Fidel: An Illustrated Biography of Fidel Castro

Fidel: An Illustrated Biography of Fidel Castro

by Nestor Kohan, Nahuel Scherma, Miracle Jones

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An illustrated guide through Fidel Castro's Cuba and his revolutionary dream.

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An illustrated guide through Fidel Castro's Cuba and his revolutionary dream.

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Children's Literature - Janis Flint-Ferguson
Fidel Castro is a controversial figure in socialist politics. For many Americans he is the enigmatic dictator of Cuba, but for others, including the authors, he is a hero. This is a fascinating account of the life of Castro, from a description of his father's properties in Cuba through the birth of revolutionary politics and on into his place in our contemporary world. The Argentine authors present Castro as a well educated leader who freed his people from North American imperialism. They describe his as a revolution grounded in literacy and books, and they carefully trace the influences on Castro's life, including biographies of those who helped educate him in ideological values. North America is seen as the bully who has forced its way of life onto Latin America, and for that reason some schools may not be comfortable including this in their libraries. However, the format is easy to read and includes a page of details along with a graphic illustration, often a political cartoon, to help high school readers better understand the politics and the life of this longstanding Cuban leader. Each page is a chapter unto itself and the timeline comes up into present day relations between Cuba and the world. Reviewer: Janis Flint-Ferguson

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