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Fear the Drowning Deep

Fear the Drowning Deep

4.5 8
by Sarah Glenn Marsh

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Some secrets are better left at the bottom of the ocean.

Sixteen-year-old Bridey Corkill longs to leave her small island and see the world; the farther from the sea, the better. When Bridey was young, she witnessed something lure her granddad off a cliff and into a watery grave with a smile on his face. Now, in 1913, those haunting memories are dredged to


Some secrets are better left at the bottom of the ocean.

Sixteen-year-old Bridey Corkill longs to leave her small island and see the world; the farther from the sea, the better. When Bridey was young, she witnessed something lure her granddad off a cliff and into a watery grave with a smile on his face. Now, in 1913, those haunting memories are dredged to the surface when a young woman is found drowned on the beach. Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her Granddad to leap has made its return to the Isle of Man.

Soon, people in Bridey’s idyllic village begin vanishing, and she finds an injured boy on the shore—an outsider who can’t remember who he is or where he’s from. Bridey’s family takes him in so he can rest and heal. In exchange for saving his life, he teaches Bridey how to master her fear of the water—stealing her heart in the process.

But something sinister is lurking in the deep, and Bridey must gather her courage to figure out who—or what—is plaguing her village, and find a way to stop it before she loses everyone she loves.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In this atmospheric historical fantasy, set in 1913 on the Isle of Man, a young woman has to confront her fear of the ocean in order to deal with the mythological monsters terrorizing her community. Bridey Corkill has avoided the sea ever since something lured her grandfather into its depths, and no one would believe her tales of the supernatural. All she wants is to travel far from the island, but when people from her village start to disappear—just as an amnesic and gravely wounded young man washes up on shore—Bridey realizes that she may be the only person willing to fight whatever is preying on her friends and family. With the handsome, mysterious Fynn and cantankerous local witch, Morag, as her only allies, she sets forth to discover the truth about what dwells in the ocean. While first-time novelist Marsh draws heavily on standard paranormal tropes (the enigmatic love interest, for example), her evocative setting, memorable characters, and use of obscure folkloric elements all contribute to the novel’s strong sense of place. Ages 12–up. Agent: Christa Heschke, McIntosh & Otis. (Oct.)
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NPR Great Read 2016

"Haunting—gripping—beautiful. So powerful!" —Tamora Pierce, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Beka Cooper trilogy

"Fear the Drowning Deep is gorgeous. Lyrical. Atmospheric. Magical. Sarah Glenn Marsh's debut is perfect for anyone who's ever looked out at the sea with awe, and wondered what kind of creatures lurk in the deepest places. Utterly haunting." —Jodi Meadows, author of the Incarnate trilogy, the Orphan Queen duology, and My Lady Jane

"Beautifully-written with mysteries and love lurking within the pages as dangerously as an ancient evil waits in the drowning deeps of Sarah’s unique setting on the Isle of Man. Don’t miss this one!" —Martina Boone, author of Compulsion and the Heirs of Watson Island trilogy

"Readers will be swept away by Bridey’s love story, every bit as thrilling and mysterious as the Isle of Man’s deep, dark sea." —Tricia Rayburn, author of the Siren trilogy

"Sarah Glenn Marsh’s debut is a captivating tale of love and loss, fear and doubt, monsters of the sea and inside ourselves, and the strength it takes to endure and conquer them all. Hauntingly written with a richly developed setting of the Isle of Man in the early 1900s, you can smell the salt of the sea with every page you hungrily turn." —Lori Goldstein, author of Becoming Jinn and Circle of Jinn

"Fans of folklore-influenced YA will find this to be a satisfying use of familiar material." —NPR

"[A]tmospheric historical fantasy . . . evocative setting, memorable characters, and use of obscure folkloric elements all contribute to the novel’s strong sense of place." —Publishers Weekly

"[T]his watery take on “Beauty and the Beast” will be catnip to paranormal-romance readers." —Kirkus Reviews

VOYA, December 2016 (Vol. 39, No. 5) - Laura Panter
Bridey Corkill has not gone near the sea since Grandad jumped off the cliffs above her small seaside town when she was a girl. For years, Bridey insisted she saw something in the dark waters below that night, but no one believed her. Now in 1913, people are mysteriously disappearing from her town and Bridey knows it has something to do with the monster she glimpsed that long-ago fateful night. Newly apprenticed to the town's reclusive witch, Morag, Bridey decides to use Morag's knowledge to find a way to banish the monsters of the sea once and for all. Her plans get muddled when a wounded young man washes up on the beach with no memory, and Bridey is forced to brave getting close to the sea to save him. Naming her rescued charge Fynn, Bridey helps nurse him back to health only to be caught up in a sudden romance for which she was unprepared. When Fynn believes Bridey's suspicions about what is preying on her friends and family, he may be the only one to help her save those she loves. Bridey is a strong character, while readers will wish for more development of some of the interesting secondary characters. The storyline relies on some standard paranormal elements, but this fantasy novel is engrossing, evoking emotion for the plight of Bridey's impossible romance and sympathy for Morag. The descriptive language paints a vivid portrait of Bridey's surroundings and the horror of the monsters her community faces. Overall, this is a well-written novel for lovers of mythical creatures with a hint of romance and female heroism. Reviewer: Laura Panter; Ages 12 to 18.
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up—On a small, isolated island in 1913, readers will find the makings of an exciting tale full of magic. Bridey Corkill lives with her family on Port Coire and has dreams of leaving it all behind. She fears the sea, and nothing can change that, especially when a woman's body washes up on the shore. Then Bridey meets the mysterious Fynn; he can't remember who he is and doesn't know where he is from. The narrative is imaginative, adventurous, and full of mythology. The descriptive language will engage teens and is authentic to the time period. The story is captivating, and the mythological aspects will encourage readers to research unfamiliar terms and animals. Bridey is very relatable; she is courageous but also has fears. Her family and the townspeople add more to the intrigue. This title is perfect for fans of the romance in the "Twilight" series who are looking for a Rick Riordan twist. The elements of this book are much the same as those in other teen romances with magic and mythology, but the creatures, the glashtyn, are new to young adult fiction. VERDICT Recommended for collections in need of a new paranormal romance series.—Maeve Dodds, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, NC
Kirkus Review
A young woman battles sea monsters in this turn-of-the-20th-century fantasy set on the Isle of Man.Sixteen-year-old Bridey Corkill has hated the sea ever since it lured her grandfather to his death when she was 9. Until she can realize her dream of leaving her small fishing village to become a London shop girl, she reluctantly takes a job working for old Morag, who has a reputation as a witch. When Bridey’s female neighbors begin to disappear one by one around the same time that Bridey sees an ominous black fin in the harbor, only Morag agrees that something monstrous from the ocean is to blame. Could it be the same beast that took Grandad? Meanwhile, Bridey discovers a handsome naked stranger she dubs Fynn washed up on the shore and quickly falls for him. Fynn claims amnesia but is soon accused by the villagers of murdering the missing women. Bridey must confront her fear of the water and the monsters within if she hopes to save Fynn and discover the truth about the missing villagers. Marsh’s prose is often overdone (“the frigid fingers of a northern wind penetrated the hot kitchen”), and romance-novel clichés abound (“Then his mouth was on mine, hot, damp, salty”). Still, the Manx setting is an unusual (albeit all-white) one that’s rich in folklore, and this watery take on “Beauty and the Beast” will be catnip to paranormal-romance readers. Mostly seaworthy. (author's note, glossary) (Fantasy. 12 & up)

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Meet the Author

Sarah Glenn Marsh writes young adult novels and children’s picture books. An avid fantasy reader from the day her dad handed her a copy of The Hobbit and promised it would change her life, she’s been making up words and worlds ever since. When she’s not writing, she’s most often engaged in pursuits of the nerd variety, from video games to tabletop adventures and dungeon crawls. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and four rescued greyhounds.

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Fear the Drowning Deep 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Oh, what a lovely book this is! Set on the Isle of Man in the early 20th century, FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP is utterly steeped in the island's superstitions, folklore, and culture. The island and its people come alive in these pages--nosy neighbors, dangerous seas, old stories and all--and I just love how rich it all feels, with a real sense of history and community. I also adore the main character Bridey, to determined to protect her loved ones and her home in spite of her fears and her dreams of traveling the world, and her relationship with her family, her friends, her home. The sense of connection and shared history between all the people in this isolated little town feels so strong--both the good, between friends, and the bad, when it comes to long-harbored suspicions and rumors. I am not saying anything about how great the sea monsters are, because to say that would be to spoil things that are best left unspoiled, so rest assured there are sea monsters and they are great. Sometimes with lots of teeth. Reading this book felt like taking a trip into a magical, occasionally terrifying past, all described is beautiful detail, and I enjoyed every page. I can't wait to read whatever Sarah Glenn Marsh writes next--whatever it is, I'm sure it will once again feel like immersing myself into a weird and wonderful place I can only visit through her words.
itsraymarie 12 months ago
I almost didn't pick this up, because it didn't seem like my kind of thing, but I am so glad that I decided to. This was a beautifully written story, one that I enjoyed very much. Bridey is afraid of the sea, something she can't escape since she lives on an island. But since no one would believe her if she told them about the things she sees in the sea, she keeps it to herself. That is, until a dead girl washes in, and young women start disappearing from the island. Bridey sets out to prove that her sea monsters are real, before anyone else disappears. This was beautifully written. The prose was gorgeous, capturing the haunting atmosphere very well. The sea, the island, the creatures, written in a way that will really make you picture what is happening. While I would not say this book was dark, the was a melancholy vibe around it that I loved. The book, more than defeating monsters, was about Bridey coming into herself, overcoming her fears. I really liked Bridey, and the way she was written. I also liked the other characters, especially her sisters and parents. I loved how family was foremost in this story, and loved seeing her bond with her sisters. I did like her friends, although I wish that we got to see more of them (and that one seemed to be there only as a throwaway character for a barely-there love triangle...)(not that triangles are terrible, but he could have been a much better character on his own, instead of feeling like he was only there for that one plot point). I did feel the romance too fast, but not enough to detract from the story. The ending had some loose ends, which some people may not like and some people will. But all in all I thought this was a beautiful story and I very much enjoyed it.
ReadersCandyBookBlog 12 months ago
Eerie plot, folk feel, and absolutely beautiful execution. My mind and heart fell in love with this book. The story was haunting, yet intriguing. The characters were unique and the book world was vivid and lush. As I turned the pages I could feel the mist clinging to my skin and the breeze blowing the back of neck. The plot pulled me in and I found myself captivated by the magic. I mean witches, sea monsters, forbidden love, and folk lore... What more could you ask for? If you like to be swept away from reality then you MUST read this one. FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP had me hooked from page one. I was so torn on whether to quickly turn the pages to unravel the secrets or to slowly savor each and every word. I've never felt so compelled by a plot before. There were twists and turns that I never expected and jaw dropping, epic battles at sea. Between the dark water, lush music, and terrifying creatures... my mind was blown. Not to mention the romance. Umm... I never would've guessed that, but wow was it good. I won't say any more because I would just be spoiling the parts that are too good to spoil. However,I will leave you with this... There is a little something for everyone so don't let one classification scare you away. I received an ARC (Thank you Skyhorse Publishing & Sarah Glenn Marsh) and it was so good that I now MUST own in it physical form. I can't wait to purchase the hardback on release day!
The-Broke-Book-Bank 12 months ago
I signed up for this tour to review because I love creepy books. Large bodies of water freak me out already, so what could go wrong? Apparently the romance. But gratefully, this and an obvious turn of events are the only things that hindered my reading experience. The romance is where Fear the Drowning Deep went wrong for me. But thankfully, this and an obvious turn of events are the only things that hindered my reading experience. Besides Bridey and Fynn’s part creeped me out TOO much. Plus, it’s all about the physical attraction, which I don’t get. I can’t root for them, because I can’t see them together in a meaningful way. That might just be me, but it’s the main reason I didn’t enjoy this book more. I do wish the blurb didn’t give away the working for the witch aspect, because she isn’t when the story starts. It gives away what doesn’t happen for a while. This and being able to foresee Fynn’s origins didn’t leave much to the imagination. I was just waiting for them to get to it and move along. I still wanted to know exactly how it turned out and the atmosphere carried a lot of weight. Bridey and her family carried the rest. I loved how loving and supportive they all were. Bridey’s friends took a back seat during the middle but they were gone for a reason and come back.
MarisaR More than 1 year ago
FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP is haunting and atmospheric. It is fascinating and fantastical. Main character Bridey Corkill is fierce and I loved her. Love interest Fyn, who literally tumbled in from the sea is the just the right mix of suspicious and swoony. The writing is gorgeous and the storyline superb. The folklore, the myths, the superstitions, the gossipy neighbors were all so well-drawn that I felt completely transported to and enchanted by the Isle of Man in 1913. And did I mention the sea monsters? And the witch? Because sea monsters. Witches. Oh, my god, this book had everything and will appeal to readers across all genres. I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about this book and this world and these people since I finished reading it. I can’t wait to see what Sarah Glenn Marsh does next.
SMParker More than 1 year ago
This book is so crazy good I was DY-ING the whole time I was reading it! The story is immersive and slyly creepy and flat out phenomenal. Marsh has blown me away. It’s ridiculous how good this book is. If you have been thinking about buying this book—or your mouse has been hovering over the order button—commit. Right now. You will not be sorry. Marsh’s story is layered and gorgeous and will appeal to fantasy, historical and contemporary fans alike. She had me on the Isle of Man in 1913, no doubts. The characters, culture, traditions—they are all so thick and gorgeous and REAL. That’s the thing. This is a book about the legends, lure and appetite of SEA MONSTERS and I was all in for the fight. ALL IN. Marsh’s writing will reel you in, drown your reader heart in its beauty and you will not want to resurface for air. You will want to stay on the Isle of Man with Bridey and her family, despite the beasts lurking in the sea—or even maybe because of them. I am in awe of Sarah Glenn Marsh and already hungry for her next book!! AND I STILL HAVE CHILLS FROM THAT ENDING BECAUSE THAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19269684 More than 1 year ago
I reached out to Ms. Marsh last year, in hopes of obtaining a copy of this book. I chatted with her and she promised to forward my name to her publisher. Amazingly, she hadn't forgotten me and on July 5th, I was surprised with a copy. Just look at the cover (you know me and book covers!), isn't it amazing? It's even better on my iPad, because of the HD thing. Anyway, the book is called Fear the Drowning Deep, by Sarah Glenn Marsh and you are going to really love this one! Written with YA readers in mind, the story takes you to another place, almost another time, and fills you with Manx mystery and wonder. The story takes place on The Isle of Man, in the British Isles. It's about a young girl and her town, plagued by strange disappearances and even murder. Because our heroine is young, crafty and stubborn as an ox, she doesn't stop fighting for those she loves and cares for- even if they don't care much for her! The story was filled with rich folklore, brought to life, like witchcraft, mythical creatures haunting the nearby shores and curses of the Little Fellas, I was enveloped in the world away from my very own, eager to discover what Bridey would go through next and if her new-found friend was foe or not. Marsh wrote a story that will have you pleased with the story from the very beginning to its ending. I wasn't disappointed at all with this one, not even concerning Fynn. He was correct when he said, "Nothing from the ocean is meant to survive on land forever." Check out this beautiful story while I get ready to shower you with interviews from some amazing authors! Be ready tomorrow. *For this review, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/2cCidAf **PDF provided by Sarah Glenn Marsh and Skyhorse Publishing, for an honest review.
LuluRoadsideReader More than 1 year ago
With such an interesting cover and synopsis, I was super intrigued about Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh, and decided to give it a try. I’m happy I did. It was a strong YA fantasy book that had good, strong characters, and interesting lore behind it. Bridey and her family were really fantastic and reminded me a bit of the girls from Little Women, allowed to be strong and free willed in a time where perhaps they were expected to be a bit more demure. Bridey herself was a lovely character that was strong in both her fears and then overcoming them. What Sarah Glenn Marsh really did well, for me at least, was in keeping Bridey’s reaction to finding out the truth about Fynn realistic. There are so many other YA books that would have romanticized that revelation, but Marsh kept it true to life and I absolutely love her for doing that. It would have been completely out of character for Bridey to simply accept Fynn instantly. Marsh also perfectly encapsulates what small town life is like where everyone is involved in everyone else’s business. Everyone knows about Fynn being taken in by Bridey’s family and word is just continually spread about every time piece of gossip that can be found, included that of the “old witch” Morag, who is such a sympathetic character towards the end (though I really like her from the start). The mythology and fantasy of Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh is incredibly solid. The pacing is fantastic, never do you feel it go too fast or move too slowly. Build-up to relationships is good and so is the climax and ending (which had me sad, happy, and hopeful at the same time). If you’re a fan of historical YA with a bit of romance and mythology/supernatural, this is definitely a winner for you! // I received this title for free in exchange for an honest review //