Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History

Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History

by Eric Chaline

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The fascinating stories of the animals that changed civilizations.
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The fascinating stories of the animals that changed civilizations.

Editorial Reviews

Science Books and Films - Melissa McCartney
A simple writing style makes this book ideal for younger students, and it would be a wonderful addition for any classroom studying animals, while the intriguing trivia and historical references found in accompanying side-bars will engage even the most experienced adult reader. Be prepared when you compare your list of animals to the ones selected for this book, the last entry is one you most likely overlooked.
Booklist - Rick Roche
Readers may choose to read only the essays that interest them. Natural-history students will find the essays helpful introductions to further study. A website guide is included. Recommended for most public libraries.
Globe and Mail
A companion to Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History, Fifty Animals is the same sort of inspired invitation to browsing, with short but informative essays on each of the subjects, rich in illustrations, excerpts and sidebars. It's the sort of book that has you saying Wow, listen to this and Did you know... to companions over and over.
American Reference Books Annual 2012 - Shannon Graff Hysell
(reviewed with Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History) These two volumes from Firefly uncover some of the most interesting stories of how animals and plants have impacted human civilization in economic, political, and industrial history. This is an original approach that links the biological sciences to the social sciences and students and general readers will find many interesting stories within these pages.
The Green Teacher - Philip LiWei
[It] will no doubt be popular even as an informal addition to any education setting.
Network Review, The Scientific and Medical Network - Martin Lockley
This interesting and pleasingly illustrated a timely reminder that all creatures great and small are co-habitants of the biosphere of which we are an integral part... Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History is full of interesting facts, and Chaline shows a sense of balance in selecting those most pertinent to the biological, medicinal, cultural and historical importance of his protagonists. Thus, one is sure to learn an assortment of factoids... Fifty Animals reminds us of our relationships with our biosphere brothers and sisters, and the delicate balance this all entails.
Quarterly Review of Biology - John B. Jenkins
This is a fun read. Each animal has its own section and each section is anywhere from two (Dodo, Carp and Cochineal) to eight pages (Human) in length. Chaline's book is visually pleasing...There are some striking photographs and drawings that highlight each section. Wide margins provide space for informational boxes... Special interest boxes...present some intriguing aspect of the animal's contribution to history... I admire Chaline's attempt to create and justify such an interesting and thought-provoking list... It is well written and a pleasure to read.

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