Fieldwork and Families: Constructing New Models for Ethnographic Research

Fieldwork and Families: Constructing New Models for Ethnographic Research

by Juliana Flinn, Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania Staff

ISBN-10: 0824819888

ISBN-13: 9780824819880

Pub. Date: 01/28/1998

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press, The

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University of Hawaii Press, The
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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Family Dimension in Anthropological Fieldwork1
Ch. 1Fieldwork and a Family: Perspectives over Time22
Ch. 2Both Ways through the Looking Glass: The Accompanied Ethnographer as Repositioned Other35
Ch. 3The Anthropologist, the Mother, and the Cross-cultured Child: Lessons in the Relativity of Cultural Relativity45
Ch. 4Through the Eyes of a Child: A Gaze More Pure?60
Ch. 5Family and Other Uncontrollables: Impression Management in Accompanied Fieldwork71
Ch. 6Field and Family on Pohnpei, Micronesia84
Ch. 7Single Woman, Married Woman, Mother, or Me?: Defining Family and Identity in the Field96
Ch. 8Dancing to the Music of Time: Fieldwork with a Husband, a Daughter, and a Cello110
Ch. 9Border-crossing in Tonga: Marriage in the Field130
Ch. 10Fictive Families in the Field142
Ch. 11The Inadvertent Acquisition of Kinship during Ethnographic Fieldwork154
Ch. 12Shifting Stances, Differing Glances: Reflections on Anthropological Practice in the Marshall Islands169
Reflections on Families and Fieldwork190
Fieldwork Relations and Ethnographic Presence198

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