Fiedler's Favorite Marches

Fiedler's Favorite Marches

by Arthur Fiedler

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  1. Grand March
  2. March of the Toys, for orchestra (from "Babes in Toyland")
  3. Semper Fidelis, march for band
  4. Marche Miniature
  5. Yankee Doodle, song
  6. Up the Street March, for band
  7. Marche de Rákóczy (Rákóczy March), for orchestra (Le damnation de Faust
  8. Procession of the Sardar
  9. Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse
  10. Turkish March
  11. Colonel Bogey March, for band (or orchestra)
  12. Dixie ("I Wish I Was in Dixie's Land"), song
  13. American Salute, for orchestra
  14. Strike Up the Band, song (from Strike Up The Band; both versions)
  15. Radetzky-Marsch, for orchestra, Op. 228
  16. Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, for orchestra in D major, Op. 39/1
  17. French Military March
  18. Procession of the Nobles
  19. Valdres March for band (or orchestra)
  20. National Emblem, march for orchestra (or band)
  21. The Stars and Stripes Forever, march for band

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