Fathers and Children

Fathers and Children

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by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

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Nicht-exklusives Verkaufsrecht für: Gesamte Welt.

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Ill ' So here you are, a graduate at last, and come home again,' said Nikolai Petrovitch, touching Arkady now on the shoulder, now on the knee. ' At last!' 'And how is uncle? quite well?' asked Arkady who, in spite of the genuine, almost childish delight filling his heart, wanted as soon as possible to turn the conversation from the emotional into a commonplace channel. ' Quite well. He was thinking of coming with me to meet you, but for some reason or other he gave up the idea.' ' And how long have you been waiting for me ?' inquired Arkady. ' Oh, about five hours.' ' Dear old dad !' Arkady turned round quickly to his father, and gave him a sounding kiss on the cheek. Nikolai Petrovitch gave vent to a low chuckle. ' I have got such a capital horse for you!' he began. ' You will see. And your room has been fresh papered.' ' And is there a room for Bazarov ? ' We will find one for him too.' ' Please, dad, make much of him. I can't tell you how I prize his friendship.' ' Have you made friends with him lately ?' ' Yes, quite lately.' ' Ah, that's how it is I did not see him last winter. What does he study ?' ' His chief subject is natural science. But he knows everything. Next year he wants to take his doctor's degree.' ' Ah ! he's in the medical faculty,' observed Nikolai Petrovitch, and he was silent for a little. ' Piotr,' he went on, stretching out his hand, ' aren't those our peasants driving along ?' Piotr looked where his master was pointing. Some carts harnessed with unbridled horses were moving rapidly along a narrow by-road. In each cart there were one or two peasants in sheepskin coats, unbuttoned. ' Yes, sir,' replied Piotr. ' Where are they going,—to the town ?' ' Tothe town, I suppose. To the gin-shop,' he add...

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