Fidel Castro Reader

Fidel Castro Reader

by Fidel Castro

ISBN-10: 1920888888

ISBN-13: 9781920888886

Pub. Date: 09/01/2007

Publisher: Ocean Press

The powerful voice of the most outspoken political figure of our time.  See more details below


The powerful voice of the most outspoken political figure of our time.

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Ocean Press
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Table of Contents

Fidel Castro Biographical Note     ix
Editors' Preface     xi
Chronology     1
Foreword: Fidel's Virtues by Felipe Perez Roque     29
History Will Absolve Me
Santiago de Cuba, October 16, 1953     45
On the Triumph of the Revolution
Cespedes Park, Santiago de Cuba, January 2, 1959     107
Camp Columbia, Havana, January 8, 1959     133
At the United Nations General Assembly
New York, September 26, 1960     137
The Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Proclamation of the Socialist Character of the Revolution
Colon Cemetery, Havana, April 16, 1961     189
May Day, Havana, May 1, 1961     194
Words to Intellectuals
Havana, June 30, 1961     213
Manifesto for the Liberation of me Americas: "The Second Declaration of Havana"
Havana, February 4, 1962     241
The October Missile Crisis
The Five Points of Dignity, October 28, 1962     269
On the Missile Crisis, November 1, 1962     270
Formation of the Cuban Communist Party and Che's Farewell Letter
Chaplin Theater, Havana, October 3, 1965     275
On the Latin American Revolution
Havana, August 10, 1967     293
The Death of Che Guevara
Revolution Plaza, Havana, October 18, 1967     315
One Hundred Years of Struggle for Cuban Independence
La DemajaguaMonument, Manzanillo, October 10, 1968     327
Revolution and Counterrevolution in Allende's Chile
National Stadium, Santiago de Chile, December 2, 1971     359
On behalf of the Movement of Nonaligned Countries
UN General Assembly, New York, October 12, 1979     387
Rectifying the Errors of the Cuban Revolution
Karl Marx Theater, Havana, April 19, 1986     417
Cuban Internationalism and the Collapse of the Socialist Bloc
Havana, December 7, 1989     431
Return of Che Guevara's Remains to Cuba
Santa Clara, Cuba, October 17, 1997     443
Inauguration of President Chavez in Venezuela: "The Battle of Ideas"
University of Venezuela, Caracas, February 3, 1999     447
Response to the US Declaration of the "War against Terrorism"
Havana, September 22, 2001     477
Assessing Half a Century of the Cuban Revolution
Revolution Plaza, Havana, May 1, 2003     483
In Answer to the Empire: Letters to President George W. Bush
Proclamation by an Adversary of the US Government, May 14, 2004     499
Second Epistle, June 21, 2004     504
Epilogue: Fidel Castro on the Cuban Revolution After Fidel     511
Further Reading     519
Index     521

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