Fate of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle (Episodes 1-3)

Fate of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle (Episodes 1-3)

4.5 11
by Tasha Black

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Something wicked is headed for Tarker's Hollow...

Ainsley Connor is faced with her toughest challenge yet. With her mate gone, she's left alone to defend her territory from rival wolves, dark magic, and worst of all, the threat of losing her pack if she doesn't impress her superiors.

Erik Jensen is not who he claims to be. When he comes to the shifter town of


Something wicked is headed for Tarker's Hollow...

Ainsley Connor is faced with her toughest challenge yet. With her mate gone, she's left alone to defend her territory from rival wolves, dark magic, and worst of all, the threat of losing her pack if she doesn't impress her superiors.

Erik Jensen is not who he claims to be. When he comes to the shifter town of Copper Creek to help after a mining accident, he discovers there is more going on than meets the eye. Now he must uncover the secret of the sleepy little town, before the wolves discover his.

Grace Kwan-Cortez knows how tough it is being a cop in a town full of shape-shifters, magic and who knows what else. What she isn't prepared for are the feelings she can't seem to shake since meeting Julian. And she can't decide which option she dreads more, that he ensnared her in some sort of spell, or that the feelings might actually be real.

Julian Magie is in possession of certain information. Information that could change Tarker's Hollow, and the world, forever. Torn between his sworn duty and his allegiance to his friends, Julian must decide who to trust, and where his true loyalties lie.

- A Complete Story...
Fate of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle combines all three episodes of the Fate of The Alpha serial in one place! It is a complete story of over 400 pages. No waiting for the next installment. And no CLIFFHANGERS!

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Tasha Black lives in a big old Victorian in a tiny college town. She loves paranormal romance and pumpkin spice lattes.
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Fate of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle (Episodes 1-3) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Action packed and non stop. Only 3 stars because it was so full of difficult times for the characters that it was hard to read. Barely any good times except for sex. Also the ending was incredibly rushed, left questions and didn't feel like it was complete. So much for it not being a cliffhanger. Maybe not a total cliffhanger but definitely not the end of the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deb_B_Me2 More than 1 year ago
This complete bundle is 'da bomb' :) Tasha Black knows how to grab your attention from the get-go and keep it beyond the ending, then leaves you addicted & craving more :o lol ... Each of the 3 episodes is well thought-out and flows seamlessly! ... Somehow, each episode tops the previous 5 star episodes and leaves you craving more. PNR fiction with awesome romance & suspense! Unique story-lines & great characters will keep the reader engaged!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would recommend this book to any one that loves to read. I first read Curse of the Alpha and couldn't wait to continue the story. They kept my interest to the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't Get enough of Ainsley & Eric amazing read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It wasn't horrible, actually the first 2 were OK, but the third was a mess. It was as if part of the story was missing .
Wolf_Girl1 More than 1 year ago
Read the thrilling conclusion of Fate of the Alpha: A Tarker's Hollow Serial written exquisitely by Tasha Black. Follow along as Ainsely Conner and her friends fight evil in order to save Tarker's Hollow from impending doom. Fate of the Alpha: Episode 1 Fate of the Alpha: Episode 1 starts off where Curse of the Alpha left off. The author wastes no time in bringing the reader update on our heroine, Ainsley. We also get a glimpse of Erik, her mate. She has accepted her wolf and even finds it thrilling to run in this form. However, she is still learning how to be a wolf and working on developing her other powers. Her friend Grace Kwan-Cortez is still around and helping Ainsley stay grounded. Julian is still in the picture and has even become a mentor of sorts. However, don't assume that everything is as it appears. Friends are not always friends and not everything will unfold as you think it should! Fate of the Alpha: Episode 2 In epsiode two we find our heroine, Ainsley, coping with the absence of her mate, protecting her territory from other packs, and trying to stop a dark magic that threatens the lives of the Tarker's Hollow residents. In addition to everything that is going on with Ainsley, she must now prove that she is a capable alpha. In this episode, we also get a glimpse of the feelings developing between Grace, Ainsley's best friend and Julian. But can Grace get passed the secret that Julian has been hiding? And what will happen to Ainsley and Tarker's Hollow? Fate of the Alpha: Episode 3 Our heroine Ainsley Conner is fighting to save her pack and must make a decision that will test her friendship with Grace Kwan-Cortez. Erik is still trying to cope with a personal loss that leaves him feeling like half the man he used to be and being away from Ainsley. Grace, has realized that her feelings for Julian are deeper than she thought. And Julian must decide between his duty and his love for Grace. Decisions and revelations will change things for our brave pack leader and her friends. Follow along as they try and stop evil from destroying Tarker's Hollow and Copper Creek. If you enjoy an action packed book with numerous cliffhangers and revelations, then I highly suggest you read this bundle.
kimIA More than 1 year ago
Wow what a wonderful series!!! I absolutely love the characters in this book. Ainsley has really grown into a great alpha for the Tarker's Hollow pack and she is finally getting a hold on her magic! Eric's plite is an emotional rollercoaster and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Grace, Julian, Ophelia, Cressida are all strong written characters who really help the story move well. The addition of the Copper Creek pack to this storyline really helps bring some great twists and turns. This story has a lot of darkness, creativity, depth and joy all rolled into it. Once I started reading I absolutely could not put it down! This story is powerful, sexy and will keep you enthralled until the end.....then leaving you craving more from these wonderful characters. Definitely recommend this trilogy and believe you should have it on your must read list!!
Pamela_Talley More than 1 year ago
Fate of the Alpha Complete Bundle by Tasha Black No cliffhanger! You have it all This is the most incredible episodic journey I have ever taken. Tasha Black has given us complex characters who obviously speak to her, a plot full of twists and turns and mystery. She is a phenomenal writer and storyteller The characters from Curse of the Alpha: Ainsley Connor, Grace Kwan-Cortez, Erik Jensen, Julian Magie and Charley Coslaw are back to confuse us. Whose side are these people on? New Characters: Landon Shepard, Garrett Sanderson and Olivia Winter complicate things by adding more good or is it evil to the story? There are lurkers in the college wood: stray wolves trying to take over as Alpha, Clive Warren, former Sheriff and someone else looking to do damage. Ainsley has so much to learn. Starting with how to be a wolf! The Magic Book that was found in Curse of the Alpha only has spells to hurt wolves. Ainsley must find the missing link to this magic. What is it she is missing? Where could it be hidden? The Wolf Council has sent Erik to Copper Creek where more is going on than Erik was led to believe. The alpha of the pack, lost in the mining accident, knew something very evil was under Copper Creek. This evil is also in Tarker’s Hollow and only the correct person wielding the right magic will drive it back into captivity. The very hot, steamy bedroom scenes are vastly different from pair to pair. What incredible scenes: M/F, F/M/F and another surprising M/F. So different, so very effective. Ms. Black has created a world unique in paranormal romance. Did I mention that there are scenes that are HOT? You want these characters to be real, want them to be your friends. Thank you, Tasha for an incredible series. Another 5 Star read!
KristyHeinicke More than 1 year ago
YAY... I love when serials get all boxed together, when I found out Tasha's 'Fate of an Alpha' was bundled I was very happy. When bundled they are easier to read & you don't have to wait for the next part... especially when you have cliffhangers by Tasha. I love not having to wait for the next episode to go live, reading through the entire serial is always better than waiting, although I did wait for each of the episodes to come out. 'Fate of the Alpha' is part of the "Tarker's Hollow Shifter Romance"... I suggest you read the 'Curse of the Alpha' serial first before starting on 'Fate of the Alpha', as 'Fate' starts where 'Curse' finishes, also you have the same characters following the same timeline. We follow Alpha Ainsley & her mate Eric's story, also we follow Grace & Julian's story... Evil is lurking in Tarker's Hollow & it's up to Ainsley, Eric, Grace & Julian to stop it. We see Ainsley spend most of the time away from Eric, Eric losing his wolf & trying to keep the pack from finding out. Being sent away to help a pack who just went through a tragedy.... This serial is packed full of acton, keeping you riveted to your seat until the very end. There are so many twists & turns through out the book, keeping you guessing until the catastrophic ending. I look forward to reading more from Tasha in the future.
bookieSH More than 1 year ago
OMG!!! I just loved these books, what an amazing series!! And here are my thoughts on each episode, definitely must reads!! Fate of the Alpha Episode 1 I love this series and this didn't disappoint. Ainsley, Eric, Julian and Grace and other's from Tarker's Hollow are back. In this book Ainsley is working on her magic and learning how to be the Alpha, which is fun to read. In this book Eric, Grace and Julian are up front in the story line and well to find out how you have to get your own copy. You won't be disappointed that you did. The author did another great job and I can't wait for more. Fate of the Alpha Episode 2 This took up where Episode 1 left off and again didn't disappoint. Ainsley is coping with Erik not being there, dealing with the pack and finding out a member of their community isn't who they thought. And Grace and Julian heat up finally. As with all of her books this book has a strong story line with even stronger characters that make you want more. Again there's a cliffhanger (ARGGGHHH!!) and left you with more questions but I cannot wait for the next book and highly recommend this series to everyone who loves paranormal. Fate of the Alpha Episode 3 WOW! Tasha Black didn't disappoint in this final book of the series. It picks up where Episode 2 left off and just takes off in ways you don't expect. This book left me feeling a range of emotions and the final one was satisfied because it was a great ending to a great series though also sad because it's over. Hopefully Tasha will visit with Tarker's Hallow again and we'll meet up with all the wonderful characters. If you love shifter stories than this is a series for you and you have to read each one and in order, be prepared to become hooked and not want to put them down.