Fidel Castro's Cuba

Fidel Castro's Cuba

by Rita Markel

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Children's Literature - Naomi Milliner
A title in the "Dictatorship Series," this book delivers an even-handed, thoroughly researched picture of its highly controversial subject. It opens in December 1956, as Castro and eighty-one fellow revolutionaries hide for five days without food or water in Sierra Maestra, determined to overthrow the dictator Batista. It then delves into Cuba's history for about one-sixth of the book. After setting the stage for Castro's revolution, the author then proceeds in chronological order, beginning with Castro's father and ending in the present. We learn that, ironically, Castro's father Angel was a wealthy businessman/sugarcane grower. Even though Angel treated his many employees decently, his son urged them to rebel. Intelligent, competitive, and willful from an early age, Castro seemed destined for power. Originally studying law, he quickly turned to politics, where his charisma wedded perfectly with his ambition. Studying the rhetoric of notorious figures like Hitler and Peron, Castro became such a successful orator that his first speech (at age nineteen) made headlines. In 1953 he was captured and sentenced to fifteen years of solitary confinement, but Batista released him a year later. The tides turned when, half a decade later, Castro's paltry 300 troops beat Batista's 10,000. Soon after, a victorious Castro took over Cuba, changing from revolutionary to a dictator. Markel does a good job examining, exploring, and explaining Castro's enormous impact. The book's numerous photographs, sidebars and eight-page "Who's Who" sheds light on the people and events surrounding Castro himself. Reviewer: Naomi Milliner

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Lerner Publishing Group
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Dictatorships Series
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6.20(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.70(d)
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14 - 17 Years

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