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Faux Gourmet: A Single Woman's Confession on Food and Sex

Faux Gourmet: A Single Woman's Confession on Food and Sex

by Juli I. Huss

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Part recipe-sharing chef, part health, diet and sex counselor, former model Huss, the food columnist for Geraldo Rivera's newspaper, Two Rivers Times , offers a good-natured spoof on advice to single women. Employing an alter ego, Juni, she reports her get-togethers with friends whose conversation is ``always centered around food, love and that eternal search for some dignity.'' Along with their favorite recipes, they contribute tales of their food-related erotic forays and compare notes on their lovers' equipment. While intended as a satire, Huss's strained efforts at hilarity sound so much like the lingua franca of the self-help and advice markets that benighted females might not only follow the mouth-watering recipes but also take the book seriously. (June)
Barbara Jacobs
In this Americanized, hip, and ultimately much less sensual version of "Like Water for Chocolate", heroine Junie Lake trades food for men and men for food, as do her women friends, until it clicks that addiction to both is a bad thing. What to substitute? Well, becoming a faux gourmet, learning to feed oneself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Along the path to knowledge come some rather caricaturish personalities: Sharon, the Texas belle who learns to let a man discover her true self slowly; Karen, former model turned mosaic artist; and Evie, driven financier who finally wins in love by figuring out that character, not money, matters. Many of the scenes will evoke a chuckle or two from women readers, such as the lists of food reflecting women's anger and need for sex. A fast, fun read, with more than 50 remarkably sophisticated recipes.

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