Favor of Crows: New and Collected Haiku

Favor of Crows: New and Collected Haiku

by Gerald Vizenor

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A collection of original haiku from a preeminent Native American poet and novelistSee more details below


A collection of original haiku from a preeminent Native American poet and novelist

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From the Publisher
“As a volume of nature poems, Favor of Crows: New and Collected Haiku is a joyous, flamboyant, and radiant collection that sharpens our ability to perceive and appreciate discrete manifestations of the natural world. Through the vehicle of these wondrous and succinct poems, Vizenor reinforces the reality of our human dependency upon the natural world as the source that sustains us within the cycle of life. He reminds us that we are born to perceive the beauty of our surroundings and, by doing so, celebrate life in all its majesty.”
—Sonja James, The Journal

“With patience, Favor of Crows opens a deeper understanding of Vizenor’s poetics…The book benefits from reading little by little, so you can be drawn into the poems’ precise focus and encounter a speaker who seems to see the world in haiku moments.”
—Janna Knittel, Rain Taxi

“The ability to bring out so much in so little is truly amazing and what makes this so enjoyable. These are short stanzas to be cherished and not rushed.”
—Kevin Winter, Portland Book Review

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Wesleyan University Press
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Wesleyan Poetry Series
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5.00(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.90(d)

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David Young
“Gerald Vizenor has assembled a lifetime’s devotion to the spiritual and poetic value of the haiku tradition in this graceful and memorable collection. His introduction helps set the stage for the four sections, organized by season, in which readers may wander and admire at will, finding moments to cherish (and return to) on every page. How grateful this should make any reader who is interested, not only in the specific Japanese tradition, but in the insight and enlightenment that poetry at its best can offer us.”
David G. Lanoue
“Joining the traditions of Japanese haiku and Chippewa dream songs, Vizenor has created a memorable book of intuitive, visionary, one-breath nature poetry in which ordinary moments come to shimmering life on the page.”

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