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Fastest Way To Lose Weight: Shed Those Extra Pounds The Fast Way

Fastest Way To Lose Weight: Shed Those Extra Pounds The Fast Way

4.1 9
by Stephen Williams
Find out twists that will surely drive you attentive to your goal. Indeed, this book will really make sure you enjoy while you lose weight. You don’t have to take everything too seriously to be successful. Decide to get rid of the extra inches now in a fun and realistic way. The choice is in your hands. Will you let this chance pass you by? Choose the wiser


Find out twists that will surely drive you attentive to your goal. Indeed, this book will really make sure you enjoy while you lose weight. You don’t have to take everything too seriously to be successful. Decide to get rid of the extra inches now in a fun and realistic way. The choice is in your hands. Will you let this chance pass you by? Choose the wiser decision—download the book now!

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Meet the Author

“Doing all the little tricky things it takes to grow up, step by step, into an anxious and unsettling world.” Sylvia Plath

Use our step by step process to learn and grow both professionally, and personally. And don’t worry you won’t end up putting your head in an oven like Sylvia Plath. The end result will be more akin to the brilliance of a quote like that, not the end result of its author’s life. Wizards Books self-help series is the thing you need to educate you on a variety of topics.

However Sylvia Plath was right in her assertion about the ways of the world, most things in life need to be done step-by-step. We have enhanced that age old rule, and with step-by-step wizard books we teach the masses to rein in their creativity in all types of fields, and take it a step at a time.

Have you often thought, your imagination is spent, you’re sick and tired of never achieving your real potential, you’re stuck in a rut, where do you go from here? The Step-by-step series can help you get out of all that, and achieve positive real world results in any field.

We distill information, so you get a concise picture of what needs to be done. Unlike any other self-help book out there, step-by-step guides you through whatever process you seek to learn, and instead of just giving you information, they help you grow as an individual.

Just think, you will no longer need to seek out advice on any subject ever again.
Step-by-steps how to guides will show you how it’s done, and then how to do it right. It’s the last self-help tool you will ever need, think of us as your own personal self-help guru, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Fastest Way To Lose Weight: Shed Those Extra Pounds The Fast Way 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
CatherinePeters More than 1 year ago
Lose weight the fun way Reducing weight has become so much a part of our lives that the majority of people spend the major portion of their lives eating major portions and trying to get rid of it the next minute. All of us are on a rollercoaster of bingeing and trying to get rid of the bulge. It is ironic that the market for shedding pounds is as huge as the market for the food industry. As most of us strive to go up the corporate ladder, our weight goes on its yo-yo pattern but overall steadily increasing. The market is full of books and Stephen Williams has entered the fray with this book. I liked the approach Williams has taken on this much-harangued subject. Shedding weight should be observed from the perspective of it being incorporated into our lives and not an extension. Life should be fun and is to be enjoyed. Same goes for shedding weight which should be viewed as a fun activity. The book contains tips, which can be picked up or done away with. No doubt, exercise is important in managing weight but there are many habits, which can be controlled, in shedding weight. Bad habits like eating junk food or late night suppers can be stopped without feeling deprived. Activities that one enjoys should be pursued. Stress should be kept away as stress encourages one to eat without realizing. Overall, this book will be useful in reminding us of the many habits within our lives which contribute to weight gain and should be stopped.
WriterAmy More than 1 year ago
I've tried a lot of diet books and gimmicks and haven't been able to stick to one long enough to see results. I've always had a hard time losing weight and none of the popular plans suited my lifestyle or offered long term results so quickly like this book did for me. The best part about this book is that it doesn't tell you "how to live" but how to change the way you live by altering your bad eating habits, for example, not eating late at night, and getting outside more. He emphasizes that exercise isn't everything and that maintaining balance in your life is what's most important, which I think we all forget, or at least I do. Williams' book is great for those looking for a weight loss plan that will benefit them in the short term (losing weight) and the long term (living a healthy lifestyle not only physically but emotionally as well). I highly recommend this book for anyone trying to make positive changes.
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
Losing weight can be a challenge to anyone who is even slightly overweight. You may even be tempted to do things that may harm your health, just in the effort to shed a few pounds. What’s could is that authors like Stephen Williams have spent time writing for people like me and you who need that extra help in their journey to weight loss. I have to say that Fastest Way To Lose Weight: Shed Those Extra Pounds The Fast Way by Stephen Williams is a very good resource for your weight loss regime. As the title states, the information in this book is geared to those who want to lose weight and to lose it quickly. Stephen Williams writes expertly and clearly, fiving a vast amount of information that is really valuable. I tried some of the tips that he has mentioned and I am beginning to see some results. From what he has written so clearly in this book, I have realized that weight loss doesn’t have to be the grueling journey that I always thought it was...basically, it can be healthy, fun and not at all stressful. The tips in this book will require not only your determination, but your willingness to actually lose weight as well. There is no better person pushing you than yourself. You will realize that as well. The book was easy to read. Stephen Williams starts his expert advice right from the start, so you don’t have to look around, wondering where the information you need is coming from. Overall, a good read!
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
In ‘Fastest Way to Lose Weight’, Stephen Williams offers more advice to those struggling to lose weight with other methods. I actually found this book after reading another book by Williams that discussed the best exercises for weight loss, and although I like this one okay, I really enjoyed the one on exercise a little bit more. However, that does not mean that this book is not good, in fact, it is one of the better weight loss guides available. It offers friendly, practical tips, written in a way that is easy to understand, and the author does not condescend or make you feel ‘less than’ for needing to read a book on losing weight, like some other of these books do. I love the approach the book takes, encouraging readers to work in easy little changes that add up to big weight loss. I also like the fun tips that he uses, such as ways to increase activity in the bedroom to help aid in weight loss. Of course, the more you lose, the better the sex will be, so that is a win/win situation, lol! All of the advice is easy to follow, even a bit simplistic, but that is exactly what you need if you want weight loss that is easy to maintain. After all, it’s no good losing weight if you can’t keep it off. Williams has a lot of other books on confidence and self-esteem, and a little of the advice from those spill over into this book. Everyone knows that looking good will help you feel better about yourself, and this is also mentioned in this book. I liked the writing style of the book; it was laid back but gave the advice in an easy to follow way, so you could pick and choose which tips to try first. There’s no need to stick to a rigid plan to lose the weight, and you can adapt the tips to fit your lifestyle. Like many women, I have always struggled with my weight. I have often found the most success with the simplest plans that required baby steps to achieve. If something is too complicated or expensive, I simply cannot stick with it! This book is perfect for people like me, who need a gentle guidance instead of a strict plan of attack. I’ve only just read through the book, but I think that these common sense tips will be just the thing to lose those stubborn pounds and keep them off for good. I would definitely recommend getting the other book, ‘Best Exercise to Lose Weight’ as a companion, since it offers some more great tips on working exercise into your life in easy ways.
Ant0 More than 1 year ago
Nowadays, one of the biggest problems in America is obesity. People tend to eat more and have no time for exercise or fitness. Even if they do have time, they rather use it to do something more entertain. Exercise is not longer a way for people to get healthy instead it becomes a chore to them. What if there is another way to stay healthy and fit? What if perhaps, a solution that you can accomplish yourself at home. Thankfully, Stephen Williams provides us with the utmost and thought provoking fitness book available that will genuinely help you stay in shape. In the Fastest Way to Lose Weight, you won’t have to spend hours and hours at the park, gym, or running the treadmill to maintain that healthiness. He provides you with several tips in other areas as well, not just exercise. Exercise is only one part of staying healthy. He explains and provides tips on eating habits too. Exercising will go to waste if you just gain it all back by participating in bad eating habits. Examples of bad eating habits are, eating late at night before sleep and eating unhealthy junk foods. To counter such bad habits is to eat more meals, but less portions of it. Don’t eat more than your stomach can handle. In contrast, don’t starve yourself thinking that it will make you lose weight. It doesn’t work like that. If you follow his advice, you will maintain and healthy and balanced diet. Another tip that he mentions in his book is to maintain a healthy sex life. This is important for us to have a mentally healthy system. Stress can cause our minds to falter and our bodies to change shape. Our minds will tell our bodies to maybe eat more or less to relieve the stress of every day life. So it’s best to also spend some time with your love one and relax every now and then. It is healthy for your body and your mind. So with this book, you will have plenty of tips and choices to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Stephen Williams will provide you with plenty of tips to lose the extra weight that’s always been bothering you. He will explain to you the healthy eating habits that are essential in keeping your body fit. And let’s not forget about sex, it is also vital in our healthy way of life. I absolutely like this book because of how much content is available that is important for my body. I recommend it to anyone that need advice in staying fit so you can finally be able to wear what you always wanted to wear.
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
The book "Fastest Way to Lose Weight" is all about teaching you how you can cut the pounds and get down to the weight that you want. It's a difficult process for most people and there are several different companies and people that will tell you theirs is the only way to succeed. But there are actually very simple ways to succeed that don't involve costly gym memberships and extensive diet plans. You can lose weight quickly and easily and that's what this book is about. You'll learn through this book about different things that can actually help you to lose weight. Instead of simply telling you to do this exercise of follow that diet; this book will give you tons of different tips that can help you to get your weight down. You'll be able to do this quickly and easily with just a little bit of work. You can even use this book as your own personal motivator. Just pick it up and flip to one tip for the day. Use that and you'll be one-step closer to getting where you want to be. Stephen Williams has a way of writing that makes you want to keep reading. He's very good at engaging a reader and keeping them interested. He's also good at portraying a lot of helpful information without sounding like he's being bossy or like he's smarter than you. It's nice to read something information from an author that isn't preaching about how I have bad habits and it's all my fault that I am the way I am. No one wants to hear that they're the one who screwed up and they're the reason for their own obesity. Williams doesn't do that and it's very refreshing. Now this book is perfect for anyone that is looking to get in better shape. That doesn't even mean that you need to be overweight. If you are overweight, no matter how much, you'll be able to use this book to help you lose all the pounds that you want. If you're not over weight or you're only a little overweight you can still use this book to help you get in the best shape of your life. So this is actually perfect for anyone. This book is geared toward women and that means that it won't be real helpful for men. If you're a man looking to get in shape you'll want to keep looking. Some of the tips included in here could be very helpful to you however many of them will not. I thought this was an excellent book for teaching people what they can do to help turn their life and their weight around and I would pass it on to all my female friends and family.
Ambrosia-Jefferson More than 1 year ago
We all know there are a million and one different diet and exercise books out there. I have probably gotten half of those after a long fight with lymphoma cancer my body had taken a hit from what it used to be. I used to be fit as a dancer and had no worries about a workout program. Unfortunately after the cancer my same work out routines did not work anymore so I was looking for something some kind of book and guidance to help me get back into being fit and healthy again. In my search I found Best Exercise to Lose Weight: Make the Dream of Losing Weight a Reality and I am so happy that I did. This has to be one of the best books I have found on dieting and exercising for weight loss. This is not a crash diet or a secret get skinny quick new kind of fad but something that you can work into your everyday life no matter what age you are. Stephen Williams has put together a great resource that is affordable for anyone to be able to get on track with your exercise program. I know I couldn’t afford to go to the gym and even though I was a dance I really did not understand the weight loss side of it I was used to keeping muscles toned and supple. Thanks to Mr. Williams I have a fantastic guide to help me through a variety of fat burning exercise routines. I have started to see results and I have no doubt that the more I work the plans laid out in this book the better I will do. If you’re looking to lose weight and be healthy while doing it this is the perfect book for you.
Lucky120 More than 1 year ago
Now days you have to admit that obesity is one of the highest issues in America. There are a lot of people that are obese and many want help to lose weight and to stay healthy. Exercising is one way to lose weight, but it is not the only way that you can lose weight. You will be able to do a lot of other things in order to lose weight and stay healthy. You will not have to spend hours and hours at the gym running and or lifting to maintain a healthy life style. This book provides you with several tips on how to lose weight and stay fit in a lot of areas. When you exercise that is only one part that you need, because it is a part of exercising, but you will need to eat right and make sure that you are treating your body right as well. This book will give you a lot of information on how to lose weight and stay healthy by doing other things and not just exercising. You will see that there is so much more for you to do when you are ready to commit to staying healthy and losing weight. I have to say that this is a great book and that everyone that wants to lose weight should read it, because there are a lot of things that you can learn from it. When you are faced with something like this and you need motivation then reading this book will help you out and give you all of the information that you need.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure that I'm not the first person to openly admit that they dislike exercising. Ever since I can remember, exercise has been a chore. I've never seen it as anything but something to be avoided at all costs. Consequently, this would help to explain my paunch that I have lovingly tended for the last several years---not to mention the aching knees and gradual weight gain that I have accumulated (such is my love of sweets). I would guesstimate that I am carrying an extra thirty pounds or so on myself, which I confess has been nagging at my conscience. Before some of you start snickering quietly to yourself and surmise my open disdain for expending unnecessary energy so that I can emulate Jillian Michaels as out-and-out laziness, I want to qualify my words by stating that I have recently been to my nutritionist/dietician and have another appointment to see her again in January. (Which gives me sufficient time to continue to enjoy my favorite generic peanut-butter cups. Sorry, that was a very passive-aggressive statement.) The truth is, I'm just not very disciplined when it comes to physical fitness. It's just not high on my list of things to do. However, upon reviewing Stephen Williams's book "Fastest Way to Lose Weight: Shed Those Extra Pounds the Fast Way," I grudgingly confess that the author does stir a slight desire within my sedentary soul to get up and get moving. I admit that I approached "Weight" with some trepidation---I was fully expecting to be figuratively browbeaten into feeling guilty for not maintaining a more active lifestyle. Nearly every form of literature that has focused upon maintaining a healthy lifestyle that I have perused in the past has been little more than a shrill lecture a la Dr. Laura Schlessinger---which promptly made me return the information to the shelf from where I had picked it up. However, what I read was quite refreshing and positive, and actually made me reassess my prejudices about having to see those impossibly fit models on the book and magazine covers with the cut abs and the toned biceps. In other words, I was persuaded to keep an open mind. Williams does emphasize the importance of staying in shape; however, he is quick to add that not everyone operates at the same pace. Some individuals are more intense than others; a few people are able to manage their daily routines well enough to incorporate some sort of physical activity, whereas others are able to squeeze in only a couple of hours a week. Acknowledging these discrepancies in "Weight" actually made me feel a bit better about myself, as opposed to unnecessarily beating myself up for not having an "ideal" body. (What exactly is the "ideal" body for a forty-ish guy, anyway?) Besides stressing the importance of being physically active on a regular basis, Williams also mentions that it is just as important to keep our emotional and sexual health at optimal peak too. While the workout for these latter two may not be as physically strenuous as the former, they are still important cogs within our collective body machine. The author asserts that stress, by assuming numerous forms, throws us off kilter (usually in the form of stress eating and/or overeating), which, in turn, causes us unwanted and unnecessary weight gain. The resulting emotional imbalance (taking the form of guilt for gaining weight, and thus contributing to a pervasive sense of no willpower) le