huge track that arched and looped up to the super-high ceiling and dropped all the way to the bottom again like a roller coaster.

The cars shot across the vast floor of the Motorsphere without slowing down. The echoes of their engines bounced off the walls, filling the sphere with their thunder. When the four reached the far end of the dome, they hurtled right up the side,, speeding along the curved wall of the globe ... until they were racing upside down!

Stunts decided it was his turn to get some action going. "Let's get this show on the road!" he cried as he threw a lever beside his right hand. Car 404's forward jets erupted with flame, and Stunts blasted off the wall-hurtling toward the floor of the Motorsphere!

His car tumbled end over end as it fell. Halfway to the ground, Stunts pulled his drogue chute lever. Floop! The chute-usually used to stop the car at the end of the race-popped out the back of the car and opened with a snap.

Car 404 slowed its deadly plunge as the drogue chute filled with air and acted as a parachute. Stunts drifted toward the ground.

With a smile, Stunts threw another lever that released the chute. It flapped away from his car and fluttered into the air. Car 404 dropped to the floor, wheels spinning full speed. With a screaming squeal Stunts took off down the track-way ahead of the other drivers. Awesome shortcut!

Meanwhile, Cars 808, 204, and 606 dashed down the curve of the ceiling, following the wall until they reached the ground right side up. Flyer, in Car 808, was a little ahead of the other two, which is why his car was the one that ran smack into Stunts's stillfalling drogue chute.

Flyer hauled on the steering wheel, totally unable to see out his blocked windshield. Car 808 spun out. As it turned, the chute whipped off.

Car 204 and Car 606 whisked past Flyer, one on either side.

Stunts in Car 404 was the first one out of the Motorsphere, zooming down the track of Big River raceway. Charger in 204 and Lyle Owens in 606 followed him out soon after, both fighting for second place. Flyer chased them into the open air, but he was far behind.

Charger had a plan to breeze ahead of Lyle. He pulled his rocket booster lever. "Let's get charged!" he hollered. A blast of fire-rumbled out of the back of his vehicle, and he sprang ahead of Car 606.

"Not so fast," Lyle growled. He yanked a lever in his own car. But instead of firing a rocket, he shot a grappling hook toward Charger. "One for my collection . . .," he said with a nasty smirk.

The grappling hook plunged into one of the rear tires of Charger's car. Blam! The tire shredded.

Charger fought with his steering wheel as he struggled to keep control of Car 204. But it was no use-his vehicle skidded out. Right toward a thick concrete wall!

As Lyle shot past him in Car 606, Charger desperately threw his jump lever. Car 204's wings began to slide out. Charger rose into the sky, but he was too close to the wall. He couldn't clear it!

Car 204 almost sailed over the barrier, but then one of its wings clipped the edge-skrraanggg!-and was torn clean off. Charger's car spun through the air, tumbling over the wall.

Charger was flung back and forth as the car flipped. Charger braced himself as his racer fell toward the empty parking lot far, far below.

Meet the Author

J. E. Bright is the author of many novels, novelizations, non-fiction books, and novelty books for children and young adults. He lives in a sunny apartment in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, with his difficult but soft cat, Mabel, and his sweet kitten, Bernard.

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