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Feathered Dinosaurs

Feathered Dinosaurs

by Christopher Sloan, Bill Sloan

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For many years some scientists believed that dinosaurs and birds were related, but it was difficult to prove the theory. With the discovery of fossil remains that clearly show feathers as well as evidence in bones and body structure, most would agree that birds are descended from dinosaur ancestors. The facts, along with fabulous photographs, drawings and artists renderings, bring the history of bird-like dinosaurs to life. The major discoveries--including a close look at theropods, the group of dinosaurs that has the most in common with birds--are exciting. Theropods and birds have the same foot structure while the wishbones of the Velociraptor resemble those of birds. These are just some of the more than 100 features that birds and dinosaurs shared. There is even evidence that the "prey-grabbing motion of a dinosaur's arms is like the flight stroke of a bird." All of these discoveries have raised even more questions about when dinosaurs started to fly and how they launched themselves into the air. A great selection for budding paleontologists and anyone fascinated by these prehistoric creatures. 2000, National Geographic, Ages 8 up, $17.95. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot
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Gr 5-8-This exciting title combines an accurate, readable text and excellent drawings, photos, and diagrams to trace the development of feathers and other avian characteristics from dinosaurs to birds. Sloan uses the latest fossil finds to reinforce the theory that modern birds are true evolutionary descendants from an ancient dinosaurian line. He cites scientific deductions based on the discovery of nesting grounds, evidence of parental nurturing at nest sites, and of trackways determining herd behaviors in several types of dinosaurs. With its eye-catching cover and fascinating color photographs, this volume is sure to attract dinophiles (and possibly bird lovers as well). Team it with other recent exciting titles such as Nic Bishop's Digging for Bird-Dinosaurs (Houghton, 2000), Miriam Schlein's The Puzzle of the Dinosaur-Bird (Dial, 1996), and Mark Norell and Lowell Dingus's A Nest of Dinosaurs (Doubleday, 1999) for a dramatic pilgrimage along an evolution- ary path.-Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.

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