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Children's Literature - Beverly Kobrin
Feathers distinguish birds from all other animals. Light and flexible yet tough and strong and as much air as matter, they protect birds from the elements and make self-propelled flight possible. In her characteristically clear manner, and with William Muñoz's fine photographs to illustrate, zoologist/author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent explains feathers' aerodynamic properties, how they grow, the source of their color, their other-than-for-flight functions, and their use by people.
School Library Journal
Gr 4-6-- An in-depth introduction to the unique body covering of birds. Basic feather structure is explained, and a simple description of the six different kinds of feathers and their importance is given. The function of coloration in mating behavior and as protective camouflage is also delineated. The final section of the book discusses how people have utilized feathers through time. Beautiful full-color photographs elucidate the text. The Austins' Random House Book of Birds (Random, 1970; o.p.) contains a short section on feathers. George F. Mason's Animal Clothing (Morrow, 1955; o.p.) also has a chapter on feathers. Both of these books are illustrated with drawings, and neither presents the wealth of information found here. --Barbara B. Murphy, Shaler Area School District Li braries, Pittsburgh

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