A Field Guide for Heartbreakers

A Field Guide for Heartbreakers

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by Kristen Tracy

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Two best friends find romance, mischief, and more mischief in their adventures hot dude-chasing abroad.See more details below


Two best friends find romance, mischief, and more mischief in their adventures hot dude-chasing abroad.

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Publishers Weekly
Best friends Dessy and Veronica aren't so much heartbreakers as heartbroken when they jet off to Prague for a monthlong writing workshop. Fresh from painful breakups, both girls are eager to get their minds off former loves and onto potential new ones. Along the way, the 17year-olds encounter more heartbreak and find themselves at odds with each other, but eventually find their way back to a stronger, more honest friendship. Tracy (Crimes of the Sarahs) is best with the vivid historical detail and city landmarks she incorporates into the story. But Veronica is energetic to the point of caricature, making Dessy (already saddled with the last name Gherkin) seem all the duller. There are boys galore, but none of them stands out as particularly special, and a plot line involving a threatening student at the workshop feels at odds with the book's comedic elements, such as Veronica's "man-wall"--a collage of "hot-dudes" she might go after. The way Dessy and Veronica bumble along, acting without thinking and often hurting people in the process, doesn't add to their appeal, either. Ages 12-up. (June)
VOYA - Jennifer Rummel
The summer before their senior year, Dessy and her best friend Veronica attend a prestigious writing workshop in Prague. They are the only high school students accepted into the program. Dessy has never been out of the Midwest and she's looking for a little adventure as she heals from a breakup with her first love. She's not ready to start dating just yet, but Veronica has a plan. Veronica's ready to take Prague by storm, chatting up every hot boy she sees. Dessy goes along with her plans, as usual, even though she doesn't agree. Together, they stumble along the city meeting hot boys, sightseeing, and attending classes until secrets come out that tear them apart and threaten their friendship. Both the cover and the title give this book a misleading breezy romantic feel. Even though the girls deal with the aftermath of heartbreak, the majority of this book revolves around their friendship. There is some romance when Veronica puts up a "man wall" of all the hot guys she's met and they both crush over boys. Their friendship consists of Veronica always being in control. Dessy doesn't question Veronica's advice or commands until Dessy neglects to tell her friend two important details that lead to one gigantic fight. Ultimately, Tracy pens a novel about changing friendships and growing into one's self. A Field Guide for Heartbreakers will be of interest to high school students looking for something more mature. Reviewer: Jennifer Rummel
Kirkus Reviews
Calm, straitlaced Dessy and her maniacal best friend Veronica are attending a summer writing workshop in Prague. Fresh from a breakup, Dessy wants to focus on her writing. Veronica, though she is a gifted writer and avid reader, is much more interested in what the workshop and Prague have to offer in the way of boys. Veronica's crazy schemes to attract boys work so well that Dessy thinks that she might have a chance with one of the boys from their writing class. That is, if she can survive her suitemate, Corky, who's out to kill both her and Veronica. The descriptions of Prague's heat and landscape are vivid and provide an ideal background for a fast-paced series of summer romances. The characters, however, fail where the setting succeeds. Dessy is a blank canvas, and Veronica is dizzying in her many mood swings. Corky is downright evil with no redeeming qualities. The lack of character development and resolution in some plotlines spoils what is otherwise a smartly humorous, sexy novel. (Fiction. YA)

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