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Female Gangs in America: Essays on Girls, Gangs and Gender / Edition 1

Female Gangs in America: Essays on Girls, Gangs and Gender / Edition 1

by John M. Hagedorn

ISBN-10: 0941702472

ISBN-13: 9780941702478

Pub. Date: 01/01/1999

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

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University of Minnesota Press
Publication date:
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6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Tables and Chartsvii
Introduction: Why This Book?3
I.Historical Perspectives
Introduction: Present but Invisible6
Sex in the Gang10
A Reporter at Large: "The Persian Queens"27
Jailbait: The Story of Juvenile Delinquency45
The Chicana Gang: A Preliminary Description48
Black Female Gangs in Philadelphia57
Black Female Gang Behavior: An Historical and Ethnographic Perspective64
II.Emerging Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Gang Membership
Introduction: Boys' Theories and Girls' Lives85
Girls, Guys and Gangs: The Changing Social Context of Female Delinquency90
Self Definition by Rejection: The Case of Gang Girls100
From Patriarchy to Gender: Feminist Theory, Criminology, and the Challenge of Diversity118
Responding to Female Gang Involvement133
III."Doing Gender" in Times of Economic and Social Change
Introduction: "Doing Gender" and Economic Restructuring154
Gang Members' Families159
What Happens to Girls in the Gang?177
Female Gangs: An Historical Perspective187
"Just Every Mother's Angel": An Analysis of Gender and Ethnic Variations in Youth Gang Membership210
Women, Men and Gangs: The Social Construction of Gender in the Barrio232
IV.Girls, Gangs and Violence
Female Gang Members' Social Representations of Aggression248
Fighting Female: The Social Construction of Female Gangs256
Violence among girls: Does gang membership make a difference?277
Girls, Gangs and Violence: Reinventing the Liberated Female Crook295

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