Favorite Mowgli Stories from the Jungle Book

Favorite Mowgli Stories from the Jungle Book

by Rudyard Kipling, Inga Moore

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Carolyn Phelan
Three of the eight chapters of "The Jungle Book" appear in this attractive volume. The stories, "Mowgli's Brother," "Kaa's Hunting," and "Tiger, Tiger," seem to be intact, other than the omission of Baloo's cuffing Mowgli to gain his obedience. Every three or four pages there is a full-page or double-page illustration. Moore re-creates the setting and characters with a soft-edged realism, shaded with fine lines of delicate colors, that suits Kipling's style; the art is a far cry from the Disney cartoon figures most kids associate with Mowgli and company. While some may argue that it's indefensible to edit "The Jungle Book" in the first place, many librarians will welcome a handsome abridged edition that will actually be read by children, or, perhaps more likely, to children. This is such a book.

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