...Featuring Norah Jones

...Featuring Norah Jones

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by Norah Jones

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Blue Note Records


  1. Love Me  -  Little Willies
  2. Virginia Moon  - Norah Jones
  3. Turn Them  - Sean Bones
  4. Baby It's Cold Outside  - Norah Jones
  5. Bull Rider  - Sasha Dobson
  6. Ruler of My Heart  - Norah Jones
  7. The Best Part  -  Madmo
  8. Take Off Your Cool  - Norah Jones
  9. Life is Better  - Norah Jones
  10. Soon the New Day  - Norah Jones
  11. Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John  - Norah Jones
  12. Here We Go Again  - Norah Jones
  13. Loretta  - Norah Jones
  14. Dear John  - Norah Jones
  15. Creepin' In  - Norah Jones
  16. Court & Spark  - Norah Jones
  17. More Than This  - Norah Jones
  18. Blue Bayou  - Norah Jones

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...Featuring Norah Jones 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 70 reviews.
heidijean25 More than 1 year ago
I am lucky enough to have recieved this Cd beofre it is available to the public. I must say I am very happy with this album. Theres a great variety of sounds, whether its a smoky jazz club feel, a nice little saloon in louisiana sound, or a cool hip hop club sound in NYC you want to hear, this CD got it all.Miss Jones voice is haunting,her voice is a one of a kind voice, she is one of the few artists in my opinion that with in milliseconds of hearing the first word in one of her songs you hvve NO doubt that its Norah Jones, not like the other cookie cutter artists out there where it could be anyone out of 5 artists, cause they all sound alike. . The artists she colaberated with are amazing as well. This is truly a wonderful CD that you will find both relaxing and dance inducing.
bridget3420 More than 1 year ago
This is a really great CD. There's a little bit of everything - Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, etc. My favorites off the album are Ruler Of My Heart and Life Is Better. I've been listening to it at least once a day while surfing the net. It would make a great cleaning companion too.
2manybooks2littletime More than 1 year ago
I am a big Norah Jones fan. She has a beautiful voice and a unique style BUT her voice does not always blend well with others.....this is the case in more than half the songs on this CD. Very disappointed in the CD. Half the songs were very good but the half that wasn't was VERY BAD...so bad I had to skip through them. There is such a thing as branching out TOO FAR and or stretching oneself TOO MUCH...both are appearant here.....Norah needs to stick to one style....her own style.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this album for my husband, and we were both disapointed with the surprise of the 2 rap songs. It ruined the whole album for us. We love the easy listening of Norah's music..can we return this CD ?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sarah_B06 More than 1 year ago
Norah Jones came out with her first album while I was in college. I loved her voice and style, so I was super excited for the opportunity to review her latest album Featuring. If the name isn't a dead giveaway, this album features a wide assortment of musical collaborations. "A lot of the people on this record are people I've worshiped since I was a kid, and some of them are younger and more my contemporaries," says Norah. "Even though the musicians are so varied, the vibe of the songs makes sense when we put them all together." It's not every day that Dolly Parton, Outkast, and the Foo Fighters appear on the same album. Norah Jones ties it all together. Although the songs are as different as the artists themselves, they do fit together nicely. I think one of my favorites is "More Than This" by Charlie Hunter. I also liked "Court & Spark" by Herbie Hancock. I thought this was a thoroughly enjoyable album - perfect for a rainy afternoon with a cup of hot tea. For some reason, Norah Jones always makes me feel like I'm in a coffee house, she just has a nice laid back mellow vibe in her music. I received a complimentary album to facilitate my review as part of the One2One campaign. The opinions expressed are my honest thoughts of the product.
S_Corrie More than 1 year ago
Norah Jones shines once again. I've been a fan of hers, and this compilation shows a versatility. Her voice and style shine through while also showcasing some other familiar artists. Definitely one for the library. This has the first version of Baby It's Cold Outside that I can actually stand listening to.
seattle07 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of Norah's latest CD from One2One Network to review. Spanning almost a decade, Featuring Norah Jones contains collaborations with various artists.. I recognized some big names: Dolly Parton, Herbie Hancock, Willie Nelson, Outkast, and Foo Fighters. Other names weren't familiar to me: Belle and Sebastian, Gillian Welch, etc. This CD showcases Jones' style: a skillful mix of blues, folk songs, and jazz. In the mood for some blues? You'll enjoy "Love Me" or "Here We Go Again." Hosting a winter open house? Crank up "Baby It's Cold Outside" or "Life is Better." Looking for a great break up song? Add "Turn Them" or "Dear John" to your playlist. Featuring Norah Jones is a great CD for old and new fans of Norah Jones.
GoddessMama More than 1 year ago
Alright so I'm a Norah Jones fan since her days of don't know why. From the collaboration list on featuring it seems like Norah has many fans in the music industry that love her soulful voice as much as I do. I was truly impressed with the list of collaborators and loved the mix created with Norah's voice along side hip hop. Who would have thought this would sound so good, but I enjoyed every song on the album and can listen to it again and again, unlike most albums out there. Thank you Norah for providing us with something different - it's like a genius playlist on one album.
Megaland More than 1 year ago
I really liked the compilation CD, some very interesting duets (especially the one with her and Willie Nelson). I have always loved that song, perfect for Christmas! I love that she mixed it up with some of the coolest hip hop artists out there. Though I don't think that is Norah Jones' best, I liked the idea of singing with some of the greatest artists. My favorite songs are #2 "Turn Them", #11 "Little Lou, Prophet Jack, and Ugly John, and #17 "More than This". *I am a member of One2OneNetwork and I'm part of the Norah Jones review project.
tgpez21 More than 1 year ago
I received a sample of this album through One2One and was pleasantly surprised at the different types of music on this album. There is everything from country, to duet, to jazz. I loved that the music was different because you could never get tired of it although I didn't care much for the country music. A great album that you could never get bored of.
tmdprince More than 1 year ago
I always love Norah Jones but I would have liked to hear more of her and less of others. I can appreciate a duet but I don't want it to be the whole albumn. I think this showcased her large range and that is fabulous. Overall I think it is still a good albumn to add to your collection!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked this album, but it was not my favorite by Norah. I would still recommend to any Norah Jones fan.
cinnor67 More than 1 year ago
As always, Norah Jones had released a bestseller. Love her voice. I still think her first album was her best but this one is great too. I liked that she has so many different singers on this one.
AnneYounger More than 1 year ago
I know I've tweeted a few times and posted to Facebook how excited I am for Norah Jones latest album, .Featuring Norah Jones. I've always liked Norah Jones and absolutely adore her voice. This latest album is a star-studded collection of Norah's musical collaborations from the past decade. My personal favorite is Baby It's Cold Outside with Willie Nelson. The album contains 18 songs including cameos, collaborations and duets with Ray Charles, Dolly Parton, OutKast, the Foo Fighters, Herbie Hancock and so much more! Loved, loved LOVED this album!
KimB32 More than 1 year ago
I have long been in love with the vocal stylings of Norah Jones. When I got this album, I was so excited. I was expecting songs I already knew with people doing duets with her. I was pleasantly surprised however to find that most of the songs I didn't know. I was able to get to know some new artists as well. I am not a fan of rap music, so there are 3 songs on the album I don't love. But, with 18 songs, I don't feel like I am cheated out at all and I will just remove those 3 from my playlist. This is a definite must have for anyone who likes Norah Jones. Great Holiday gift!!!
GotMyBenz More than 1 year ago
I remember the first Norah Jones song I ever heard "Come Away With Me", I instantly was drawn to her soft, mellow, beautiful tone. Her music is a blend of acoustic pop with soul and jazz. This new album "...Featuring" is a compilation of Norah Jones' features with other artists across all musical genres. From songs with Talib Kweli to the Foo Fighters, each track has a unique sound and feel. Music is something that connects us, and Norah Jones' work as showcased in this album has done just that. Combining and creating new sound is what Norah Jones has been known for since the beginning, and these collaborations are something all music lovers can enjoy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received this CD to review and I have been listening to it ever since I got it. She is very talented and all these duets showcase her different sides. My favorites are Virginia Moon and Turn Them. I highly recommend this CD.
animalgal More than 1 year ago
Norah Jones.featuring Norah Jones This CD is Norah Jones's musical collaborations from the last 10 years. There is quite the variety, from Dolly Parton to Ryan Adams to Outkast! Most of the songs are breathy, earthy, & simple. Classic Norah. For me, there is no one song that really stands out, I do like the song Loretta-Jones featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. And you REALLY need to listen to Baby Its Cold Outside with Willie Nelson! A treat for your ears!!! 1. Love Me - The Little Willies 2. Virginia Moon - Foo Fighters featuring Norah Jones 3. Turn Them - Sean Bones featuring Norah Jones 4. Baby It's Cold Outside - Willie Nelson featuring Norah Jones 5. Bull Rider - Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson 6. Ruler Of My Heart - Dirty Dozen Brass Band featuring Norah Jones 7. The Best Part - El Madmo 8. Take Off Your Cool - Outkast featuring Norah Jones 9. Life Is Better - Q-Tip featuring Norah Jones 10. Soon The New Day - Talib Kweli featuring Norah Jones 11. Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John - Belle & Sebastian featuring Norah Jones 12. Here We Go Again - Ray Charles featuring Norah Jones 13. Loretta - Norah Jones featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings 14. Dear John - Ryan Adams featuring Norah Jones 15. Creepin' In - Norah Jones featuring Dolly Parton 16. Court & Spark - Herbie Hancock featuring Norah Jones 17. More Than This - Charlie Hunter featuring Norah Jones 18. Blue Bayou - Norah Jones featuring M. Ward
occupationmommy More than 1 year ago
This album is comprised of tracks recorded throughout Jones' career, and each track is a duet with a different famous vocalist. The songs span all kinds of styles of music. While I didn't enjoy all of the songs (I'm not a fan of rap music), it was amazing to hear Norah Jones' vocal ability in so many different genres.
DebraBoston More than 1 year ago
Norah Jones "Featuring" is a true smorgasbord for the senses. I've been a fan of Norah Jones' cool voice and jazzy pop stylings and was thrilled to see so many great collaborations of hers over the past decade with many of her favorite artists. These collabs are so diverse that it truly makes for an exciting and fascinating album. I love the differing genres and the interpretations. I especially like the cover of Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark" with the brilliant Herbie Hancock, which is moody and jazzy. There is everything from rock (Foo Fighters, Ryan Adams) to hip-hop (Q-Tip, OutKast_ to country (Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson) to jazz (Herbie Hancock). "It's so exciting and flattering and fun when I get asked to sing with somebody that I admire," Norah has said. "It takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone...kind of like being a little kid and having a playdate." There are none I don't like and some I love! I love "Turn Them" with Sean Bones and its reggae feel. "Baby It's Cold Outside" is such a classic with Willie Nelson. It's such a great fit like a comfortable pair of worn-in-jeans. "Here We Go Again" with Ray Charles is playful and gorgeous. It surprised me that Norah was so natural with hip hop. She shines with Q-tip in "Life is Better" and with Talib Kewll. This cd really has something for everyone. It's like a favorite mixtape and is great for driving or just lazing on a Sunday afternoon. "Featuring" shows off Norah's talent and charm, her versatility and her smoothness. It's eclectic, funky and fun.
JessieO More than 1 year ago
Norah Jones' distinctive voice shines on Featuring in her collaborations with diverse artists. Most tracks show off Ms. Jones' diverse talents beautifully as she seamlessly melds with artists such as The Foo Fighters on "Virginia Moon" and Sasha Dobson on "Bull Rider." A few tracks are awkward matches, like "Life Is Better" by Q Tip featuring Norah Jones, which seems to fall short of the other songs. None the less, the CD makes for excellent background music while driving, relaxing, working or at a dinner party. Ms. Jones does not disappoint with her new release. I received a copy of this CD from the One2One Network to review. This review was not edited nor influenced in any way.
Smiles11 More than 1 year ago
Wow, this new Norah Jones album "Featuring." is stunning! It is full of soul and heart. The duets are amazing and it will be your new go to album for fun and nostalgia. She is so talented and gifted. Her voice is amazing and different than the normal musician today. This collection is sincere and vibrant. There is so much variety and I was delighted. My favorite song by far is "Virginia Moon" featuring Foo Fighters. Loved hearing Ray Charles on "Here We Go Again." Duets with Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson are not to be missed either. What a collection!
Lacibird More than 1 year ago
Once again, Norah Jones does not disappoint. Her new album is such an ecclectic mix of collaborating musicians that you feel like you are going back and forth through different time periods. As someone born and raised in Louisiana, her rendition of "Blue Bayou" with M. Ward takes me right back to my childhood! I definitely recommend this CD...would even be a fabulous gift!